Je Suis Charlie. At least 3,500,000 at rallies in France. What will happen with that energy? The politically correct and Islam would like it to disappear.

Je Suis Charlie. At least 3,500,000 at rallies in France.
What will happen with that energy?
The politically correct and Islam would like it to disappear.


je suis charlie

I am charlie

rally - je suis Charlie

What will happen
with all that energy?

Last week, huge rallies in France - 3,500,000 people last Sunday - because of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, compounded by the massacre at the kosher grocery store. 

This week, 3,000,000 copies printed of Charlie Hebdo, rather than the regular run of 60,000. All sold out. Line-ups. 

This week too, a minute of silence in French schools - a silence broken by many Muslim students (of course, far from all). These students were loudly on the side of the Muslim murderers. 

This reaction was to be expected. It's a reality that needs to be faced. As is the response of most Western leaders  (except for Canada's Stephen Harper): most of them openly lie about Islam, claiming that the massacres have nothing to do with Islam - while around the world there are ever more instances of Islamic jihadic terrorism, like over 2,000 people massacred by Boko Haram, including a woman giving birth. 

All this is to be expected. 

I'm going back to the first thing I mentioned: those 3,500,000 rallying in France. JE SUIS CHARLIE. 

A big question: what will happen with that amazing energy of 3,500,000 people rallying for freedom of speech, against Islamic terrorism? 

The rally shows the generally untapped resolve of many of the French to safeguard their way of life - to stand up and speak out for freedom of speech, against Islamic terrorism. JE SUIS CHARLIE. 

How to keep the energy going? 

That will be a big focus over the next weeks. 

Most of the Western world leaders, as we know, will do their best to undo the energy, to march against supposed Islamophobia, to stand with Muslims against supposed Western racism. 

My guess is that more and more pro-freedom people are fed up with that. 

I'm glad there are political parties and blogs and sites in place to tap into the energy. 

My sense: a major pro-freedom storm is brewing. And lots of other stuff is also brewing.

As I wrote last time, I see that one of our major tasks is to fan the pro-freedom flames

Muslims may march and burn and riot in the millions when their imams tell them to - as happened worldwide with the Danish cartoon, and not long after with the previous pope's quote regarding Islam. 

We don't (yet) have anything like that. While I don't want anything to do with blind submission, blind obedience to authority, we do need more central systems. 

All the best to all of us who care and dare,

January 20, 2015

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PS. Ongoing developments. Violent anti-Charlie Hebdo protests are erupting, so I've heard, all over the Muslim world. To be expected. It seems a replay of the Muslim moves re the Danish cartoon and the previous pope's quote (when Muslims responded by, among other things, murdering a nun). Nothing new.

On the other hand, French President Hollande is defending the latest Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cover. This is not a replay of the previous Western response: "Dear me, so awful to offend!!" Instead his response fits with what has happened in the past 10 days, especially that 3,500,000 have marched in France alone for freedom of speech and against Islamic massacring. JE SUIS CHARLIE.

Note: as expected, the protesting Muslims entirely ignore the ongoing massacres by Muslims: such as the massacres of the people at Charlie Hebdo, of the people at the kosher grocery store, of the more than 2000 non-Muslims in Nigeria in just the latest of Islamic jihad murder sprees.



Some of that energy went into France's beginning to fight ISIS on the battle fields of Syria and Iraq, and the raids that arrested and killed many terrorists in Belgium, Greece and France.  It's a start.  Pray God they keep it up.




Well said.  I hear your plea, but the people who surfed in on the wave are already being sucked back out with the undertow.  The Obamas, Hollandes and Camerons are still saying this is not Islam.  Indeed, around me, I am hearing nothing about valuing and protecting our freedoms. The wave has already passed.  It only the likes of you and me and a handful of people who really care.  Sorry for being so gloomy, but that's how I feel.



The leaders will do what they are doing over and over, it is my sense. My sense is also that, each time, they will get fewer followers.

We will see.


It never would have happened if the day after the original publishing of Mohammed with the bomb on his head thousands of publications all over the world had reprinted it.  

And that is how we should handle all threats from the Muslim bullies that choose to avail themselves of our freedoms for the express purposes of taking us over, from within or without, and subjecting "freedom world" to it's nasty beliefs.

Mohammed's "my way or the highway" system of persuasion just won't work if we meet all such demands with peaceful resistance, in large numbers.  No jeering, no hate talk, just show up by the dozens, hundreds, thousands or more and stand shoulder to shoulder for our freedom to be what we want to be without interference from the provokers from the Middle East.

Mohammed, as a prophet, is not in the same league as the prophet Jesus, and were it possible to have a face to face debate he would be embarrassed our of existence. 

Infidel Defense Alliance. 


Dear Elsa,
My friends at the French organization, Riposte Laique, reported that the French Government had forbidden a planned demonstration in Paris today; an event that had been advertised more than two weeks ago. Many patriots had already bought train tickets to Paris to participate in an event: "Islamists, Get Out of France."

It's scandalous for the Socialist Government to take that action, especially after the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher Supermarket!
The following is the first paragraph of the report. The decision of the authorities was made on Friday, the 16th, only two days before the demonstration "under the pretext that it would incite hatred and division."
Another report dealt with the question: "Why had Pegida emerged mostly in the old Easter Germany?" - "Pourquoi Pegida émerge surtout dans l'ancienne Allemagne de l'Est?"
The birthplace of Pegida was Dresden, from there it has spread all over Germany, and is impacting other countries in Western Europe. Riposte Laique laments the fact that this "anti-Islamization" movement has not yet spread in France.

I was disappointed yesterday when Senator Rand Paul's comments on the obstinate refusal of BHO to use the term "Islamists" where he showed some sympathy with the President lest the use of that term would give the impression that all Muslims are terrorists! As if no one in the country is smart enough to know that while not all Muslims are involved in terrorism, but all terrorists are Muslims. It's scary that our political leaders know next to nothing about the History of Islamic Imperialism; I wish they would read Ephraim Karch's book, ISLAMIC IMPERIALISM: A HISTORY.



We need to switch over to electric cars & depend less on Arab Oil... ONLY that will bring an end to Islamic terrorism.



Love you sis, shared your blog on my fb and G+

This is very incredible turn of events. In mY opinion this will cause more people to think and hopefully turn to Jesus.

Seems we all are making a last ditch effort to help people get saved before Jesus can return.



Hi Elsa,

You are not alone in wondering what will happen to all that energy. 
Check out the record in Iceland with their "Pots and Pans" revolution - which actually worked.   Government was changed.   We can do it around the world!!   But there needs to be caution that the enemy does not fill the vacuum created buy us.

Bottom line is  the people won.




I agree utterly: both that we can will, and that we need to be careful re the enemy grabbing the energy, re-directing it - though I have the sense that those 3,500,000 who marched will not easily be taken by the we-are-the-p0or-poor-muslims tune.

All the best - and I love your bottom line.


Many media are hypocritically shouting #Jesuischarlie ... while refusing to show the Muhammed cartoons. These are the same publications that routinely denigrate Christianity and Hinduism and all other faiths, while professing "sensitivity" towards Islam. Only Islam.
Many rallies also scream #JeSuisCharlie while refusing to show Muhammad cartoons. To those hypocrites: VOUS N’EST PAS CHARLIE.  RISE CANADA is the #REALjesuischarlie .
The RISE CANADA #REALjesuischarlie rally will take place at the corner of Yonge and Bloor on SUNDAY JAN 18th at 2pm.



I agree it is important to show the cartoons - that it is something we all need to do to show we affirm the right to do so, and also to make the target huge, rather than one small publication.  So in fact I chose to show several of the cartoons last week.

It is all too easy to back down in fear.

All the best to all of us who care and dare,


The civilized countries must demand that all of their Muhammadan citizens and residents publicly declare that none of the violent incitement or ugly characterizations found in Quran apply to present days Jews, Christians, Hindus an Buddhists.

Further more they must declare that Muhammad's genocidal example and words regarding Jews, Christians and Polytheists do not apply to any presently living people.

Further they must also declare the same about all verses commanding violent jihad.

Further they must swear to uphold the law of the land in all cases where such law is in conflict with the Sharia (the Islamic law).

A similar pledge is much easier for Jews and Christians as there are no commandments in the Bible telling the believers to kill Muslims or Arabs.

Anyone refusing the pledge should lose their citizenship and be deported.



Re deportation - that's tough in many cases, where there is no dual citizenship, and no Muslim countries willing to take the people.


Well, yes of course my proposal is very rough and will have to be adjusted to the circumstances.

However the main idea is that there is only one alternative to confrontation: surrender.

And if the above is true, then it is better to start confrontation before those against the West get any stronger.

With each year those against the West are getting more numerous, and more dangerous.

At the same time I have absolutely nothing against people of different races and ethnicity. I am ready to embrace and include any Arabs and Pakistanis who gave up their violent belief system.

By standing up against Islam, we are giving the moderate Muhammadans a chance to leave their so-called religion and become a part of their host countries.


Sadly, I think the only way the Europeans will be able to save their culture is to engage in a bloody, Balkan-style civil war.  And if they go that route, they must do it soon.  Kumbaya moments ain't gonna get it.

The only other viable option that I see is to reverse their politically "correct" embrace of multiculturalism and send most Muslims back to their countries of origin.  But even in the remote likelihood of such a reversal in the liberal Zeitgeist, that policy in itself would probably lead to war.

If the Bible is to be trusted - and I believe it is - this is what we can expect:

Revelation 13:11-18

"Then I saw a second beast (the West), coming out of the earth. It had two horns (two main prongs of power; Europe and the USA) like a lamb (has a Christian facade/history), but it spoke like a dragon (is morally fallen; corrupt), and all the authority of the first beast (the Islamic world) does it do before it (they operate contemporaneously), and made (caused through its actions) the earth and its inhabitants to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound (the demise of the Ottoman caliphate) had been healed (through means listed below). And it (the 2nd beast) performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth (modern warfare) in full view of the people (of the Muslim world). Because of the signs that were given it to do before the first beast, it led astray (destabilized, ignited fanaticism within) the inhabitants of the earth and caused them to set up an image (a new caliphate) in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. The second beast was allowed to give breath to (revive through development of ME oil fields/petrodollars, political/military meddling, and gifts/thefts of its own weapons) the image of the first beast (the caliphate), so that the image could speak (call to prayer) and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast (Islam means "submission") or the number of its name (the Bismillah). (That is, they must either submit to dhimmitude or convert/swear allegiance to Allah.)
This calls for wisdom! Let the person who has insight calculate (conclude) the number (the identity) of the beast, for it is the number of (from) a man (Muhammad). That number is 666."  (See videos below.)



I also do not have a good feeling about how things will unfold ("oh, this will be easy"). I am doing what I can for freedom, as my belief and sense is that what we do matters, tips things just a tiny bit each time.


Yes, I agree that we must do what we can to stop evil whenever and wherever we can, while we can.  As the saying goes, "The day's work must be done in the day, for night comes when no man can work". 

I'm thankful for the work that people like you and CitizenWarrior do; we need more of you. On the other hand, I see our politicians as our own worst enemy. Greg Gutfeld, an outspoken sort of guy, says that being angry with Islam is like being angry with an earthquake or a rattlesnake - they just do what they do.  It's the people who are in power and permit its spread that are the worst offenders.  They are traitors to the free world. 



Je Suis Charlie.
At least 3,500,000 at rallies in France.
What will happen with that energy?
The politically correct and Islam
would like it to disappear.



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