A dead boy, a dark night of the soul, and then trying again, in the face of media lies, in the face of Western politically correctness.

A dead boy, a dark night of the soul,
and then trying again,
in the face of media lies, in the face of
dangerous Western politically correctness.



dead boy, media bias, islamic countries do not help

A couple of days ago I had what I call "a dark night." I'm fine again now, doing. But I think it's important to acknowledge that, sometimes, things feel like they are too much. So here's what I wrote:

I feel defeated. One boy drowns. That dead boy is used as a weapon against anyone who wants, in any way, to control the mass influx of Islamics into the West. The story: if only the doors had been more open, he would be alive. Well, if they had been more closed, an Italian couple would be alive. The woman, 70, was sexually assaulted and then murdered by a recent refugee. The man was "just" murdered. And that's just one crime that only happened because of the mass influx.

Also when I looked at the whole story about the boy - the father's story has more holes than a fishing net. For instance, his story kept changing. Plus, FOR 3 YEARS, the father had had a FREE APARTMENT in Turkey. Just what was that family fleeing - if anything? Or rather, what was the temptation for the parents? AN EVEN BETTER DEAL ELSEWHERE, it sounds like.

Here's one source for facts:

Of course that's not what's being reported.

It's not the father's patent lying that brings me to the feeling of defeat. It's that the story is being used to guilt the West. Even more, it's what the story-manipulation tells me about the subversion of the media in the service of Islamic interests, against democracy, against human rights. Worst for me, it's that so many people in the West at least seem to be swallowing the lies - a poison bait to hook them to accept even more incomers with an incompatible dangerous ideology.

I know I will go on doing what I can. But, for the moment, I feel defeated.

I know that many people have experienced way worse. They've been murdered by Islamic State. They've been murdered by illegal aliens. And on and on and on.

I remember doing an interview, 3 years ago, with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. She felt the situation was hopeless, but she knew she would go on to her last breath. I didn't see that the situation was as bad as she experienced it. That was before ISIS and before the mass influx of Islamics into the West, with Western leaders not unanimously telling the leaders of Islamic countries: These are your people. Take them.

As I started by saying, I'm once again past that inner "dark night." I see the same things, and more. I see that, in Canada, the only major media outlet that reported a lot of facts about Islam, Sun News, is dead, and instead we have only, online, TheRebel.media (thank goodness for it!!!). And in the States, so I've read, a Saudi prince has a considerable stake in Fox news:

I'm remembering a scene from near the start of Schindler's List. A wealthy couple has been herded into the Warsaw ghetto. They come into a cold bleak dirty empty apartment. What could be worse, the woman asks. The door opens. Several large families enter. And things get far worse than even that.

I have no idea what will happen with us - those who care about the West. I sure hope we have an easier time than the Jews herded into the Warsaw ghetto. I don't know what will happen in Europe, where I see danger invited in, in country after country. Only a few of the smaller Eastern countries are saying NO.

At the end, I've put a few images you may enjoy.

To life and to love - l'chaim and l'ahavah,

Sept 6, 2015


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PS. If you haven't had the chance to listen to HONOR UMAR MULINDE, here it is again. It comes from imagining Umar Mulinde, Christian pastor, ex Muslim, acid burned, helped by Israel, being honored as he deserves to be - with massive crowds standing with this man, on the side of freedom:
Honor Umar Mulinde

PPS. Now, a couple of images for you:

A reality:
islamics rioting

The people many of us would like to see on the ferry:
European leaders on ferry to Saudi Arabia or some similar country

A dead boy, a dark night of the soul,
and then trying again, in the face of media lies,
in the face of dangerous Western politically correctness.

Click here, to go from this account of a dead boy
to another account of media misrepresentation -
in this case by the Canadian media
about what was to be the first Canadian Pegida rally. .



Hi Elsa

I just wanted to let you know there is an update to this. The boy's father was not a refugee.... he simply wanted new FREE teeth. As you said, it was suspicious. Additionally, the family never did request assistance from Canada. This was a whole made-up story.

RebelTV did a few clips and some quick research confirms what was said on RebelTV.

The only newsworthy story about this is how the whole thing about the family being turned down by Canada is just a made-up story. Additionally, the "Canadian Media Party" was happy to slam Stephen Harper but as usual was silent when it was determined the story was made up.

Keep up the good work, NEVER SURRENDER.



Elsa, I agree 100% with what you said.
We are coming into a dangerous time.

With God's blessings,


Thank you Elsa, you put into words so many of my thoughts that I could not find a way to express. You really hit the nail on the head.

Take care,



Illigitimi Non Carburundum! Elsa. Please do not despair. I was able to use your info supplied re the toddler on the beach and in a comment section where our side were up against it so to speak. I was able to break even which under the circumstances was phenomenal. Also was able to leave links to your story and another to the unpublished photos that will make all think about being deceived by propaganda.

Good night Elsa and take care. You are very valuable to the world.


reply from Elsa

I won't despair. In fact, by the time I sent out the update I was over the "darn night." (Whoops - interesting slip!) I just wanted to acknowledge the moment of despair.


I know this is by any standards or stand we might take, a tragic end for a very young life. It is painful for us.

But I know or have seen those images coming from Iraq, Syria etc. where human beings, children, babies, women, old persons have been -- not only accidentally destroyed but assassinated by those who claim islam is the way and would like to impose it on every one on this planet.

But in my conscience is well anchored the fact that the muslims are not our friends, will never be as we stand now a days in face of their violent agendas terrorism and their provocations against each non muslim
in their way.

So I am not defeated, I will never be defeated morally or spiritually. I am used to fight for Freedom , Justice and Democracy since my younger days as teenager, twice fighting against two dictatorships and still going after the second in Cuba, plus any other in the world. My fight is now via the writing of words, the keyboard and my knowledge of all what is unfair, wrong and abusing to humans in this world.

So never give up, never surrender, never betray yourself, your spirit.




dead toddler - image too perfect



Elsa, don't let the world get you down.

Your work is important and is receiving recognition, and you can do no more without inciting revolution.

And revolution is on the horizon.

Nul bastardia carborundum


reply from Elsa

Nul bastardia carborundum

Don't let the bastards get you down!!


reply from R.T.

Latin scholar I am not!


Chin up Elsa,

When the time comes, we will fight as hard and as long as we need to, until the job is done. Our enemies include those who facilitate the invasion. Eventually the movers and shakers will come to realize that we can accept nothing less, if humanity is to survive in its present form as a conglomeration of basically decent people.

Hopefully the world will come to its senses before we reach the need for war, but if not then we will do the business if required.

Always remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all here with you, working toward the same mission. Take heart – we will get there. Who dares wins.



Have you heard of a man by the name of Nabeel Qureshi? He wrote an award-winning book called, "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus." He grew up in the United States and got a medical degree before switching to Christian ministry, and is pursuing a doctorate at Oxford. I think he has a lot of very valuable things to say that might be encouraging to you. He also has lectures posted on Youtube if you are interested in checking him out.



Your quote "But, for the moment, I feel defeated." In my case I not only feel defeated by dejected. My daughter is spouting nonsense about these poor helpless refugees. I told her she has no moral right to give away the patrimony of my grandson for which many generations of his ancestors fought and died for. I feel as if she has gone over to the dark side.

Yet she used to live in Malaysia, an Islamic country, where she could see that Christians, Hindus and Buddhists were treated as third class citizens.



It is going to be a very dark night for a very long time. If we lose this struggle the very essence of humanity - its humanity - will be lost for all eternity.

What is crazy is the reaction of Germans. Islamics have been terrorizing Germany for years now. About a year ago a young German about 21 was attacked on a bus by 2 Islamics. He defended himself. When the bus came to the stop there were about 20 waiting for him and they beat him to death. This are literally thousands of stories like this.

Parts of German cities - Berlin, Hamburg, etc - are no go zones for police. And on and on.

There is a demonstration in Dresden tonight at 8:30 pm. Of course this will be reported as Neo Nazis far right.



Dear Elsa,

please keep up the good work. love your emails.

All the best to you.



I read your message and I am also sad, but all is not lost. We have you and Brigitte for help and focus. Your work is very important.



Well put... depressing, but we must carry on. Love the pics.


Just wanted to say I appreciate all you do to keep me (and so many others) honestly and broadly informed about what's happening in our world.

Glad you made it through your dark night, and are trying again.


hi Elsa

Very interesting how you describe your feelings. Most of us would feel similar. And how skilled Islamics are to make up stories, almost always with youth or children (Gaza, Judea Samaria, anywhere). Isn't it noticeable?




Just a short note to say that I enjoy reading your articles/emails - and want to thank you specifically for this one shedding truth on the story about the "'boy." Thanks to you we are more informed, and better equipped to try and teach others the truth about what is going on.

Please keep up the good work.




September 11, 1868, Islamic jihadists were driven back from the gates of Vienna, ending Islam’s violent Western expansion. Today we’re seeing another approach toward attaining Koran 9:29. Imams in Islamic states are sending their followers into non-Islamic states as "refugees," preying on the West’s compassion - and the West is absorbing them, ignorant of the fact that Madena, the first community to open their arms to dispossessed Islamics was the model for what Islamics are bringing today. As the role model for all Islamics said: "There is no mercy for those who change the religion of Islam after me! Islam cannot change!" (hadith Bukhari, vol. 9, book 88, no. 174)

To see today’s realities, www.barenakedislam.com provides much visual and documented evidence of the chaos our misplaced compassion is causing. Where are the non-Islamic refugees from these Islamic states? Why are we enabling nuclear capability for a state that includes a suicide-bomber theology?



If the West chooses Hara-Kiri... well it is sad. I would bet on the Poles, Czechs & English & the Russians and Israel to save the world.


reply from Elsa

Hara-Kiri - that is suicide for one's country. What I see is millions and millions in the West acting against the West.


The mass influx of Islamics into the West is a fallout of Islamic Terrorism, hence Islamic countries should 'OWN' the responsibility!! They should 'Own' the refugees !! Almost all are rich countries in the world!!

Why should those fleeing Islamics go to 'Kaafir' European Countries? On one side they denounce non-Islamics as 'Kaafirs' who are to be killed like enemies .... then why are they flooding Europe?

Europe must resist them or convert them to either Hindu or any other non-Islamic religion but they should not be accepted as Islamic in non-Islamic countries!! Otherwise, Europe would be Islamised within a few years!!



Wonderful description and depiction of Islamic jihad's modus operandi. It is very unfortunate that international media, our politicians and so-called right wing parties are hand in gloves with these Islamics who are hell bent upon to instill fear among civilized people of this planet. Their only agenda is to establish Islamic kingdom on this planet as is written and dictated in their Quran! What is happening is exactly what these Islamics have been told to do by their prophet and same has been reiterated by many Islamic religious leaders, including in the book, Allah is preparing victory for us," by a militant turned preacher turned author. We need to stop this Islamic invasion or we are finished given the fact that they are having more than 2 times the children per family than the world average. I say, we must STOP ISLAM. BAN QURAN.



Hi Elsa,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this subject. I too have felt an inner collapse of sorts. As you say, the media manipulation of the "little boy" story is sickening, especially in view of how much persecution they ignore. How many of these migrants may be implicated in the atrocities carried out against Christians and other minorities we do not know. They are welcomed into Germany as if they are a gift from heaven. I think the reality will be tragically different, far more tragic than that boy's death. How small events can turn the wheel of history!

As so often these days emotion overrides reason. I think PC is largely the triumph of emotion over reason. Certain groups must have their feelings protected; straight talking is forbidden. Hope is better than hate because hope looks and feels nice but in truth what counts is that which is hoped for and that which is hated. The nebulous morality of feelings cannot see this.

I like the pictures!

Best wishes,


reply from Elsa

Thinking, not just feeling - I agree. So vital.


A dead boy, a dark night of the soul,
and then trying again, in the face of media lies,
in the face of dangerous Western politically correctness.


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