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The Pandemic - Loss and Grief
The Truckers Freedom Convoy - Pride, Joy, Love
The Canadian Prime Minister?
George Orwell has a great quote.

An important quote. Tyranny has only 2 supports: fraud and force. When the fraud is revealed, it has only force. George Orwell.

That so much relates to what is happening around me. I wanted to write to you about loss and about a stat from an insurance company. I will get to those things. But a lot of stuff has been happening where I am. Canada - where the Prime Minister has invoked the Emergency Act to deal with peaceful protesters - and where now a headline reads: "Trudeau Authorizes Bank Accounts Frozen for Social Media Posts in Support of Freedom Protests."

As everyone around me knows, I'm a great believer in taking effective action. What to do?

Peaceful protesters absolutely against violence have been designated as terrorists. They have come from across Canada to meet with the Canadian Prime Minister. Their demand: that he act in accord with the Canadian Constitution and end the mandates.

His response: to disappear from view, do a lot of name-calling, and then invoke the Emergency Act - the emergency seemingly being that these peaceful protesters asked to meet with him, something he does not want to do.

Funding to the Freedom Convoy has been cut. The bank accounts of truckers have been frozen.

From the start, the legacy media has been telling a predictable false narrative.

As for the headline I started with, it tells so much, including the lack of privacy on social media, the vulnerability of funds held in a bank, and the Prime Minister's willingness to resort to anything he can to crush opposition.

By the way, here's a further move on his part: while he is required to get authorization from Parliament before the Emergency Act can go into effect, he has shown no intention of acting within the law.

I am grateful for the truckers. Day after day, they assert they will stay peaceful and non-violent - and that they are not backing down.

What to do? Right now, I am waiting. I pause.

And now, here's what I was going to focus on.

Today, a pause to recognize loss and grief. And then, a statistic.
I'll start with loss. On Sunday night, I held a private vigil in honour of the lives lost during the pandemic:  
- the people who died alone, without family around them;  
- the people who took their own lives; 
- the people who died because they were denied available treatment.  
So much loss and grief. 
A Memorial Service was being held in Ottawa from 9:15 pm - 10:00 pm. (The poster is at the end.)
I couldn't make it there. 
So I lit a candle at home at 9:15 and held my private vigil for these losses, and many others. It’s a long list.
It's because of those losses that Debi Richens, a Grief Recovery Specialist, will be speaking to a group I've created - Community and Connection.

The time: Sunday Feb 27, 6 pm UK time, 1 pm EST, 10 am PST.
I wanted to let you know early, so you could mark the event in your calendar, in case you're interested.

If you're interested, please send an email to:
elsa [which is at] elsasblog [dot] com
Put INTERESTED in the subject line.

Obviously these are not the only losses right now worldwide. Right now in Canada we also have the losses being inflicted by the Canadian Prime Minister - losses of rights and freedoms. We grieve, yes. We are also seeing how to best act together against them.

Now, something else. Information from an insurance agency. An Indiana life insurance CEO states deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64. Link online:

After I learned that, I came across many further stats. I'm remembering a 300% rise in heart attacks in 2021, a 300% rise in soft tissue cancer, a 1000% (ten-fold) increase in neurological issues, a rise in death rates in 145 countries.

Once again, I think of losses. The loss of so many lives. And the grief from being unable to reach so many people with the warning to stay away from the injections. So many people can't hear what we're saying. Mind control.

How do we deal with not being able to reach people? Do we become numb? Do we double our efforts? Do we do our best to learn better ways of reaching?

Sometimes I pause, take time away.

And sometimes I take time to learn more, like about the forces behind the current so-called pandemic. Right now I'm listening to the Grand Jury presentations from Reiner Fuellmich and his team of experts on the crimes against humanity committed these past 2 years. The presentations are in the Court of Public Opinion as no physical court was willing to hear the case.

Life continues.

All the best to all of us,

Memoril Service

Posted: February 16, 2022

The Pandemic - Loss and Grief
The Truckers Freedom Convoy - Pride, Joy, Love
The Canadian Prime Minister?
George Orwell has a great quote.

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