New Age madness: Reality does not exist. You create reality. New Age denial, blindness, danger. And then New Age leader gets cancer.

New Age madness:
Reality does not exist. You create reality.
New Age denial, blindness, danger.
And then a New Age leader gets cancer.


New Age high priestess
You are where
you are meant to be.
Everything happens
for a reason.
You have chosen
your parents.

New Age Madness

The media avoids reality about protests against Islamization in one way - misreporting.

A huge number of New Age people avoid reality in another way - by declaring it does not exist, except as you create it. So if you believed it were different, it would be. Change your beliefs, and reality changes. The focus: abundance - attracting and manifesting every kind of goodie, from money to love.

Well, a couple of days ago, one of the New Age leaders got diagnosed with a nasty form of cancer. Two things were especially interesting to me, given her belief system:

1) she presented to the doctors who examined her as radiantly healthy, despite the various cancerous tumors growing in her body;

and 2) her t-cell count was incredibly low, less than 1/5th what it should have been, as if the t-cells were oblivious to the danger in her body.

More here.

Hmmm, I thought: her t-cell count sounds like so many New Age people, denying the existence of anything dangerous, which lowers their capacity to defend against it.

A question: is there any possibility of getting New Age people to recognize that Islam is dangerous to human rights and freedoms? Then, even if they did recognize this, would they just say we need to stop believing in its existence and Islam would stop existing?

I found it interesting that the New Age person diagnosed with cancer has not chosen to disbelieve in the existence of the cancer, but to undertake treatment that includes multiplying her t-cells so they can do what they should have been doing all along: attacking and destroying the cancer cells.

By the way, why do I bother paying attention to New Age stuff? "Energy" interests me. I'm trying to distinguish the healthy mushrooms from the poisonous toadstools.

And why do I call this, New Age madness? Madness is, as best as I understand, a disconnection from reality.

In case you don't have a clue about central New Age beliefs, here's a short comedy intro, THE NEW AGE HIGH PRIESTESS ("You are where you are meant to me. No matter what!!"):

New Age high priestess - reality denial

All the best in figuring out what's real, and reaching people,


May 27, 2015

PS. I soon heard from a reader, someone who has recently snapped out of a 6-year New Age spell:

As I have myself been in the New Age craze for the last 6 years and recently "snapped" out of it, I totally get what you mean about New Age people and avoidance of un-nice realities. I remember myself not wanting to hear about suffering, violence, climate change, etc., as I felt that the only way this would change was by changing the "vibes" on the planet through our own "inner vibes" with meditation, positive thinking, etc. Of course, physics has a large spectrum of understanding nowadays on many types of energies, and this certain frequency that emanates from one's cells to change the world or transform our health has yet to be discovered, claim the Gurus. And while they wait for it to be discovered, people do endanger their health, by believing in such claims as mind over matter. They are completely ignoring biology fundamentals.

At that time, I thought every discomfort in my body was created by my own inner reality, completely ignoring genetics and of course, our biological nature as human beings on the phylogenetic tree. We are not superior to the laws of evolution in any way, as new age Gurus do like to think and teach. Our genes CAN mutate and lead to cancer, even with the best of thoughts, diet, etc. Nature is NOT perfect. These Gurus do not want to see this fundamental un-nice reality, which is that the human body is not perfect and the laws of nature do not favor us as superior beings in any way. Nature, intrinsically, has no moral conduct.

I once thought New Age spirituality was going to bring us into a golden age of change...

Today, I think it is slowing down our capacity to act on actual reality, as these people seem to be oblivious to harsh realities. How can we change things if we do not want to see them??

I wrote back:

A big thank you to you for writing. I've long been fascinated and repelled by the New Age movement - the exploration of "energy" combined with vehement reality-denial. Your writing sparked my thinking about this some more - especially the major danger posed by this movement. So many caring people are denying what is in front of their eyes - reality. Don't pay attention to the housing market meltdown - see how you need to change what you attract! Don't pay attention to the growing threat from Islam - see how you need to change what you attract! In fact, whatever you see is not really there - change your vibrations and what shows up for you will change.

What does it do that millions in the West - including Oprah with her massive following - are at least partially within this mindset?

My experience is that reality is sometimes better than my wildest dreams. My parents emigrated to Canada. Suddenly we lived in an apartment with central heating, and with a toilet and bathtub right in the apartment, and with a separate bedroom for my sister and myself. Riches beyond belief. I went all the way through Canada's education system, all the way to getting my PhD, at very little cost. An amazing resource - amazing just about beyond belief, that so much could be available at so little cost. (I know, this means more taxes - but coming from a working class background, the benefit of low cost education more than made up for the extra tax cost later on.)

My experience is also that reality is sometimes unimaginably horrible, to those who have not lived it. I think of photos of the Holocaust. I think of images from the genocide in Rwanda.

What does it do, if we have our faces turned away from the world around us?

None of us sees everything.

But what if we're in a shell actively against the perception of reality? And what if millions of people live with such denial?

It's a massive danger, I am certain, to our safety, our well-being. Storm clouds on the horizon - meditate, change your vibrations.

Of course not everything is denied. Many of these people are horrified at the thought of climate change. But here too there is little attention to reality. Instead there tends to be mass attention to the most popular fantasies about climate change. My suggestion: watch the antidote to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Not Evil, Just Wrong. Excellent video.

I agree that most people are not evil when they fail to get more information. But they still endanger everyone by reality denial - often while calling other people names (like "climate change denier"), when anyone does not agree with what they believe is reality.

I want to leave you with the thought that there is a massive amount of energy frozen in New Age reality denial. Yet we counter-jihadis rarely interact with these people because they don't act against us, unlike pro-Islam people. On their side, New Age people don't usually like to interact with reality-orientated people - it disturbs their attempt to create personal abundance and world peace.

I'd say it's time we engage a bit more, if only to recognize the power of this movement.

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New Age madness:
Reality does not exist. You create reality.
New Age denial, blindness, danger.
And then a New Age leader gets cancer.

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