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Why focus on Full Flourishing?
Have I given up on changing the world,
just want personal happiness? No.
We need tools to counter the fear being instilled,
to take effective action.

Two weeks ago, I wrote to you about my new project, Full Flourishing. The first response came very quickly. "So you've given up on changing the world, and now just want personal happiness." The second response was similar: "You should be fighting for freedom. We must fight to save freedom."

Have I given up on changing the world? No.

Am I fighting for freedom? Yes.

The Full Flourishing project is my current way of working for freedom, inner and social.

Why this project at this time? So many people feel stuck, discouraged, or even despairing. They see the problems as overwhelming. Or they have no idea what to do except watch more videos and send them to friends. So much nastiness is increasingly visible. Many people feel alone.

On top of that, mind control, like through instilling fear, is being used against us. At the end is a link to an expert detailing how such mind control was planned and is being carried out.

We need effective strategies to counter feeling stuck and often helpless, whatever the cause. Full flourishing is about increasing resourcefulness and undoing inner blocks that stem from everything from everyday traumas to ongoing mind control.

Plus it's about coming to more action steps that feel right for us, though they may initially feel a bit uncomfortable.

But, you may say, the personal development field is already huge and crowded. Why bother adding another voice?

I haven't found even one model of development that seems adequate to me. Something is always missing. And what's missing is essential to being able to perceive accurately and respond effectively.

For example, there is so much on feelings and beliefs, generally almost nothing on thinking well. But if we can't think, how can we understand ourselves or what's going on around us?

For example, there is so much on how the world looks different when we change, generally almost nothing on perceiving accurately. But if we don't perceive accurately, how can we figure out what's true and what's false?

For example, there’s so much on recognizing the underlying core of goodness in all people, generally almost nothing on recognizing and responding to badness on the individual and social level. A favorite quote: All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. So what does it do when good people are not taught to recognize evil?

For example, there’s a lot on living fully, almost nothing on how to keep going and find a way to take effective action when around us are massive corruption and injustice.

A final example. There is so much on inner authenticity, generally almost nothing on the importance of a strong connection to the larger civic world.

Another favorite quote - this one from Plato, from 2500 years ago: Anyone who does not take part in the civic world is a fool, and will be governed by fools.

Full Flourishing. To the best of my ability, it outlines what's needed to live as fully as possible.

The best way to give you a taste of the Full Flourishing project is through a webinar. I'll be announcing one soon.

In the meantime, below is a bit about my amazing father, who in many ways cut was off from a sense of personal power. There's also a bit about me. Though my life was radically different from his, I took in much of his sense of powerlessness. (Link below.)

A major difference between my father's life and mine came from the many current movements for inner development. My father believed that, "All that psychology stuff is for crazies." I've explored just about every nook and cranny - looking at limitations and destructive aspects, and at enormously beneficial aspects.

My father, myself and Full Flourishing:

Click for the video: https://FullFlourishing.com#video
Full Flourishing video

Do you believe personal development is important?

All the best to all of us in these frequently challenging times,


PS. Excellent interview with Brian Gerrish, who details how mind control was planned and how it is done, like through the use of fear:

Posted: June 10, 2021

Why focus on Full Flourishing?
Have I given up on changing the world,
just want personal happiness? No.
We need tools to counter the fear being instilled,
to take effective action.

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