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Covid-19. Top Question.
Not: is it human made or natural?
Not: is it from bats in wet fish markets?
Instead: the top question for everyday people.

Like all of you, I've been concerned about Covid-19. About a week ago I came to what I see as Question #1. I've heard loads about bats and pangolins, wet markets in Wuhan, the responsibility of China and WHO.

I've read loads of detective novels. Rule #1: pay attention to what isn't getting attention. Ignore the noise, the fuss. Red herrings.

Actually, I don't think bats and pangolins, wet market in Wuhan, etc, are red herrings. So I've come to 9 questions.

However, my main concern, since I heard rumblings about this virus, has been something else. As an ordinary person, I have the ordinary concern with health - and also, if there is sickness, with quick recovery. I'm very interested in being healthy and if I get sick, recovering quickly, easily, fully. And that brings me to what's at the forefront of my mind.

Is there an existing quick reliable inexpensive treatment?

If so, what is it?

And if we are blocked from access to it, is there an effective alternative that is also quick reliable and inexpensive ?

The answer is, yes, there is such a treatment, according to (among others) Dr Zelenko who has treated about 1500 people with Covid. And there is also, according to him, lots of anecdotal evidence that there is an equally effective alternative.

You can read all about it, plus there's a video.

Comments very welcome.

9 questions

As always, all the best to all who care,


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posted May 31, 2020

Think or Sink.
Out with bad thinking,
with dangerous false teachings,
like political correctness.
In with good thinking, facts and logic.

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