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World Truth Summit

The gift. Help to become a better
through a Mastermind
teaching tools and techniques.

I know the gift I have for you. The last couple of years have had more challenges than usual for most people. And we are definitely not out of the woods. In fact, many people hold that the roughest times are yet to come.

So what can I possibly have, that you might find an irresistible offer?

I would like to help us all become better "CITIZEN WARRIORS."

The term comes from a blog, Citizen Warrior, which aims to give us tools so we are armed with understanding and with effective everyday tactics for spreading the understanding.

A citizen warrior cares about what is happening, and cares to do whatever we can:
- to reach people,
- warn people,
- avert danger,
- get our society back on course for human rights and freedoms.

We recognize the dangers. We have a sense of what is "behind the curtains."

We aim to live well, rather than hold back in fear.

We know we need to deal with the forces against us.

We aim to act effectively.

We are not satisfied being like the German bishop who, in Hitler's time, did not help anyone and then, when the Nazis came for him, called for help but no one came. As he came to recognize, "The freedom of no one is safe, until the freedom of all is safe."

We are not concerned, though, only for our own safety.

We care about those around us, including those with only flickers of awareness.

Here is my gift. A Mastermind, one hour a week:
- tools and strategies for taking action;
- connection with like-minded people;
- the latest information.

The long-term intent:
a world with human rights and freedoms for all.

The short-term intent:
steps to take in the direction of that world, starting from the first meeting.

What do people have to say about the Mastermind?

JANE: Elsa is a strong and wise leader who has inspired me massively with her commitment to humanity and her powerful leadership. She is super smart and at the same time very compassionate and caring. She is utterly dedicated to the advancement of justice and human rights, and ending unnecessary suffering in the world. Elsa will truly help you to flourish and achieve your full potential both as an individual and in the context of your wider role in society.

MARIA: Dr. Schieder has a way of helping people not only define what it is that is holding them back, but she provided a framework for activation and execution of goals. Our group meetings were engaging and fun. It gave me the motivation and support I needed to formulate a plan. Once I began the process, the stress of feeling static left me and instead I was energized and renewed with a deep sense of purpose. I highly recommend her program for anyone wishing to take their goals from thoughts to concrete action.

RAMACHANDRA: Elsa has a unique talent to clarify issues and motivate people. Elsa has also taught me to not give up even when confronted by obstacles. . . . She is an inspiration and an example!

MARY: When I came upon Elsa's work, I had been galvanised to protest by the horrific slaughter of children in the Manchester bombing . . . But I felt isolated, downcast and daunted by the mountainous size of the problems. I have always been utterly anti-racist, but my friends thought I had become a bigot. I didn't know what to do. Elsa's amazing, inspirational work has become a beacon of light to me, . . . which I desperately needed to become tougher, more confident, and much more active. . . . Thank you, Elsa, so much for all you have done to embolden me, and nurture my development. I am truly grateful! 

Again, if you'd like to know more, send an email to:
elsa [which is at] elsasemporium [dot] com.
Put INTERESTED in the Mastermind in the subject like.

You'll be sent a link to a webinar on
Sunday, January 16th:
6 PM UK time, 1 pm EST, 10 am PST.

As always, all the best to all of us.


January 4, 2022

PS. For more information, including more testimonials, come to: https://FullFourishing.com

The gift. Help to become a better
through a Mastermind
teaching tools and techniques.

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