The Truth about Obama. What is it? Is there some truth detector? Truth or lies – how to tell? And then what about getting through, getting heard?

The truth about Obama. Is there some truth detector?
Like, does he have a yeast infection?
Truth or lies – how to tell?
And what about getting through, getting heard?


The Truth about Obama

If Obama has a yeast infection, what can be done?
For instance, can one even get the message out?

One question. What is the truth about Obama? I see 3 main visions - savior, demon, and deluded dhimmi.

I've wondered: does he have a yeast infection? - in other words, is he deluded because something has taken over his perceptions?

The logical next question: if so, what can be done?

With literal yeast, recognition is essential. Then one has to have the willingness to undergo the discomfort of the starve-the-buggers diet. And one needs to stay on it, as the yeast infection stays in the body, ready to resurge.

Is there anything that might work with Obama - and also with other Western politicians - and the millions upon millions in the West who block out so much?

Re Obama. I don't see him recognizing that he has been infected. Too rigid. Too self righteous. Too inundated by yeast within and around him. My guess is also that channels to information that might open him to awareness about his infection have been blocked as fully as possible.

Some other politicians have been more open to seeing what is happening - for instance around Islam. A group of Tennessee politicians - many highly skeptical about anything possibly negative about Islam - were taken to a number of European cities. They visited various Muslim areas, including No Go zones. By the time they had visited the last city on their tour, all were convinced Islamization was a serious danger, something to prevent in the States, if at all possible.

What worked? Facts. Truth. The evidence of their own senses too powerful to be screened out.

"The truth shall set you free." A powerful change of diet for many.

That's my recipe in a nutshell.

But the infection has weapons of offence and self-defence. One cannot just administer a dose of truth and, presto, the infection withers away. Many uninfected people have in wondered: why is there so much name-calling and hatred directed at people concerned about Islam? In fact, one may only see the extent of the infection when one tries to get some truth about Islam heard.

A big question here: how much of the hostility comes from the yeast, and how much from person?

The yeast is fighting to keep on happily feeding on its host. It has nothing to gain from the truth. Long ago I saw a movie called The Exorcist, about someone who became possessed. It wasn't easy, getting her unpossessed. The force possessing her had no desire to be evicted.

However, people may also have a hard time acknowledging they've been duped, may feel shame about this, may resist losing an easy target to rage against, may fear losing friends. Plus, people may need to face their own fear of an Islam out to destroy Western rights and freedoms.

The massive resistance of hearing the truth brings us to the qualities needed by those I might call would-be exorcists. Courage. Persistence. Curiosity. Tenacity. These qualities make people more willing to look at difficult truths, and to keep looking.

Finally, we need effective techniques.

For the personal qualities, my thought is: we start with some, and develop them as we go along - just as we develop muscles by exercising them.

For facts, if you need more, you can get Bill Warner's Factual Persuasion - totally free:

For facts, if you need more, click here for Bill Warner's Factual Persuasion - totally free. Bill says that, for him, the facts he's put together have led to 100% success in reaching people.

For techniques, here's a one-stop suggestion -
a book by CitizenWarrior - Getting Through.

And here are lots more suggestions for getting through:

And if you want to be sure people hear you all the time ...

Never Surrender Freedom to Islam

And now, all the best to all of us who care and
if we don't succeed the first time, try try again,


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March 3, 2013

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PS. I've watched some interesting videos and read some interesting articles lately, that may help people see more of the truth.

A video on Soviet Subversion-by-Infiltration, from defector Yuri Bezmenov.
Subversion by Infiltration

An article on Yuri Bezmenov.
Yuri Bezmenov: His Story - interview

An article by Kenneth Roberts on the Stockholm syndrome within Islam.
Mohammed's Greatest Discovery

The icing on the cake. A video from Stephen Coughlin, on the OIC, an extremely powerful Islamic organization most people have not heard of.
The Visible-Invisible OIC - or Rapidly Creeping Sharia 

Another sign, for me, that something is massively wrong in America, is the lack of support and protection given the man who shot Bin Laden. This contrasts starkly with the protection given by the Seals to women and children they encountered in their missions.
No Celebration of a Hero - the Man Who Shot Bin Laden


To go from the truth about Obama,
to where these thoughts started -
Obama, infiltration and subversion,
click here

To go from getting heard about
the truth about Obama,
to getting through to people
about the truth about Islam ,
click here

The Truth about Obama. Is there some truth detector?
Truth or lies – how to tell?
And then what about getting through, getting heard?


Those of us (as yourself) who are fighting to open the eyes of the "sheeples" have to overcome one common trait. Summed up, it's "I don't believe THAT!", when confronted with something so terribly foreign to common sensibilities.

Islam, in its own horror, is so vile and beyond the normal comprehension of a sane and, if not religious, then compassionate populace.

I ran into that problem myself, WITH MYSELF!, when I started my studies in Islam, and the various factions of it.

NO person of any degree of compassion would believe the atrocities not only practiced, but fully encouraged by the Islamic ideology. And that is the obstacle we have to overcome.

And to fully understand that the pictures of the horrors are NORMATIVE Islam, and not just the fanatical fringe, is what takes some doing.

Blessings to you and your work, Fellow Traveler. We picked a hard roe to hoe, didn't we?

Blessed Be,
Love and Living Light,

Edvard, March 3, 2012


You asked if we had any suggestions.
The first step of every therapy is denial.
For hundreds of years we have denied that we are having a problem(s).

The problem is not Islam it is us.
A healthy body can resist an infection.
We are sick.
Unfortunately for us we have operated on false assumptions for too long.
2+2 is not = 8.

1. Read the Antichrist by F. Nietzsche.
Does not matter how often you repeat that god had sex with a girl in Israel - it does not hold water.
"The meek will inherit the earth," attributed to JC, produced a mediocre society of soft brained, weak, perpetually drunk losers.
Thus we had to outsource just about everything to China, ...

2. You cannot run an economy on perpetual growth. It is obvious that there is a limit that had to be set.
Thus we got an unlimited greed and Ponzi scheme economy that produces bubbles and rip offs. (See losers )

3. Women sexuality (i.e. promiscuity), women lib (unlimited sex without babies) was very effective in destroying Rome and USSR and now it puts the final nail in the coffin of the western democracy.

Democracy is the rule of the majority of the people.
That only works well in a society that has a majority of healthy and well educated individuals. (See losers)
People that not only looking after their own interests but consider the collective as well. Not the "pursuit of happiness". (US Constitution)
That means that the family is paramount as the basic unit of the society.
Not individual but family rights. (We have weakened and almost destroyed the family structure.)
Law and order, mutual respect and societal considerations are more important than "60 shades of gray" and "sex in the city".
We (the West) have stopped reproducing. Women want sex but not babies. "She" has a right to kill a baby any time any place,
The only thing required is to call it a "fetus". The feminist slogan - A woman has the right to her own body meaning killing a baby is abnormal.
If it was normal then if every woman performed an abortion we all would be dead.

The result of hundreds of years of Christian rule eventually produced a weak and mediocre society.
When the body was strong Islam did not have a chance. Now when we are on the ropes Islam took root.
We ( the West) invited them in. We (Canada, Germany, France, Holland, etc ) had no people to work, to pay taxes, etc ...
That happened in Rome. They could not control they own destiny.
Women and men were having orgies and killing their babies, the birth rates went down. They did not have enough people to pay taxes, to serve in the army.
They invited the barbarians in. The result was Rome and all the knowledge that was accumulated was gone.
The Christian Dark Ages arrived (1500 years), and people forgot just about everything.
Now we are facing the Islamic Dark Ages.

I repeat Islam is not a problem - we are.
Unless we have our own revolution that will establish the proper set of values i.e. a new covenant - a new Constitution - Islam is going to win.

PS. To understand the culture of Islam one needs to read the Arabian Nights.
I mean the whole thing, not just a story or two. They are incredibly sophisticated and smart people. (See losers)
You have to know why was Scheherazade telling the stories.
Why was the Sultan executing the women, etc ...
You will see that they (Muslims) once upon a time were very much Westernized.
You will understand how they evolved and why. (Know thy enemy.)

Hope that makes you think about the real problem.
It is not enough just to try and stop Islam. it is like whipping the river that drowned the horse. (Alexander the Macedonian)

John Black, March 3, 2013


We agree one one huge thing: We are the problem - meaning the West is the problem.

We have massive other differences, but on that we totally agree. We are facing Islamization only because the West has allowed and is continuing - by and large - to let it happen, somehow oblivious to what is happening.

This is in fact what got me to wonder, does Obama have a yeast infection? On a larger scale, is the West heavily "yeast-infected" - meaning infected by something that takes over perceptions, takes over responses. So that, were people awake, they would ask: who was that person?



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