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World Truth Summit

Webinar Alert!!
Safety and Peace. How do we get there?
Connection, strategies,
inner strength to go forward.
The goal: Full Flourishing.

Everyone wants happiness, success, love, abundance, fulfillment, a safe and peaceful world. BUT HOW?

There are many routes. Why add yet another approach? I kept finding aspects missing from all the models I came across.

Plus I wanted a process that was reliable and also very flexible. One that could be effective if you had one small issue, a major complicated situation, a deep-rooted trauma - or if you were facing difficult social situations, including massive injustices.

I also wanted a process that did not go against other approaches, instead welcomed them. 

And that brings me to Full Flourishing. There’s a 6-part model of the fully flourishing person, one that includes civic engagement. Plus there’s a simple and flexible 3-part process of development. ACE – A.C.E. – awareness, caring, engagement. Engagement - so many different possibilities.

If this interests you, come to the no cost webinar.

THE DATE: Wed, August 25

- for UK: 8 pm UK time (3 pm EST),
- for US and Canada: 8 pm EST (1 am UK time).

If the webinar interests you, send an email to:

elsa [which is at] worldtruthsummit [dot] com

Also let me know which time suits you.

Right now, we’re all facing ever-growing turmoil around us – lockdowns, j abs, inflation, Afghanistan, and on – in addition to personal challenges.

We can all use more support and more strategies. Many of us don’t know what we can do.

Are you troubled by what is going on?

What troubles you most?

All the best to all of us,



THOUGHT ONE: THE SUPPOSED INCOMPETENCE OF MR B. I hear so much about his horrific incompetence. That makes no sense to me. The open southern border, the movement to take funding from law enforcement, the instilling of hatred of white people, the j abs, the horror in Afghanistan. Inside me it goes: that doesn't feel like INcompetence. What makes logical sense, to me anyway, is that there is an extremely competent force that is out to harm and preferably destroy the US and in fact the entire West.

THOUGHT TWO: WHAT TO DO, VS WHAT TO KNOW. What to do? I am acting on the micro level. For example, this project. Then, a site I've created on on effective treatments for the c-virus (link online). Also, these sendouts. Plus, talking with people.

As for knowing, I have learned a massive amount about what is happening on the macro level. The elite, Soros, Gates, child trafficking. But my sense is that, while awareness is crucial, I can't do anything on that level, at least not directly.

I have also done a huge amount of learning on the mid-level. The suppression of effective available treatments for the c-virus, the extreme unreliability of the mandated test, the v mandates, etc. I have done a bit here, by spreading knowledge.

I remember the slogan: think globally, act locally. This is a bit different. Learn what's happening on the global level. Do research. Find reliable sources. Question the sources. Learn who is trustworthy.

My sense is that, for myself as for many people, it's harder to figure out what we can do, than to learn about this strange reality we're living in.

PPS. And to explore more about Full Flourishing:
Full Flourishing

Posted: August 23, 2021

Webinar Alert!!
Safety and Peace. How do we get there?
Connection, strategies,
inner strength to go forward.
The goal: Full Flourishing.

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