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What's the best next step?
My decision - for me.
1. A podcast. 2. Full Flourishing,
3. Share excellent info.
As for you, that's for you to decide.

What's the best next step? The last time I wrote, I mentioned words from a long-ago American president. The best thing is to make the right decision. The next best thing is to make the wrong decision. The worst thing is not to make any decision.

But somehow I have hardly moved forward for the past few months. Now I'm moving on 3 fronts:
- podcast,
- the Full Flourishing program,
- plus I have information on legal actions happening in 4 countries, from India to the US to the UK to Canada.

The podcast. Short pieces. Here are the first two.

What's the podcast about? I give 2 different answers in the first podcast (3 min). Fundamentally, these days we're all on an incredible journey. It's unbelievable to many of us. I welcome you to come along on my journey - to our connecting on this journey.

The second podcast (4 min) is on the massive learning I've been doing these past 2 years. Like so many of us, I had no idea how little I knew.

You can watch (video version) or just listen (podcast version):

An ongoing topic will be: What can we do? What steps can we take? How can we come to steps that are right for us?

Then there's Full Flourishing.

Just as we're going through what is, for many of us, an extended endurance trauma, here I am with a personal development program.

Why launch yet another such program? Aren't there enough already?

There certainly are a huge range of approaches.

In fact, because so much is already available, I let years go by without taking Full Flourishing from an idea in my mind to a project launched in the world.

But it kept nudging at me, because none of the approaches I was familiar with felt adequate. Something important was always missing - like the need for adults to have more than satisfying love and work, more than feeling their feelings.

We need a strong connection to the larger civic/political world. Plus we need to be able to perceive accurately and think well.

Also, in all areas of life, I'm action oriented. So a core part of Full Flourishing is not on understanding the past, or even on knowing exactly what is going on, but on engaging as well as we can:
- assessing the situation,
- getting as much information as we can,
- becoming aware of as many options for action as possible,
- listening to ourselves on what may be right for us to do,
- committing to taking small steps, baby steps,
- and engaging in taking ongoing steps.

There are currently 2 small Beta groups - one largely on personal flourishing, the other largely on taking action in the larger civic/political world

In January, the groups will be move from Beta to fully launched.

If you're interested, take a look at Full Flourishing:

To be notified of a webinar near the start of January, send an email to:

And finally, I have so much fabulous fascinating information. For instance, from the start I've cared intensely to know all I can about effective treatment options. And then, I'm likewise very interested in what's going on in the legal sphere.

I'll start with IVERMECTIN, incredibly effective against the c-virus.

The history of Ivermectin:

Eight prominent doctors & scientists on Ivermectin: zero fatalities if given in first 7 days:

Finally, a doctor in a small town in Alberta, Canada, saves lives with ivermectin, and is fired from his hospital work within hours:

So much injustice, so much denial of human rights is clearly happening.

That brings me to legal actions in 4 countries - from India to the US to the UK to Canada.


INDIA. The world's first vaccine murder case has been filed, in India's High Court, against Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla:

In the US, David Martin is exposing and naming the people behind "the COVID war on humanity." He ends with: as we now know who is responsible, it is our duty to take action, for instance to file charges.

Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid:

Nuremberg Crimes - TAKE ACTION:

In the UK, a retired police officer, Mark Sexton, has been filing charges for months, posting videos of all he is doing, and calling for whistleblowers to speak out. Recently he's teamed up with 2 undertakers who have posted about the excess deaths of young people they are seeing.

Ex-Policeman Mark Sexton Speaks the Truth Regarding your Rights:

This retired PC standing up to the government vaccine fanatics is a hero:

Ex Police Constable Mark Sexton Reporting COVID Crimes to the Police


In CANADA, there are legal efforts on many fronts. Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati has cases pending against top figures. David Lindsay has spent years on a book detailing precisely how anyone can lay criminal charges which need to be given attention. On the civil level, cases have been successful against people attempting to enforce mandates: these are not laws, and therefore it is illegal to enforce them.

The situation is not sunshine and roses. Australia is not the only country that has built internment camps. Vax mandates are going into effect in Austria, in Germany, in . . . The domino effect.

On the other hand, many of us have developed closer personal connections and stronger community ties than ever, and have a deep commitment to action to take care of ourselves as well as we can and also to act for human rights and freedoms.

We keep learning, like about what is going on around us (mass hypnosis) and what could be effective in breaking the trance (forget logic and facts, it needs to be something emotionally compelling. like something even more frightening than their instilled virus phobia):

I'm going to end with 2 questions loud in my mind when I get conflicting information from those supposedly our side. What is the truth? Whom can I trust?

For instance, in the US, Lin Wood raised 2 million for the bail of Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teenager who shot other white men who were attacking him in a riot - and faced a media frenzy attacking him as a racist bigot. After the Rittenhouse trial, instead of Lin Wood getting back the 2 million (the normal course of action), and instead of any expression of gratitude to Lin Wood, Kyle and his family are claiming the money is theirs and claim Lin Wood kept Kyle in prison longer than needed. It goes further - lots of attacks on Lin Wood from those supposedly on the same side. Smoke and mirrors.

Who is on the side of truth and human rights? Who is faking it?
I don't know. I listened to Lin Wood. Very believable.

My decision: move forward with my own projects, while open to more information.

As always, all the best to all of us,


Posted: December 20, 2021

What's the best next step?
My decision - for me.
1. A podcast. 2. Full Flourishing,
3. Share excellent info.
As for you, that's for you to decide.

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