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Rosa Parks and Tommy Robinson.
Shared: a passion for justice.
But she was applauded. He is reviled,
for speaking out against rape/grooming gangs.

I'm writing because Rosa Parks came to mind - Rosa Parks, a woman who broke the law, and was applauded for it.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Broke the Law

In fact, Rosa Parks knowingly and deliberately broke the law. She sat in the front of the bus, because of her deep conviction that the law was wrong. She was arrested and jailed.

July 4 and 5 - No Justice

Tommy Robinson Did All He Could
NOT to Break the Law

Tommy Robinson, on the other hand, was very careful not to break any law. To the best of his ability, he spoke the truth, reported the truth, while NOT breaking any law. He gave no information that was not already publicly available. He verified that there were no reporting restrictions by asking in the court house, and by checking the notice boards where all such restrictions need to be posted. He even took photos of the notice boards to prove there were no restrictions posted.

All the same, he was arrested, did not enter a guilty plea, yet within 5 hours was sentenced to a 13-month prison term, and jailed. His story was misreported worldwide: he had endangered a trial, he had pleaded guilty.

Recently he was re-tried. The two judges were given all the above information. Further, a court house employee verified that the reporting restrictions were not posted, and apologized for the omission.

There is much more to the case, over and over establishing that, according to all precedents, Tommy Robinson had no intention of breaking any law, should not be found guilty, should not receive any prison sentence, and as this was a civil case, should definitely not be sent to a prison with violent offenders.

Like Rosa, Tommy acted because he cared passionately about an injustice - in his case, the rape on a massive scale of vulnerable girls by "grooming" gangs.

A difference is that the requirement for blacks to sit in the back of the bus was easy for all to see. The existence of the "grooming" gangs, comprised overwhelmingly of Islamic males, was generally denied by all levels of the mainstream.

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr Spoke Out
for Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King Jr spoke out for Rosa Parks, and the mainstream media spoke up for Rosa Parks. Her story went worldwide. The worldwide verdict: the law was unjust. I agree, of course. The law was unjust and needed to be changed.

Victoria Sharp

Rt. Hon. Dame Victoria Sharp, DBE,
president of the Queen’s Bench Division
of the High Court of England and Wales
Sentenced Tommy Robinson to
6 Months, plus 3 Months, in Prison

On July 11, 2019, Rt. Hon. Dame Victoria Sharp, DBE, president of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of England and Wales, sentenced Tommy Robinson to 6 months plus a further 3 months by reactivating a suspended sentence. Due to time served, etc, it will mean, almost certainly, 66 days in solitary confinement at a dangerous prison. Prison - a very dangerous place for Tommy Robinson, where he had previously almost been killed, and where he needed solitary confinement (damaging for his mental health) to increase his chances of surviving.

She also mandated that Tommy Robinson pay the legal costs of the trial - approximately 25,000 pounds - while the trials of rape gang members are borne by the state.

The mainstream media supports her verdict.

This time, I obviously do not agree.

What Do We Do?

The evidence is overwhelming regarding the stark contrast between the early 1960s and the present - regarding huge areas of increasing injustice in the West.

What are the best next steps to take at present, when injustice is rampant? When top judges are manifestly unjust? When the mainstream media is complicit?

Some people believe the only recourse will be violence. That is not what Tommy advocates.

I will end with answers given by Tommy. He advocates increasing awareness of the truth, proving the truth, spreading awareness, and political involvement.

Two days before his sentencing, he also appealed to Donald Trump for political asylum in the US. In other words, at some point it may be best to take care of one's own safety. I heard of no answer from Trump or his administration.

For speaking out, Martin Luther King Jr was hailed by the mainstream media.

Now we have truth-tellers generally vilified by the mainstream - alternative media people like Ezra Levant, Avi Yemini, Alex Jones, Dennis Prager, Harry Richardson, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and also of course Tommy.

Tommy made plans for his mission to continue during his imprisonment, for truth-telling news reports to continue from TR.news. He urged all people to subscribe and for those with enough funds, to donate, both to his legal costs and his news channel:

Funding the alternative options is crucial - from alternative news sources, to alternative social media like Gab and MeWe.

As for political involvement, Tommy himself recently ran as an EU candidate. Clearly, at every level, people need to be active, to vote, to be involved in every way they can.

I think back to the time - only 15 years ago! - when I didn't have any idea regarding what was brewing with Islam and other anti-freedom forces.

And now, this strange new world - and at the same time, the same vision of a world where we can flourish fully, a world with truth, justice, human rights and freedoms, and safety. But while my vision is the same, I have learned a huge amount over the past 15 years, especially regarding what we need to create such a world.

I'll write more of that another time. Here I'll just say that the people concerned with personal development have virtually all ignored the importance of social involvement:

Now, as always, all the best to all who care and do what we can,


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July 15, 2019

Rosa Parks and Tommy Robinson.
Shared: a passion for justice.
But she was applauded. He is reviled,
for speaking out against rape/grooming gangs.



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