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A SECRET KEY to political correctness,
to not seeing the truth about Islam.
THE KEY. Self-image. Self-esteem.
Self-love. Amour propre.
Pride and shame.

Someone handed me what may be a secret key to why so many people stay politically correct, block seeing what is in plain sight about Islam.

What is this secret key to why most people don't quickly acknowledge how dangerous Islam is? Bill Warner suggests the answer is fear of Islam going back 1400 years. I'm sure that's part of it. Many people are noting the near total take-over of the education system by pro-Islamics, so kids grow up brainwashed. I'm sure that's also part of it.

I was talking with one of the millions of people who think Islam is not a problem. I said I'd send him a link, if that was okay with him. He said yes, sure. So I sent him a kids' video on Islam - fun, simple, easy and TRUTHFUL. He watched it.

His answer:
I thought I was a cynical, hard-nosed individual . . . Either you’re a little nuts or I and my friends who are more or less on the same page, we are . . .

Aha! I went. I think he just handed me a secret key. It would hurt his self-image to listen to the truth about Islam - his amour propre (self-love, pride). I wrote back thanking him.

It couldn't be fun seeing that, rather than being in-the-know, you've been taken in, you've been had. Instead of being one of the cool kids, you've been deliberately fooled. Easier to believe the other person is a little nuts than to look into that.

After the end of World War II, when Germans were faced with evidence of the horror of the Holocaust, evidence of 6 million innocent Jewish people murdered, the response was massive shame, 2 generations of silence about the Holocaust.

We're not trying to shame people with the information about Islamic ideology and history. In fact, my guess is that most of us don't even give a thought, when we mention truths about Islam, that acknowledging these truths could hurt someone's self-image as a smart well-informed Insider, on the side of all that's right and good.

And even worse, to admit that we're telling the truth could mean - ugh!! - becoming one of us, one of those horrid evil racist bigoted fanged monsters they've been used to name-calling and generally reviling. How utterly uncool.

Who can blame people for going, BUT I know a nice Muslim, BUT they're not all like that, BUT there's worse in the Bible. It's like waving garlic at a vampire. It's supposed to keep away what we're saying.

What do we do with the secret key? I don't know. I know I'm going to start mentioning to people, when I tell unpopular truths, that acknowledging these truths means daring to become uncool, untrendy.

On the other hand, what did being cool do for the 2 young Scandinavian women who went camping in a remote area of Morocco? They lost their heads. And what about the American couple, convinced of the nonexistence of evil, who went biking in Afghanistan? They were murdered by the Taliban. Two bits of reality from 2018.

As always, all the best to all who care and dare,


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posted Dec 27, 2018

A secret key to political correctness,
to not seeing the truth about Islam,
Islamic ideology and history.
Self-image. Self-esteem.
Self-love. Amour propre.
Pride and shame.



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