The Truth about Islam. Strategies for Getting Heard, Getting Through, Reaching People with Facts about Islam, the Dangers of Islam.

The Truth about Islam.
Strategies for Getting Heard, Getting Through,
Reaching People with Facts about Islam, the Dangers of Islam.


Islam Islamism definition

Islam definition: in accordance with Quran

Islamism definition

Strategies for getting heard
about Islam,

for getting through

about the dangers of Islam

23 strategies, including pamphlets you can download:

One of the most effective ways we have found is going out into the public to educate the uneducated. We call this our "public outreach".

We have put together over 15 different tri fold brochures, each dealing on a different aspect on Islam. These factual, simple, short and easy to read brochures are a good way to reach out to people.

We have received requests from all over the world for our brochures.

3 brochures are available right here, to download.

Counter Jihad Coalition

To download with a PC,
right-click and select "Save As".
To download with a Mac, control-click
and select "Download" or "Save Link As"

Islam in a Nutshell - Surah 9

Islam in a Nutshell - Sharia for Dummies

Islam in a Nutshell - ISIS the Good Muslim

Elsa: all the brochures will be
available at The Freedom Community.


Ways to address islam:

I no longer mention the words 'islam, muslim, mohamed, qur'an…'. People turn off and you 're pegged as a 'racist'.

More than six months ago, I started referring to it as a 'Club'. Club members (brothers and sisters), Club leaders, Club building, Club preachers, Club Manual, Club ideology, Club strategies, Club rules, Club's ideal guy…. You get the idea.

This works well. Also, they can't say you are 'racist, bigot, islamophobe'. And they also listen, it's so unexpected. You ask them if they've heard of this 'Club'.

No more death threats for me, no more nightly phone calls either.

The Quebec Human Rights Commission new provisions could spell trouble for all of us. We must learn to avoid the words 'islam, muslim, qur'an, mosque…'. Only way out is 'Club'.



I've started giving the following article to politicians:

"Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood:
What's the difference?" By Mark Durie.

I include this message:

"Some of our politicians have been deceived by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Don't be one of them."

Notice I'm not saying Muslims. I'm saying "members" of the Muslim Brotherhood.



I don’t have any success stories to share. I hope others do.



How do we best reach people?

Each situation calls for a different reaction. There are certainly times for what is called "righteous indignation". Jesus, who was the epitome of self control, pulled out a cat of nine tails and drove the moneychangers out of the Temple in Jerusalem. I think His is a pretty good example to follow.

We just need the wisdom to understand when any behavior is appropriate, but not leave anger out of our toolbox of behavior in dealing with life's situations. The Bible teaches Christians to "be angry, but sin not". Displaying anger is not sinning. Cutting someone's head off in anger, is.



I use common sense statements or questions to promote discussion. After that, polite debate. But there are times when you have to shout! That's when you have to pick your battles. Because if you shout all the time, you get tuned out.



Being loud and relentless has worked best for me.



U Know Elsa,

If U do not go off the handle (or at least pretend so) Muslims consider it weakness. Show your anger (as a carefully calibrated calculated controlled response but of course the good old Muslim should not know that it is a calculated response).

Be careful in Muslim-controlled countries. Do not say, "We Kafirs will chop off your heads if U do not understand that Mohammed is the Anti-Christ! After which... we will also cut off your finger-tips... so that your corpses & Mohammed feel the VERY REAL ANGER OF THE KAFIR! etc.." Christians are killed for being Christian in Muslim-controlled countries.

I explain to people why Mohammed is anti Christ. Christ 4-gave his Jewish killers. Mohammed executed the woman who gave him poisoned lamb. Muslims deny that Christ actually died. Instead he was carried off by Angels! Mohammed wasn't carried off by angels when he died. Mohammed taught Jew hatred while Christ didn't. Mohammed recommends the execution of kafirs but Christ didn't. Mohammed recommends killing of dogs but Christ didn't. Islam doesn't allow any maintenance of Churches in conquered lands... makes it a crime 4 Christians 2 provide board & lodging to fellow Christians! Thus, Mohammed and Islam are diametrically opposite to Christ. In fact, how much MORE ANTI-CHRIST could U possibly demand?

I say to people, the Anti Christ predicted in the Bible has actually appeared! There obviously is no need 2 await another Anti Christ! "U may read & yet not see & U might hear but yet not "hear" (=understand)!"

Good luck & U may change this letter in accordance with Canadian laws.


Elsa: I believe the content of this letter does not violate any current Canadian laws. You are just letting readers know what you personally say to people.


I always try to take an Agent Friday approach, just the facts. Humor alongside can aid this effort, making facts go down in a funny way.

I think that emotions should perhaps speak for themselves through the facts. If something is presented in an objective way, the emotions will follow.

I found your comments about dogs and Islam interesting in a variety ways.

If God is perfect, than His faith must be perfect as well. Any falsehood in a faith must therefore invalidate the whole faith. Thus, if rejection of dogs is wrong, than Islam must be wrong. A simple matter can be a deal breaker for a religion. One tale holds that the Russian king, for example, chose Christianity for his kingdom after sending emissaries to Jews, Christians, and Muslims for examination of their faiths. The Jews, expelled from their homeland, did not impress the king with their weak, dispersed status. The Muslims prohibited alcohol, a non-starter for Russians. But the Christians had beautiful church music. Thus the king chose Christianity.

Dogs, like pigs, are eminently practical animals. Dogs have good senses of hearing, smell, and sight, making them valuable as seeing eye dogs, rescue dogs, and sniffing dogs for explosives and drugs. Dogs also make pets adored by millions. Pigs, meanwhile, are perhaps the most commonly consumed meat on the planet. Pigs grow fast and eat many items undesired by humans, like trash or nuts. Indeed, absent their slaughter for meat, pigs will run wild, doing great damage to property. Thus the only logical response to pigs is really to eat them. Pig products are also useful in cosmetics (pig fats), medical research (their body parts resemble humans in many ways), and for their skin (as in the pigskin or football). Yet orthodox Islam prohibits both of these animals for what would be intended as all of humanity.

Dogs, like other things, are part of the heritage or patrimony of certain countries. Where would the United Kingdom be, for example, without the bulldog? The United States Marines also have this mascot. Does Islam consider these symbols dirty? Similarly, various alcoholic drinks are part of the patrimony of various countries, such as champagne in France, vodka in Russia, beer in Germany, whiskey in Ireland and Scotland, and wine in Italy. Does Islam demand that all of these societies abandon such drinks? What about high fashion in France? Pork sausage in Germany? Pork fried rice in China?

Theologians have noted that Islam is a legalistic faith, having various regulations such as those concerning diet with no objective basis. Such a legalistic faith is practically incompatible with cultures whose practices the faith forbids. Hinduism, for example, would not be very popular with its prohibition on cow slaughter in Argentina or Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys football team or the Texas Longhorns at the University of Texas (or another one, I forget). An anti-pasta faith would not be very popular in Italy.

Christianity, by contrast, dispenses with Judaism's legalistic code, seen as completed by Jesus sacrifice on the cross, and merely has moral laws of love for people and proper stewardship of creation. Thus Christianity can accept all diets, animals, forms of clothing, etc. Christianity can therefore unite diverse peoples with one set of teachings on faith and morals.

Andrew E Harrod


This is how you reach people:

Appeal to their reptilian brain first (sex, violence, food), then provide some rationalization for the cerebral cortex.

This way the cerebral context will think that it made a rational decision, while in fact decision was already made by the first brain.



In the world of sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves
, there is no room for dialogue........ There is only survival.

There is a place for righteous anger........ History is resplendent with examples........

Don't apologize....... Even Jesus took cord.... made a whip.... and drove the moneylenders out of the temple..... turning over tables as He did so...... There comes a time.....



A lesson I have learned, if anyone threatens anyone or anything dear to me, I will step up to the plate whether I would want to or not otherwise. Normally I 'd rather let people talk badly about me and rather convince through my good conduct rather than through words. This is how we have to see the danger that is going on.

But the danger isn't Islamic terrorism. It is, but only to the extent of being allowed to happen.

The danger is the people that have the real power, that divide us and conquer us so that we are oblivious to the true dangers. Not governments, not certain perceived enemies, but corporations like Google, Walmart, Apple, etc. Corporations that try to gather anything and everything on every individual human being and like Google amass companies that deal with military, and Artificial Intelligence, and robotics and home surveillance companies. For what other use than to control and silence us?

It is just as Eisenhower warned the American people in his farewell speech. The enemy isn't Islam (though it is specifically to the people suffering under it). The enemy is the same enemy that assassinated Kennedy and has been burying the truth for the last 50 years.

The enemy is the Elites of this world.



Some random thoughts:

Citizen Warrior is great. Great suggestions. Makes you think. Always rational and logical. Appeals to me, because when it gets emotional, you know logic (and often truth) has left the building. On the other hand, you see the firebrand clerics and they are extremely effective. Recall Hitler. I think it depends on the audience; the more intellectual probably prefer the unemotional Citizen Warrior style; the common man, however, those who we really want to help understand, respond better to emotion. Just a thought. Kind of like the Republicans (rather rational, in general) and the Democrats (quick and effective at appealing to emotion). The Democrats have been very successful, until recently when it became a little clearer to the American people that they were taking us down the wrong path.

What has worked for me is visuals. People just naturally believe that all religions are basically good, promoting peace and understanding - we have quite a lot of experience with familiar religions that lead us to that conclusion. Islam is foreign to us. We can't believe any religion could be so evil, and anyone who tries to tell about the evils of Islam raises suspicion and appears bigoted. They have to see it to believe it. That's where the visuals come in. Show what is written in the Qur'an. Show the behavior of these people - what they do to others. Show what these people themselves have said. Explain Qur'an approved taqiyya. Especially helpful is describing Mohammed - the person all Muslims want to emulate; the perfect man - through what he has done (robbed, raped, took slaves, killed, beheaded, pedophilia, bestiality, etc.). This is a real eye opener. The source I use for the visuals is Bare Naked Islam - this site has all of the visuals you would ever need, but be forewarned that there are shocking, disgusting, images you would wish you have never seen. Seeing is believing.

For many, I'm afraid, they will have to see it in the streets and happening to them or someone they know before they will believe. By that time, however, it may be too late. Look at how much ground has been lost to the Islamists in the UK, Sweden, France, and yet their "resistance" groups are still depressingly small in number, but growing, at least.

In the US we have ACT for America (I think you might have something similar in Canada). Brigitte Gabriel is amazing and they are doing good work, but they have a paltry 280,000 members, and that's probably an overstatement (the chapter in my town, purportedly with 20 members, is essentially dead). They need millions.

Florida Family Association is also good - one of their major activities is to try to dissuade advertisers supporting Al-Jazeera TV. Certainly a good cause, I'm supporting it myself, but frankly we need something bigger. We need legal action. We need the Muslim Brotherhood to be identified as a terrorist organization and use that to shut down CAIR, etc. We need to bring it to the attention of the government that Islam is really a political organization with the expressed objective to take over non-Muslim nations, and they are making really good progress toward that objective. No hope for that with Obama at the helm, but we have to start. Michelle Bachmann started a bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but got little support in the House of Representatives - this is what we need to push for in 2015 when Republicans lead both the Senate and the House. Raising grass roots support for something like this could really make a difference.

Seems like we should be able to use the fact that other countries, even Muslim countries, have already identified the Muslim Brotherhood and also CAIR as terrorist organizations. It's sitting there waiting for us to grab it.

If any of this is helpful and you use any of this, don't use my name. Everything is too politically correct here and there are consequences.


PS. Seems like I read that Canada is considering that any future immigration, or at least those imminently coming from Syria, will be religious minorities (like Christians and not Muslims). Great idea. Wish we could do that. Anyway, congratulations to Canada on that one, if indeed, it works.


Given my belief that orthodox Islamic ideology is required by Allah, and Mohammad, to convert, enslave or kill all the world's infidels, we are all deemed to be Kaffirs, the very lowest form of humanity, with whom "true" friendship makes a Muslim an apostate who must be killed. Koran 5:51. It must follow that we may not be interested with the religious rites of Islam; but, the political obligation of Jihad is a permanent threat to our various civilizations and cultures.

As an ex Immigration and Visa Officer, I am ashamed that my old Department genuflects to political correctness, while betraying the interests of our children, our culture and our nation.

I suggest we should pressure the politicians to address an unpleasant reality. They could start by accepting thousands of non Muslim refugees from the Middle East.

Their presence in Canada would be an effective means of helping our uninformed fellow citizens of the consequences of allowing the spread of a 7th Century ideology, reflecting the character of Arabian tribal barbarism.

You may use my name.

Kingsley Beattie


Sometimes one can stir people up quite differently. I say that if the cause is warranted, whatever method works to get the message across for positive results, "Let It Be!"

The world remained silent during the Holocaust & we saw the horrific results. Islamization could well be the next Holocaust if people continue to remain passive. But this threat is real. We are actually witnessing the beheading of young children when asked who or what they believed in were immediately beheaded when they replied the name of "Jesus"! How can anyone stand by silently when these atrocities are being committed in the name of Allah.



I find that a mix of video/photo and text seems to work.



What works for me, whenever the subject of Islam comes up - from Muslim or non-Muslim alike - is the question of what do they know about Mohammed? This invariably prompts the question: why?

The answer never fails to inform: Mohammed's words and deeds encompass nearly all of Islamic doctrine. Mohammed dictated the Qur'an and his Sunna (his most trusted biography by Ibn Ishaq and his "traditions"/words and deeds enshrined in Hadith collections), with very few additions (like the Treaty of Umar) from his "rightly guided companions" (the first four Caliphs) make up the entirety of Islamic doctrine - which can never be amended.

Islamic/Sharia law is an extrapolation, condensation and codification of Islamic doctrine by Islam's finest scholars and applies wherever there are two or more Muslims.

Who is the man that over a billion people must obey and imitate under threat of murder and eternal hell-fire for unapproved deviation (approval is given to advance Allah's cause toward Qur'an 9:29)? He is the most documented man who ever lived, and as such, there's more than enough trusted documentation for modern psychologists to make valid evaluations - of which there are several.

"Life Alert The Medical Case of Muhammad" by Dede Korkut M.D. is but one such analysis. Korkut leaves few questions unanswered, and provides understanding for the barbarity we're seeing throughout the Muslim and non-Muslim world. Korkut's book provides enlightenment for non-Muslims and answers unasked questions of why Muslim clerics object to Muslims studying Islamic doctrine without their oversight and guidance, plus why non-Muslims studying Islamic doctrine without supervision in Muslim lands is a capital offense.

Unlike other faiths, Islam's most compelling aspect was described by Islamic religious authority Sheik Youssef Abdullah al-Qaradawi, on Egyptian TV: "If they abolished the apostasy punishment, Islam wouldn't exist today. Opposing apostasy is what kept Islam to this day." Who could dispute such logic, based on doctrine and Islam's history?



The events unfolding in Sydney today (hostage taking in a Lindt chocolate shop by a jihadi flying a jihad flag - December 15, 2014) are mind-boggling for the average citizen to comprehend. We may anticipate an avalanche of questions from the man in the street along these lines,

"Who are these people?"
"Why do they do it?"
"What can they possibly achieve?"
"What is the government doing about it?"
"What can I do?"

The answers of course are simple and easy to find.

"They are Muslims."
"They do it because of what is written in the Quran."
"They hope to conquer all of the non-Muslims on the planet and install Sharia law in all places in all countries."
"The government is hoping against hope that they will just go away because they have been ignoring it all for far too long."

There are a number of things you can do.

watch this video:,
read the quran,
read the hadith,
read travelers companion,
educate yourself about Islam,
google "the four Arabic words that every infidel should know"
join an anti-Islam group,
join your local 'Stop-the-Mosque' group (otherwise start one up in your local area now before it is too late),
meet your local Councilors, and educate them about Islam,
warn them if they support any push to build a mosque then they will be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity and they risk being sued by the people through the courts.
find and meet with your local State representative,
educate them as for Councilors,
warn them as for Councilors,
find and meet your federal representative,
educate them as for Councilors,
warn them as for Councilors,
lobby your local Councilors and State and Federal representatives to address the Trojan Horse of Islam in our midst and neutralise it – permanently,
lobby your representatives at Federal level to define all Muslims as 'enemy aliens' and then intern all enemy aliens for the duration of hostilities,
lobby your representative to acknowledge that we are under attack by Islam and therefore AT WAR.

Go out into the street and the shops today, and talk to people while this is a hot topic. Engage them in conversation. When they ask those questions above, give them the simple answers, and encourage them to find out more.

Cut and paste this and print some copies. Hand them out. Urge people to follow the advice given. Email it to all your friends and contacts.



Here are a couple things I've found successful in spreading the word.

1. Our ACT! for America Chapter has sponsored an essay contest for high school juniors and seniors for the last two years on a topic that related to radical Islam. Last year it was a $500 cash award and this year it was a $1000 award. The first year the essay theme was "Is Sharia law compatible with Article 6 of the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights?" This year the theme was "Does Sharia Law treat men and women equally? Based upon your conclusion, should Sharia law continue to be used in the US court system as it is being applied in the UK and EU court system?" Here is a link to the 2014 essay.

2. ACT! for America sponsors youth to attend its national conference and covers nearly all expenses to attend. We are sending 10 youth from San Antonio to next year's national convention.

3. After talking to people about Islam, people need a "take away". I leave a business card with 13 different anti-jihadist websites with a brief description on them for people to visit if they are interested to learn more. Here's the list.
business card - 13 sites

4. Citizens in Texas ( and in other states conducted a textbook review project that produced a 469 page report that highlighted over 1500 errors in 32 social studies textbooks that are under consideration. The publishers made many changes to textbooks correcting the omission of any mention of Islamic or Muslim when it came to identifying the 911 terrorists, 1983 Marine Corps barracks bombing in 1983 in Lebanon and when referring to the aggressors in the Barbary War. The reviewers were average reviewers for the most part. The procedures and protocols for how to conduct such reviews for either multiple books like the TTT Coalition conducted or it can be applied to a single or just a few books. Those protocols and nationwide conference call will be conducted in Jan 2015 for those who are interested in learning more. Our findings can be found on the website as well as replies from the publishers. We will produce a "report card" rating that will be released for the public by January 1 which local citizens can use when lobbying for or against textbooks before their school board.

5. Find a woman's group at a church or college and offer the showing of the Honor Diaries to promote a discussion about the treatment of women in Islam.

6. The best thing an individual can do is to join a local ACT! for America chapter and if there isn't one, speak to ACT! for America about getting a mentor to help you start a chapter.

If I think of anything else I'll forward them on. Thanks for promoting the discussion.

Lt Col Roy White (ret), Chapter Coordinator
ACT! for America San Antonio Chapter


One way that I have made people aware of the threat of Jihad & Islam for years is with a website on Facebook called StopJihad. It is dedicated mostly to the awareness of sharia law.

I also totally agree about Muslims and dogs - when you wrote "I know that no loving deity could possibly be associated with Islam - just because of its negative attitude to dogs". Especially because I'm a dog handler trainer and therapist.



What if someone tries to cut the head off your dog right in front of you?

There is a joke. A jihadi cuts the heads off a man's two kids and he remains calm. But when the jihadi cuts the head off the man's dog, the guy goes beserk and beats the jihadi to death. Fair enough!

It is possible that if we remain too genteel and rational and kind, we can never do anything effective against a hard core treacherous enemy and the bitter cup of defeat will continue to be ours.

Moderate Islam has defeated America because we are too weak minded to even mention the name of the enemy, let alone any of the key points that would make us effective.

Moderate Islam is well on the way to defeating the West without even firing a shot. Check the denial. Nearly all American leaders are in denial that 9/11 ever happened. They only have a superficial glazed-over memory and speak platitudes, and have done nothing significant to prevent future major attacks.



To help educate the masses, you need to have at least 10 volunteers in each city listening to leftist, liberal stations on the radio. The topic can be from a wide variety but if it's islam, even better. Then they can either call in or email and facebook their input to counter the host. I live in the belly of the liberal beast and yet I have transformed at least 10 people over to the conservative way of thinking. Liberalism is a mental disorder and those people disgust me with their stupidity.



You are always looking for ways to get the word out about our favorite religion. Here's a new dawah technique that was invented in
Australia just a few days ago. See

So here's the plan... We dawahists dress up in Islamic garb wearing a big button with the hashtag #illridewithyou. We sit next to some infidel on a public transportation conveyance and engage them in conversation. They might not want to have a conversation with us, but what do we care? Hey, they're infidels. For sake of uniformity and branding, our Islamic garb could be a one-size-fits-all unisex burqa.

This way, we can inform the kafirs about their proper place in society, bypassing the lies that the mainstream media spreads about "religion of peace" and "tiny minority of extremists". We can tell them about the glories of Quran 47:4, 8:12, 9:29, and 9:5, which are softpedaled in the media outlets that most people are exposed to. This will be our way to break through the peace-and-love silence about interfaith relationships.

Mark Spahn


My idea: we print up ½ page typewritten notices that can be left in restaurants, food counters in stores, and in fast food stores etc. and handed out where ever people congregate asking people if they should
be concerned about the growing $3 Trillion Dollar Halal industry. (World Conference On Halal 2015 says Goal 10 Trillion annually)

Having these printed up on half page or ¼ page sheets or card stock and leaving where ever you go – perhaps even like a sticky note – should draw the attention of store owners and shoppers and possibly be picked up by the media (and security cameras!!).

I also thought of having a little card printed up that could be placed discreetly on the driver side window (tucked in to the window seal) in shopping mall parking lots, Go Train Parking Lots, street parking etc., easily carried in your pocket and easily placed where it will be effective without being offensive. (Not under wiper blades.) Driver easily sees, removes and reads while getting into his car.

I think this is a great way to start a 'grass-roots' campaign. Maybe an 8 ½ x 11 sheet with 4 copies printed on it so it can be printed and cut to produce 4 copies of convenient size.

Also we should show Halal labels if possible.



I find infographics are best. Video clips, if not done properly, are ineffective to a certain degree because people get bored too easily. With infographics however, people just have to look once and they can get the message. Like here:

infographic - peaceful religion


To go back to the piece that got all these responses,
click here

December 21, 2014
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