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World Truth Summit

How do we break the spell?
How do we undo the mass hypnosis?
How do we reach people?
It's possible with magic keys.

One question that has held my attention for a long time: how do we break the spell so many people are caught in?

For example, millions will not listen if we mention inexpensive available effective treatments we've found out about. They will not believe in the risks associated with the shots promoted by the government. No matter what we say, they believe those shots are safe and effective. Many also believe that the people who refuse these shots are dangerous.

How do we get heard?

IS THIS YOU? Over, and over, you cannot get many people to listen to facts, reason, logic. Instead, facts bounce off. Over and over, you’re frustrated.

There often are conflicts with family members over what they call science. Conflicts with people who used to be close friends who now think you're nuts. Conflicts at work and maybe loss of work.

Sometimes you give up.

Sometimes you try again.

Sometimes you’re silent to avoid conflict.
You want to find a way to get past that.
So, how do we reach people who do not listen to logic, facts, reason?
Often it’s not that hard, if you have some magic keys.

I've been digging into this since 2006, when I faced 43 college students for whom facts, logic and common sense were all irrelevant. It was 43 to one. It took a couple of years before I came upon a magic key that got a different group of students to be open to thinking - to hearing facts and using logic.

I've gone on to do both personal experimenting into what might work, and searching out the findings of others.

It's kind of a personal Sherlock Holmes project - figuring out how the crime of mind control is done, and (to go further than Sherlock) how the damage from the crime can be undone. 

Recently I've come upon more magic keys - both the psychological techniques through which the hypnosis is achieved, and techniques through which the spell can be broken.

There will be a webinar on these techniques on Sunday, February 6th.
Time: 6 pm UK time; 1 pm EST; 10 am PST.

You will come away with a better understanding of what we're up against, and with strategies for breaking through.

If this interests you, press send an email to:

elsa [which is at] fullflourishing [dot] com

Add YES FOR THE WEBINAR to the subject line.

And now, as always, all the best to all of us,


PS. By the way, if you're good at spell-breaking, please let me know your successful strategies. And if you're not that good at it, the webinar might be of interest.

PPS. There is a massive truck convoy on its way to the Canadian capital - the longest ever. Fantastic!! Like the masses of people coming out along the route to show their support, I support this fully. The convoy shows the strength - including the strength in numbers - of those opposed to the loss of freedoms, the ever increasing controls, like the mandates. Again, fantastic. I also ask: how many minds will it change? What I am after is something we can all do to change minds.

Posted: January 26, 2022

How do we break the spell?
How do we undo the mass hypnosis?
How do we reach people?
It's possible with magic keys.

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