Name-calling: Islamophobic Islamophobe! Just like saying, nigger lover. KKK strategy. Goal: free speech censorship, hate speech laws, no truth about Islam.

Name-calling: Islamophobic Islamophobe!
Just like saying, nigger lover. An old KKK strategy.
The goal: free speech censorship, hate speech laws,
no truth about Islam.


Muslim rage, ghira
Outraged Muslim

Pamela Geller, Anti Political Islam, Anti Political Correctness
- Pamela Geller -
love and courage,
truth about Islam

Robert Spencer, Facts about Islam, Truth about Islam
- Robert Spencer -
love and courage,
facts about Islam

The Truth about
Islamic and Left-Wing
It's a Strategy of the KKK

Interesting. Muslim voices, and left wing voices, attempting to silence those concerned with what is happening with Islam in the West - they sound so much like the KKK, who yelled nigger-lover at those fighting for equality between the races. And they also sound so much like those who were against the equality of women and men - people who would yell, man-hater, at those struggling for equality between men and women.

The strategy, as you can see, has very powerful roots, very powerful antecedents. The strategy is name-calling, or bashing. It's intended to get others not to listen - in fact, to be afraid of listening.

The KKK - not known for their niceness. They were bullies, in fact, and worse.

Now the names have changed. The current crop of names: Islamophobic Islamophobe, racist, bigot, hate-monger. But the strategy is the same.

And the result, as intended, is the same. A huge number of people is afraid of listening to what is being said by the so-called Muslim-hating racist bigoted Islamophobic Islamophobes.

These thoughts have been going around in my mind. I've heard: fight fire with fire. In this case, I want to put out the fire of incendiary name-calling with the cold water of truth. I'm going to refer to one article. It's no more important than a thousand other instances. But it's the one that got me to sit down and write.

"Some hate appears to be acceptable." This is Ihsaan Gardee writing about Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, two of the most prominent people speaking out against the danger posed by Islam to the West. Ihsaan Gardee, executive director at the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), the former CAIR-Canada which is linked with Hamas, a terrorist organisation. And his charges are published in a major Canadian daily.

Hate ... One hears the charge levelled time and again, that the pro-human rights people are stirring up hate. "Muslim leaders worry U.S. speakers will spread Islamic 'hate' in Canada." (Saturday September 14 page A6, The Toronto Star.) Then, Ihsaan Gardee: "Since 9/11, it’s been open season on Muslim communities who have been vilified, marginalized and mocked..."

My sense, rather, is that it's been open season to hunt those worried about the dangers posed by Islam. In fact, it's been open season for someone linked to a terrorist group, like Ihsaan Gardee, to cry wolf - when they are the wolves.

The goal is clear: we are not to listen to Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller or others like them.

I want to look a bit further at the strategy, and then at what we're not supposed to hear.

Another name for the strategy of the KKK, anti-feminists and anti-truth-about-Islam forces, is LYING.

Why would I claim that these name-callers are lying?

The facts speak for themselves - just as the facts spoke for themselves, against the claims of the KKK and the anti-feminists.

What are the facts? If anyone looks at the writings and speakings of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, one quickly comes to the conclusion they are on the side of truth, of facts, of good thinking. They are motivated, not by hate, but by care. They have courage in the face of ongoing intimidation and even death threats. They passionately care about Western freedoms, like freedom of speech, the freedom to join and leave a religion, etc. They are for the equality of women and men. Their motivation: love.

Once again, the KKK come to mind. Those who went to the South of the States because they loved the dream of racial equality, faced massive intimidation and worse, not just from the KKK, but from masses of racists. People were murdered just for sitting, black and white side by side, at a lunch counter.

It is people like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who now face intimidation and threats, and worse. Early this year, Lars Hedegaard, a leader in the European struggle for freedom of speech, narrowly escaped being murdered by a jihadi assailant. (How did he escape death? The jihadi's gun jammed.)

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller remind me of earlier freedom fighters who acted peacefully for racial equality and male-female equality.

Robert Spencer, for instance, is always ready to debate about Islam. He has formidable knowledge. No name-calling at all. Facts. Information. Critical thinking.

He has published 12 books, based on sound research, on all the facts he could find, and on excellent thinking. He is always ready to consider more information.

On the other side, intimidation - like the intimidation aimed at a British TV channel about a respectful, excellently researched video on the origins of Islam. The intimidation, by Islamic groups, aimed at having this first-rate video banned in the UK.

I don't, by the way, expect you to take my word regarding the video. You can see it here:

It is the same kind of Muslim who would like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller banned from speaking in Canada, as they have been banned in the UK.

But again, go on Youtube. Listen to them. Read their books.

Listen to Bill Warner, Nonie Darwish, Mark Durie.

View Bill Warner's video:
Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret

(I'll let you in on the secret: 270,000,000 killed in the name of Islam.)

The KKK did not succeed. Instead their hatefulness, their racism, has been widely exposed and recognized.

Anti-feminists did not succeed. Instead their hatefulness to women has been exposed and largely eliminated.

It's time that the name-calling that aims to silence the truth about Islam meets the same end as the name-calling of the KKK - that it is seen for what it is and discredited.

We're not supposed to listen to people like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller? Instead, the call is for them to be banned from speaking.

That's akin to throwing up a barbed wire fence around the truth.

But barbed wire can be cut. Or melted. And the truth continues to exist - like the Jews trapped in concentration camps. And like those Jews who managed to survive, it can be set free.

I say: listen to Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, and those who stand with them.

Don't listen to the voices of hate, who want us to hate them, fear them. Those people hate and fear the truth.

And what are my credentials, you may ask (if you're new here).

I've interviewed 20 counter jihadis who are fighting to preserve Western freedoms - freedoms that I've lived taking for granted. They are an amazingly caring and intelligent group of people. Truth-centered, fact-centered, love-centered, and so courageous. Nonie Darwish, for example, has written and spoken about her conversion from Islam to Christianity. She lives daily with the knowledge that she may be murdered as an apostate for leaving Islam. (That is the punishment called for in the Qur'an.)

"The truth shall set you free." A famous quote.

I say, we need to start by setting the truth free.


September 22, 2013

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Name-calling: Islamophobic Islamophobe!
Just like saying, nigger lover. KKK strategy.
Goal: free speech censorship, hate speech laws,
no truth about Islam.


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