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  NEWEST POST - Why create Full Flourishing? I didn't intend to do it. But so much was missing in other models of personal development. So here it is. . . .  more

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Loss and grief in pandemic times So much is going on. Truckers for Freedom. Government leaders - like Justin Trudeau - against human rights. And also so many losses. Very little attention to grief. . . .  more

Truckers vs Trauma In so many ways, the Truckers for Freedom broke the evil spell of lack of energy, lack of passion and pride . . . .  more

Break the Spell How do we break the spell so many are caught in? . . . .  more

What Can We Do? I checked with experts. So many suggestions!! Take your pick.. . . .  more

The Gift. I know the gift I have for you - to help you become a better Citizen Warrior. . . .  more

The Magic Key. Is there a magic key . . . to failure? Yes, there are at least 5. . . .  more

The Next Step. Sometimes I have no idea. . . .  more

Decision #1. A fundamental decision. I hang in there. I survive. . . .  more

Webinar Alert!Everyone wants happiness, success, love, abundance, fulfillment, a safe and peaceful world. BUT HOW? . . . .  more

I could not sleep. Afghanistan The question: What do I do? . . .  more

Lucky Break, Unlucky Break A lucky break can change everything. So can an unlucky one. . . .  more

Making Sense of Things What's happening? What is going on? How do we make sense of things? . . .  more

Just One String It doesn’t matter where you start, tug, the veil parts. . . .  more

WHY Full Flourishing? Have I given up on changing the world, just want personal happiness? No. . . .  more

Full Flourishing. What do I do now? That's a big question for many of us. Also, is there any way of flourishing at a time like this Have I given up on changing the world, just want personal happiness? . . .  more

They Were Warned. They were warned. No one would listen . . . .  more

Goethe vs Einstein. 2 very different quotes. 2 very different approaches . . . .  more

We Meet at 5 to Midnight. Yes, it's late. Lockdowns, Riots and looting. Vote rigging. What steps can we take? . . . .  more

Life-Changing Facts. On April 3, I watched a video, learned a fact. That changed everything for me. . . . .  more

Life-Changing Moments. Age 12: I learn about the French Revolution. 2020: Covid, remedies, lockdown, riots and looting, calls to defund the police . . . .  more

Protests, Rioting, Looting. What do we do in the face of these forces of destruction . . . .  more

Covid 19. Top Question. It's not about bats and wet fish markets. This is the top question for ordinary people . . . .  more

Think or Sink Very simple. We think or we sink . . . .  more

Father-Killing Western Culture From cultural patricide to the huge threat: the murder-suicide of the West . . . .  more

Rosa Parks and Tommy Robinson Shared: a passion for justice. But she was applauded by the mainstream. He is reviled. . . .  more

Court Case Update - Tommy Robinson Interview 7 court appearances in a year. Cost to date: 100,000 pounds. Why? Bogus charges. Reality: he tells the truth . . . .  more

Thou Shalt Not Be Aware Traditionally, people were not to be aware of childhood trauma. There has been a change. We're not to notice what we see around us . . . .  more

A Childhood Desire: Save the WorldI grew up, never left the desire behind. And then, butterfly flutters and huge impacts . . . .  more

Open Letter re Muslim Demand: Change Team Name. No More Crusaders Rugby TeamNeeded: history lesson on Islam and Crusades . . . .  more

Open Letter to New Zealand Members of ParliamentHorror re massacre at 2 mosques, silence re 34,816 Islamic jihad massacres . . . .  more

Toxic Positivity and the Delusion SyndromeNo negativity, not about Mao, not about Hitler. Plus delusions. What to do? Bill Warner to the rescue: DO NOT ENGAGE. DO NOT ARGUE. Instead . . . .  more

Delusion SyndromeMao = Obama = Hitler = Kennedy = Trump = Stalin. That is, all political systems equal.. . . . more

Toxic PositivitySecret danger: rampant positivity, self-righteous positive attitude, aversion to negativity. . . . more

Yellow Vest Movement - Now in Medicine Hat!A viral video and an interview Jurgen Vollrath on what's at the heart of the movement. . . . more

Secret Key, Favorite Strategies, Plus Info on the PopeLots and lots here, including info on the Pope and the Pact on Migration. . . . more

A Secret KeySomeone handed me a secret key to understanding the politically correct. . . . more

It Matters, What We DoYet sometimes we need to pause. . . . more

Why Alternate Universe News?Grumpus complains. Alice in Wonderland answers. Grumpus concedes. #AlternateRealityNews. . . . more

Buddha Appears to Crybaby Kant!Kant wails. Buddha is serene. "No right thinking. No right speaking. No, no, no. For you, samsara." #AlternateRealityNews. . . . more

London Mayor Crybaby Kant Wails, Jesus Visits!"Hate hurts," he sobs. The pain is intense. Kidney stones? Lack of forgiveness? Then Jesus appears. #AlternateRealityNews. . . . more

London Mayor Crybaby Kant Recants!London mayor sobs, "Hate hurts. Tommy Robinson, please forgive me. Please forgive my hateful name-calling, like racist Islamophobe." #AlternateRealityNews. . . . more

The West Victorious!Outlook affects outcome. So what does it do, if we see the West victorious? . . . more

Islam's Achilles' HeelWhat is Islam's greatest vulnerability in the West . . .  more

Free Tommy Demonstration, June 9, 201820,000 or more. Together in London. Live streams. . . .  more

Tommy Robinson Interview, May 23, 2018Two days before his arrest. A warm day. A laughing Tommy . . .  more

The Declaration of Peaceful IntentWho will sign? Christians, Jews, Muslims? Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists? . . .  more

Top wellness productsHealth stuff - a lifelong interest. Without good health, well-being, it's so much harder to do all we want to do. . . .  more

Attitude to informationFascinating info on why we need to change the negative attitude to listening (like among the PC), before we even try to give information. . . .  more

The future of Islam?No future. I see Islam Is Gone. Because of the truth, the facts about Islam. . . .  more

Islam is GoneWhy make a video about Islam is Gone. The short answer: Islam Made Me Do It. . . .  more

The Truth Shall Set You FreeTruth about anti-truthers. Plus praise for a major truth teller and his amazing videos. . . .  more

Present-day Holocaust denier? No, not a denier of the past Holocaust. Denier of the looming potential Holocaust. . . .  more

ANTIFA = Anti-Fact FascistsWhy that definition? It's accurate. . . .  more

The Declaration of Peaceful IntentWho has peaceful intent? Which Muslims have peaceful intent? 3 friends think they've figured out how to establish this. . . .  more

Neale Donald WalschHe wrote Conversations with God. NO, these are not conversations with any god. Here: 4 pieces of evidence. . . .  more

The Tiny "Window of Tolerance" of the Raging Left.Neuroscience: inner damage shrinks the window on the world. What does this say about the Raging Left? . . .  more

Changing my mother's story.Perhaps very relevant in dealing with the Raging Left. . . .  more

Socrates and Elsa.An unexamined life is not worth living - Socrates. Unexamined words are not worth uttering - Elsa. . . .  more

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest - a New Award.And the winner is: "Islam must continue because so it has so many adherents." . . .   more

Daniel Scot, a Pakistani Christian Evangelizing Muslims.He needed to flee Pakistan - then was hit by lawfare in Australia. . . .  more

What Are You DOING?Not: what should be done (by other people)? But: what are you DOING? . . . .  more

Why Make a Kids' Video about Islam?Fun, simple, easy. Just 9 minutes. What got me to do it? . . . .  more

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner - Bankrupting Terrorism. Over one BILLION dollars awarded. . . .  more

Moderate Nazis vs Moderate Muslims. Was there such a thing as a moderate Nazi, a reader asked. . . .  more

Stop the Show Trials. Stop of show trials of Western dissidents who won't be silent about Islam. . . .  more

Martial Arts Tactics vs the PC and Islam. A top martial arts tactic: step aside, stick out your leg, watch your opponent fall flat. . . .  more

Facts, vs Fact Claims, vs Conclusions. A common claim: You can get the facts to say anything. Is that true or false? . . .  more

Freedom of Religion and PRIORITIES. If religious freedom is the top priority, then anything goes. No ethics!!! . . .  more

Right Priorities vs Wrong Priorities. How can we know what's right, what's wrong?s 3 words are key: harm, flourishing, and priorities . . .  more

Fear is the Key. The West's suicidal course. Youtube, Facebook, Google - all accommodating to Islamic pressure. Fear and the West . . .  more

Stop the Child Abuse. No hitting - great. No ridiculing - great. But what about: NO THINKING and the teaching of lies . . . .  more

Gamechangers. 2008 - Fitna. 2012 - Why We Are Afraid. And no w, a kids' video. Going where we haven't gone before . . . .  more

Help It Go Viral  Islam explained in 9 minutes - fun, easy, simple. For ages 8 and up. Next: help it go viral. Share!! . . . .  more

Strange Tools. A kids' video, fun, short, easy. On Islam. Who, What, How. Plus a membership site . . . .  more

Anti-Narcissist Strategies.   Non-engagement, walking away, mirroring, taking care. . . .  more

United in Narcissistic Rage: Islam and the Left.    Rage and vindictiveness just below surface charm . . . .  more

Open letter to Canadian MPs: Justin Trudeau, Walking with the Devil. Justice for Justin, finally? . . . .  more

Canadian political leader, admirer of mass murderer. Music - Walking with the Devil . . . .  more

Stop the Show Trials - Help Tim Burton Appeal. A dangerous job application . . . leading to a show trial
 ...  more

Al Walaa wal Baraa - The End of Islam? Al Walaa wal Baraa: Islamic apartheid. Is this like garlic to a vampire?
 ...  more

Commemorating Andre Drouin, Caring about Tim Burton. Plus the death of history and the death of attention.  ...  more

Rights Movements Gone WRONG. Islamophobia, French immersion, BlackThugsMatter. A long way to go.  ...  more

We've Just Begun. Music about defending freedom.  ...  more

What's in a Name - like Islamo-Hegemony? Plus Eureka Moments. Is the term, Islamo-hegemony, just right for what we're dealing with?  ...  more

Removing Energy Blockages. How to imagine a world where a problem is gone. ...  more

Energy Work. What is this thing called "energy"? And could it be used to deal with Islam?  ...  more

Islamo-Catatonia and Islamo-Hegemony. The real: Islamo-catatonia and Islamo-hegemony. The unreal: Islamophobia.  ...  more

Al Walaa wal Baraa. Islamic apartheid - absolutely central to Islam. ...  more

Write to Canadian MPs. Email addresses arranged for easy sending. ...  more

M-103 - A Step Closer to Criminalizing Criticism of Islam. An open letter to Canadian MPs about a little motion that was supposed to slip through easily - you know, anti-Islamophobia. ...  more

Are You Brainwashed? Signs of brainwashing. Plus brainwashed Canadian MPs!!. ...  more

Myth Debunked: Islam in Spain. The horror of Islam in Spain vs the myth that it was a celebration of diversity. ...  more

More CO2 is Good - vs Devastating. Could it really be: more CO2 is GOOD for plants, crops, the food supply? ...  more

The inauguration, making each country great, and the Women's March. Utterly striking differences  ...  more

Vishen, Please Listen re Climate Change. A big personal change leader speaks out. And I write back. An open letter.  ...  more

Big eureka moment. Population success story now defined as doom. Success and failure turned upside down ...  more

Fatal Flaws, Vital Info, and Make the West Great.  Two fatal flaws of Communism and Islam, and more reminders of good stuff. ...  more

We've Just Begun. The quest: defending freedom. Music for counter-jihadis. ...  more

2 Fatal Flaws of Communism - and Islam. Generally Unseen. Plus, the striking differences in mainstream response to Communism, Nazism, Islam, and the Jonestown massacre (1978). ...  more

News about World War II: Britain and the US Lost, due to FDR. And much more. Attention to facts - good-bye to the usual story. ...  more

Big Questions, and Praise for Everyday Caring. There's thinking big, exploring the big questions - and there's everyday loving and caring. ...  more

Brainwashing and Show Trials. There's facing the evidence - and then the even bigger task, stopping what's happening. ...  more

Entitlement vs Reciprocity. The question: what does it do to us, when so much is available FREE online?. ...  more

True Caring vs Politically Correct Double Standard. Caring for a tiny older cat vs PC "caring". ...  more

More on the Big BUT System. Attention to facts - good-bye to the usual story. ...  more

The Big BUT System. The Big BUT System: one of the most powerful weapons against seeing Islam. ...  more

What's Happening? And What Do We Do? Saturn, Soros, the Illuminati. How do we make sense of things? And what do we do? ...  more

The Crusades and the Jews. What happened? ...  more

See No Evil. But Increase Security. Ever more security all around. But very visible gaps ...  more

Good Optimism. Bad Optimism. When is optimism a benefit and when is it dangerous? ...  more

UK Referendum - From Start to Finish. From the earliest results to the final tally ...  more

The Good Thinking Taboo - Indoctrination Not Education. If you can't think, you're missing something vital. ...  more

Walking with the Devil. But who is the devil? ...  more

Changing Direction while Staying on Track. Quite something, not to get lost or swept sway.  ...  more

My Father, Myself. Strengths, passions, gifts - plus an obstacle.  ...  more

No Borders, No Brains. You couldn't make this up. Do away with borders. Yes, a whole movement!!. ...  more

Donald Trump re Ground Zero Mosque. Here's a truth I didn't know about Trump - until an email landed in my inbox. ...  more

Politically Correct Bullying. Zombies united against truth, justice and freedom of speech. What happened? The usual. Night of the Living Dead, Episode 217,983. ...  more

Islam's Dangerous Triple Lock System. Read Stephen Coughlin's Catastrophic Failure. Fact-filled - about blindfolding the West about Islam and Jihad. Banned by the White House.  ...  more

Just a Suggestion: World Repressive Symbols Day. NEW: World Hijab Day. PROPOSED ALTERNATIVE: World Repressive Symbols Day. This would expand the focus to symbols of many repressive ideologies. Unfair, in fact, to focus just on Islam ...  more     including the letter sent to the mayor of Ottawa

A Nazi White Christmas, complete with Hitler  ...  more

As Muslims are to Islam, Christians are to Christianity, and Nazis to Nazism?  ...  more

Bad News, Good News  ...  more

Donald Trump says THINK  ...  more

Donald Trump says SING  ...  more

Climate Change Facts. What's a hoax, what's a scam, what's fake and what's real? Excellent sources for making sense of climate change. ...  more

Political Correctness Gone Mad. I've heard the expression, crazy like a fox - meaning the fox may seem crazy, but he's doing what he knows will get him his prey. So what's going on with political correctness ...  more

The Crazy Left. What's going on here, with the "foam at the mouth" response to any disagreement. And who benefits? ...  more

Daily Energy Routine. Why do one of these weird energy routines? How does that make the world a better place? What good could they possibly do? ...  more

When Do Opinions Matter? Lots of questions. Like, how best to explore opinions? ...  more

Tribute to Narain Kataria, Freedom Fighter. A notice came into my inbox yesterday, November 5th. Narain Kataria has died. I want you to know of his death, his passing. More, I want you to know, if you don't already, of Narain ...  more

Freedom Groups. I keep hearing: we need boots on the ground. A non-military boots on the ground: freedom groups. ...  more

New Age Madness. How can we tell apart the good mushrooms from the poisonous toadstools? ...  more

Communist = Anti-Racist?? Hammer and sickle banners. It sure looked Communist to me. Luckily I took photos, because there was no mention of any Communist presence in the mainstream media. Instead I heard of anti-racists. ...  more

What I saw: Communists vs Pegida. Versus What the Media Reported. I went to one event. It was to be the first-ever Pegida event in Canada. The media reported something entirely different, showed none of what I saw. ...  more

More Pro Islam Media Bias. Chapel Hill. Copenhagen. Look, Jane, Look. See no Islamic Terrorism. See only Islamophobia. And blame the victims. ...  more

The Good Liberal Road to Hell. Those so-called good intentions . . . are they good intentions? Or is there something else? ...  more

'Death to ISIS': Thousands march in Jordan calling for revenge for pilot burned alive. Where was the Western outrage over the beheadings of Americans and Britons just a few months ago? ...  more

The Tapping Solution for Tapping into Power. So many inner blocks against natural outrage, and against natural courage. Now, try the Tapping Solution - huge online event ...  more

FREE Online Workshop: Tapping into Power. One more strategy for counter-jihadis. More inner power, more effectiveness against Islam and political correctness ...  more

Tapping into Power. Energy psychology FINALLY looks at political correctness and Islam ...  more

What Will Happen with All That Energy. We need to aim for the heart, the emotions. The facts aren't enough ...  more

Fan the Flames for Freedom of Speech. We need to aim for the heart, the emotions. The facts aren't enough ...  more

Je suis Charlie. Je suis Juif. Will people stand together and say, I am Jewish, as they stand together and say, I am Charlie? ...  more

Personal Tribute to Charlie Hebdo: Publishing Images of Mohammed. Voltaire recognized long ago, that to see who rules over you, just see whom you are not allowed to criticize ...  more

Je suis CHARLIE - poème. je suis CHARLIE, j'ose le faire, je ne vais pas me taire. charlie hebdo ...  more

Je suis Charlie. I am Charlie. I spent a good part of the day crying - because so many people showed they cared ...  more

Projective Identification, the Stockholm Syndrome, Emotion Displacement, The West and Islam. Projective identification. That concept has been coming into my mind ...  more

23 STRATEGIES for Reaching People. One of the most effective ways we have found is ...  more

From, I Flew Off the Handle, to How Best to Reach People. I flew off the handle the other day - because someone did something that endangered the life of my dog ...  more

Logical Fallacy in Politically Correct Thinking. Actually one is talking about total nuttiness, a total disconnect between two aspects of politically correct "thought" ...  more

Speaking Out - ANOTHER AMAZING INTERVIEW SERIES - NOV 3-6, 2014. Speaking out: for freedom of speech, against multiculturalism, against political correctness, for the truth about Islam. Online, in church, in an blog, in a town's Code of Life ...  more

Dangerous Opportunistic Infection. The West, Obama, Cameron, Islam and ... ISIS. The stage has been set in the West and throughout the world ...  more

Pro Palestinian Bias. Anti Israel Bias. How to reach those who believe Israel is the big bad wolf? ...  more

Islamic State Persecution of Christians.
...  more

Definition of Islam. Definition of Islamism. A Eureka moment today: those 2 words are usually mis-defined. ...  more

A woman is wearing an Islamic headscarf. What does it mean?
I've been experiencing a big personal change, to do with seeing a woman wearing the Islamic headscarf. ...  more

Trust - the Good, the Bad, the Dangerous
A brave German woman listens to her inner voice, shouts out against politically correct interfaith that turns church into mosque. Good self trust. ...  more

Something Wonderful, Something Horrible
Wonderful - a 2-day workshop on the essentials of freedom. Horrible - crucifixions of a cat and a dog in territory earmarked as Islamic. ...  more

A POWERFUL NEW WORD for anti-Semitism
Islamophobia move over. There are new, more important words
on the rise. ...  more

The Essentials of Freedom -
starting with Freedom of Thought
What is freedom? A 2-day Freedom Workshop...  more

Hope springs eternal ... almost
Sometimes the well runs dr. ...  more

The Truth about Islamic Name-Calling -
an Old KKK Strategy
Over and over, be sensitive to Islam. The answer is ...  more

Politically correct cultural sensitivity
Over and over, be sensitive to Islam. The answer is ...  more

Viral on Facebook - Al-Qaradawi's Words
Islam needs death to apostates to survive ...  more

Essential to Islam - the Murder of Apostates
At least, that's the view of a major Muslim authority ...  more

From the truth about Obama to dealing with yeast infections
If there is a massive yeast infection, what can one do ... ?  more

Does Obama have a yeast infection?
The Stockholm Syndrome, battered wife syndrome, or ... yeast ... ?  more

Making friends and keeping friends
Some people have a knack for friendship. Some of us ... it's not so easy ...  more

What is friendship?
A friend got an email in his inbox, a meditation on friendship. And that got me thinking about what is friendship for me ...  more

Human Rights vs Islamic Beliefs
Are human rights safe, at least in the West? Something hard to learn: the truth about Islam ...  more

Big Conference - The Islamic Spirit
Just what is this? Here, 2 simple clear poster. Hadas, 3 months old, throat slit. Umar, left Islam, face burned by acid ...  more
What is Christianity?
Religion of hell, guilt, fear, horror or religion of love? And is there a way to tell, what is a good religion? ...  more

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Update
So far, only 155 signatures. But such touching reasons for signing. ...  more

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination: Pastor Umar Mulinde,
convert to Christianity from Islam
Umar Mulinde, a man of faith and courage. A man who dared to go with his convictions. His face now burned by acid ...  more

Where's good loving?
Love. My cats seem to ooze it, much of the time. Dogs feel love - I've felt their love. But people ... often it's not easy for us to feel love ...  more

Breaking through political correctness about Islamic beliefs
12 suggestions ...  more

Brilliant sunshine outside, peace and quiet inside
I'm taking the day off ...  more

How do I reach you?
How do I get you to hear me? An urgent question for all of us ...  more

Eva Dances
A tribute to Eva, my 87-year-old dance teacher ...  more

Anti-homophobic humor
What a relief ... Quotes from Leviticus: on 2 threads, shellfish, homosexuality, and buying Mexicans versus buying Canadians ...  more

American conservative sees pregnancy from rape
as a gift from god

Oh great, there's a god that doesn't stop rape, but hands out pregnancy as a gift afterwards ...  more

The Joker is Wild
Islam and the West - the wildest of games - and the joker is wild...  more

Anti Muslim Imam Holds Muslims Inferior

Sometimes people don't know what they're saying ...  more

Is this trusting your intuition?
I knew I wanted to go ...  more

Are all religions equal?
That's the question. Are they? ...  more

Group Hatred
More on scary people, people who go in for group hate, group rage...  more

Scary People
A friend's comment: those are some scary people you're hanging out with ...  more

Let's Pretend We're Together All Alone
A song was playing in my head, a heart break song ...  more

Taking Action
Helping a tiny froglet vs taking on Islamism ...  more

Tolerance - a Virtue?
Someone told me tolerance was a sign of good ethics. I answered ...  more

Is this the right choice? Is it? Or is it not? ...  more

Mainstream Media Distortions ... and No Outcry
President Nixon lost his presidency because of reporters who reported ...
but now ...  more

Unreal Reality
Islam - is it really a danger to the West? ...  more

Heaven on Earth?
My dog, a skunk, and thoughts on life ...  more

Kittens, a Folk Music Festival,
Islam and Universal Ethics

It's been the usual mishmosh week. But I did face a big question ...  more

Life and Death
For the past week, there's been a very pregnant barn cat in my bathroom ...  more

Not All Sweetness and Light
I'm not all sweetness and light ...  more

Kitten Rescue, World Rescue - The Same Motivation?
Two things, so different, pull at me. Is It for the same reason?  more

Elsa has a band!
A first for me ...  more

Houdini Magic
Harry Houdini, Paul Revere, Cassandra of Troy and me .....  more

So what do I want?
A good love. A safe love...  more

A Few Eyedrops - a Matter or Life or Death
There are 2 three-week old kittens in my bathroom. It was a matter of life or death ...  more

Aloneness, Loneliness, Deep Deep Aloneness
I've been alone for 3 years now. Sometimes everything feels fine. Not all the time. Not the last day or so ...  more

What If I'm Wrong?
I've been doing a lot of thinking about Islam and the West. Have not liked a lot of what I've found. A big question: What if I'm wrong? ...  more


Elsas Blog.
Thoughts on Life and Living Well.
Political Correctness. Infiltration.
Islam. Good Thinking. Flourishing.

Thoughts on life, on truth, on reality

Thoughts on my life,
on living as fully as possible

Thoughts on projects -
like right now,
The World Truth Summit -
Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths

Diary blogs -
meaning bits from what's happening with me

Blog journals -
meaning what's going on in my mind

Maybe even a cat blog and dog blog,
if I'm ever moved to write about my pets

What's at the core of it?
The desire to share, to be heard,
and also to hear back from you, whoever you are

There's also the desire to flourish.

Right now, for lots more blog journals, click here.

And for creativity blogs, click here.

Blogs and more blogs.

Communicating with others -
I don't know about you,
but for me that's been a lifelong drive.

Where did it start?
Is it something I was born with?
Did it come from feeling unheard?
Did it come from feeling
I had a lot of valuable stuff to say?
And where would that feeling have come from?
From a father who believed
he had a lot of insights and knowledge?
From feeling I was very like my father in many ways?
From my father's belief that I have a lot to say?

However it got there, deep in me is the conviction
that my thoughts about life,
my ideas and creative stuff,
are deeply valuable.

So here is yet one more attempt to be heard
by more people.

So I'm blogging along,
my inner voice strong,
saying keep on with the blogging,
with journal blogs, diary blogs,
personal blogs, blog postings ...
on and on and on ...

while outside the day is bright,
or the night is dark,
it's hot or cold or sunny or raining,

and inside me there are words -
words and more words -
I want to share.

June 11, 2012


Elsas Blog.
Thoughts on Political Correctness.
Infiltration. Islam. Good Thinking.
Effective Strategies. Flourishing.
Blog Journals. Diary Blogs.
Personal Blogs.
Creativity Blogs.
Elsa's Blog.

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June 9, 2018

Tommy Robinson


Top Wellness

Attitude to

The Future
of Islam?

Islam Is Gone



Anti-Fact Fascists

Declaration of
Peaceful Intent

with God?

The Window
of Tolerance

My Mother's

and Elsa

Dumb Dumber

Daniel Scot -

What Are You

Why a Video
for KIDS?


Moderate Nazis vs
Moderate Muslims

the Show Trials

Martial ArtsTactics
vs the PC & Islam

Facts, Fact Claims
and Conclusions

Freedom of Religion

Right and Wrong
& 3 Vital Words

Fear is the Key

STOP the

Kids' Video

Help It Go Viral

Strange Tool:
Kids' Video


United in

Open Letter
re Justin Trudeau

Canada's PM -
Walking with Evil

Tim Burton's
Show Trial

Like Garlic
to a Vampire?

Andre Drouin,
Tim Burton

Rights Movements

We've Just Begun

Naming -
and Seeing


Energy Work

and Islamo-

Al Walaa
wal Baraa -
central to Islam

Write to
Canadian MPs

supposedly vs

Are You

Islam in Spain:

More CO2
is good!!!

US inauguration
vs ANTI- march

Listen!!!  re
Climate Change

Huge Eureka
re Population

Fatal Flaws
and Vital Info

We've Just
Begun - music


New Facts
re WW II

Big Questions,
Everyday Caring

& Show Trials

Entitlement vs

True Caring vs
PC "Caring"

More on
The Big BUT

The Big BUT

What Do
We Do

The Crusades
and the Jews

Bigger Security,

Optimism -
Good or Bad?

UK News!!

Good Thinking

Walking with
the Devil

while Staying
on Track

My Father,

No Borders,
No Brains

Donald Trump re
Ground Zero Mosque

Politically Correct
Bullying - Zombies
vs Freedom

Islam's Triple
Lock System

Letter to the
Mayor of Ottawa

NEW!! Repressive
Symbols Day!!

A Nazi
White Christmas

As Muslims
to Islam . . .

Bad News,
Good News

Donald Trump
says THINK

Donald Trump
says SING!

Climate Change

Political Correctness
Gone Mad

The Crazy Left

Daily Energy
Routine - WHY?

When Do
Opinions Matter?

Tribute to
Narain Kataria

Riding the Waves

A Dead Boy

Freedom Groups

New Age

=  Anti-Racist

vs Media Report

More Pro Islam
Media Bias

Good Liberal
Road to Hell

The Tapping

Jordan calls:
'Death to ISIS'

Energy Psychology
vs Islam - FINALLY

Tapping into Power

What's Next?

Fan the Flames

Je suis JUIF -

Personal Tribute
to Charlie Hebdo

Je suis CHARLIE -

A Day of Ttears -

Pride, Shame, Horror -
The West and Islam

23 Strategies

I Flew off
the Handle



West, Islam, ISIS
and Opportunistic


Islamic State

Definition of Islam

Muslim headscarf:
it means ...?

Trust -
good, bad, dangerous

Something wonderful,
something horrible

for anti-Semitism

Essentials of


Hope springs
eternal ... almost

KKK Strategy:
yell Islamophobe!


The viral words of
a Muslim scholar

Death to apostates -
Islam needs this

Dealing with ...
yeast infections

Obama's yeast

Friendship and me

What's friendship?

Human rights -
how safe are we?

The Islamic Spirit
- 2 posters -

What is

Why nominate
Umar Mulinde?

Nobel Peace Prize

good loving?

How to be heard
about Islam

Taking time out

How do I reach you?

Eva dances


Pregnancy from rape:
a gift from god?

The joker is wild

Imam Holds
Muslims Inferior

Trusting intuition

Religions equal?

Group hatred

Scary people

Heart break song

A tiny frog
in the living room

Tolerance ...
a virtue?


The media ...
and Islam

Unreal realities -
like Islam

Heaven on earth?

Kittens, Islam and
universal ethics

LIfe and death

Not all sweetness

Kitten rescue
and world rescue

Elsa has a band

Houdini magic

What's good love?

Life or death

I've been alone
for three years

Getting back on track

What if I'm wrong?



A Few

expert speaker - Elsa Schieder, PhD
with PhD
street smarts

expert speaker - Elsa Schieder, PhD

Guide to Islam
why donate


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