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They were warned.
No one would listen.
A third-hand story with much power.
Please listen. This is a warning.

I have this story third-hand. It's in Elie Wiesel's Night. Citizen Warrior retold it. Now I'm telling it.

The time. World War II. Nazis come to a small Hungarian village, round up all the foreign Jews, load them on a train. Several months later, one of the men comes back.

His story is horrific. The Nazis stopped the train soon after it passed the Polish border, gave the men shovels, made them dig. When the digging was done, they lined up everyone, shot them. This man was the lone survivor. He was shot in the leg, did not move until the Nazis left.

His one urgent desire: to warn the people in the village.

But the villagers took one look at this unkempt wild-eyed man with his crazy story and did not believe.

The man went from house to house, and to every synagogue.

No one believed him. Why would nice civilized people like the Germans, always so polite, do anything like that?

Finally the man gave up, built a hiding place in the forest.

One day the Nazis came, gave orders. Everyone Jewish was to be rounded up. The people were frozen. It was too late to flee. The man came out of the forest, "I told you. I told you. I warned you." Then he turned and disappeared back into the forest.

As for the people, they were taken to Auschwitz. Almost all died there.

Please listen. This is another warning. There are many warnings from all sides. All around, just outside the mainstream, there are cries: Danger, danger, danger. Scam. Plandemic. Fraud. Danger, danger, danger.

All the best to all who warn and to those who listen.


PS. Here is the link to the story as I read it:

posted November 17, 2020

They were warned.
No one would listen.
A third-hand story with much power.
Please listen. This is a warning.

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