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World Truth Summit

Full Flourishing.
Perceive and believe.
Think, use reason and logic.
Engage in the civic sphere.

I'm writing to you about something I had no intention of doing. And about something new I'm doing - I'll come to that in the end.

I had no intention of creating my own model of what it means to be a flourishing human being. But I've ended up doing it.

Why? Because every model of personal development I found was missing aspects I considered vital. These are in fact aspects that tend to divide those who see outside "the narrative" from those who accept the mainstream version of what is going on.

So now I'd like to introduce my model of Full Flourishing to you.

There will be a webinar on Wednesday, March 23, at 3 pm EST (New York time). Time changes are happening, with different countries changing on different dates, so for other time zones, please check.

If you're interested, register for the webinar. Send an email to:
elsa [which is at] fullflourishing [dot] com

Now, what are aspects of full flourishing that are generally missing in other models of development, and that I consider vital because they help protect us from being taken in by falsehoods, by "narratives."

One aspect is perceiving - having the capacity for perception, and the willingness to acknowledge what one perceives.

This is in fact Rule #1 in the 12 Rules for Survival, put together Laurence Gonzales in Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why.

Rule # 1: Perceive and Believe.

In general, far from recognizing the importance of these things, most models of personal development stress feelings and beliefs: feeling our feelings, expressing our feelings, recognizing limiting beliefs, coming to empowering beliefs. I agree that these are important. However, I hold they are utterly not enough.

It's like with nourishment. Vitamins are great. They are not enough.

Without the capacity to perceive, which includes the capacity to question what we are told, we are helpless, easily hypnotized. Just look around.

And without the capacity to believe what we perceive, we dismiss anything that we somehow glimpse that is jarring, dissonant. We need to be able to handle cognitive dissonance, plus so many fears, such as fear of being made an outsider and fear of our vision of reality being untrue.

Another key difference between Full Flourishing and most models of personal development is the stress on good thinking, on the capacity to reason and use logic. In general these are not even mentioned in models of development. And we can see the impact - just look at the millions unable to reason.

A final key difference is that full flourishing holds that, to be fully flourishing, you need to be engaged with the civic world (education, the media, the various levels of government, etc). To engage well, you clearly need to be able to perceive and believe, and to think well - as well as to have as the commitment to engage.

For more information, you can come to: https://FullFlourishing.com

There you'll find a quick introduction, plus a 10 minute video.

For even more information, there is: https://fullflourishing.com/discover-full-flourishing.html

Best, if you're interested, register for the webinar. Send an email to:
elsa [which is at] fullflourishing [dot] com.

Another question comes to mind. Why did I bother developing full flourishing? Why didn't I just dismiss the models of development I found insufficient?

Because I see so many people leading lives that are not flourishing.

Because I have found it hard, within myself, to undo inner barriers.

Because I consider personal development vital.

If people had been able to perceive, think and believe, and had had enough personal courage, we would not be where we are.

There is one further reason to care about personal development. We all know we are in difficult times. Every bit of personal strength may be extremely helpful.

Again, If you're interested, come to the webinar on March 24th.

And now, here's the other thing I mentioned at the start: something new I'm doing. A podcast. Here's one, on a Big Inner No, coming from an Even Bigger Inner Yes. Very short: 2:37.


All the best,


PS. And now, some very interesting information I've come across:

- an analysis on what is occurring in the Ukraine - I found it excellent as I did not have background information and this person clearly knows the situation well.
John Mearsheimer - Ukraine-Russia 2022 (March 4, 2022):

- the death spike of young adults (18-44) in the third quarter of 2021 - an 85% increase, according to a detailed analysis of the data.
Edward Dowd on Future Recession, Shocking Findings in the CDC Covid Data and Democide:
"The money chart is really Chart 4, which shows that the Millennial age group, 25 to 44 experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality into the fall." It’s the worst-ever excess mortality, Dowd believes, in history. https://rumble.com/vx0yfb-edward-dowd-on-future-recession-shocking-findings-in-the-cdc-covid-data-and.html

- and confirmation that there are creepy crawlies in the v's - I am totally out of my depth with this, but very glad I believed the mass of evidence on the inherent dangers in the various v's.
Dr Franc Zalewski (English subtitles):
One question: how do the creepy crawlies get activated? An answer is given.

A question to you: have you come across any information especially interesting to you?

PPS. Here's a very different piece of information. I recently listened to Ivor Cummins on heart health - fascinating findings on how artery calcification level can be measured by a simple inexpensive test (a Coronary Artery Scan). Also, he talks about how we can reverse calcification by eating sauerkraut and other fermented foods, to live far longer, with much greater health:

Posted: March 14, 2022

Full Flourishing.
Perceive and believe.
Think, use reason and logic.
Engage in the civic sphere.

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