Climate Change Theories. Facts about co2 and the Climate Change Fraud, Hoax, Scam. Note: Climate Change is Not Fake.

Climate Change Theories.
Facts about CO2 and the Climate Change Fraud, Hoax, Scam.
Note: Climate Change is Not Fake.
But don't believe the politically correct story.


Climate Change - Definition, Facts, Hoax  CO2 and Climate Change - Prager U - Patrick Moore

I'm too busy. Get informed on the whole climate change debate as well as everything else!?!? It's just too much!!

I kept saying that for years. And that was my feeling.

To go right to 2 very short (5-minute) videos with masses of great important information, click here.

For a brilliant debunking of climate change alarmism, at the end there is Linda Goudsmit's absolutely fabulous The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change II - Debunking the Bunk - hoax 46.

She documents the evolution of the engineered alarmism, gives sources for everything. Her piece is from September 2019. I wrote mine in 2015. It's my journey, and my reaching out to let others know what I had found.

I'm going to start at the beginning - my beginning - and go all the way to finally doing lots of research. This is my journey.

I saw Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth soon after it came out (2006). It pulled together, in a very powerful presentation, so much I'd been hearing from assorted sources for years, and already believed: the earth was warming due to what we humans were doing. The biggest culprit: CO2. If we didn't act fast, we were almost certainly doomed. An Inconvenient Truth changed me from a believer, to an ardent passionate believer.

At about the same times, I also saw Gaslands, a powerful anti-fracking documentary. Again, I utterly believed every word.

I remember a class discussion on An Inconvenient Truth, from not long after I saw it. One student mentioned that he'd seen something saying it was wrong. I dismissed the comment. That quiet nudge wasn't enough to get me to look outside the box of the beliefs I'd been sold.

Several years later, I went to a Free Thinking Film Festival - lots of videos that challenged conventional beliefs in many areas. The benefits of milk fresh from cows - great. The need for the protection of fathers' rights - absolutely. But inside myself I had what I've come to call an "inner hissy fit" at a video challenging what is being done to ward off global warming. The video: Cool It! I almost didn't see it, but finally went in, hissing under my breath. Now I'm so grateful to Fred Litwin, who put together the festival, for including this video. It didn't dispute the reality of global warming, but showed that the current proposed solutions were very expensive and utterly ineffective. Its starting point: get the facts straight. It came up with alternative low-cost solutions that, it claimed, were certain to be more effective.

That video made the first dent in my belief in the supposed truths presented by Al Gore.

I learned a lot, especially not to be for the so-called green programs. Waste of money, waste of energy. I also learned that the response to the information in the video was not joy - after all, trillions upon trillions of dollars could be saved, as well as the planet - but not-listening and attacks. Something very wrong was clearly going on.

It was another couple of years, maybe 2013, before I saw Not Evil, Just Wrong which tore apart Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. I would ordinarily not have gone near that film - how could anyone challenge the facts! - but I respected the friend who owned it, someone who cared about truth. The film is from 2009, just 3 years after An Inconvenient Truth. It had come out with a bang, but I had never heard of it.

I strongly recommend Not Evil, Just Wrong. It was, for me, an amazing eye-opener. Clearly, the truth about climate change was far from what Al Gore presented. His apocalyptic vision did not go with the facts. I came away from the video with that firm in my mind. A big thank you to my friend.

I also, through the same friend, saw FrackNation, "a journalist's search for the fracking truth" - which showed that what was presented in GasLands as facts on the horrors of fracking was a bunch of lies.

Things inside me changed a lot. I no longer had an inner hissy fit at anyone challenging the Al Gore vision.

On the other hand, I didn't yet pay much attention to something else: that someone was not just wrong, but intentionally misinforming - that is to say, evil.

In fact, I stopped looking. I was glad to have the information. It utterly convinced me. But it wasn't a main focus of mine. So I didn't look further. I had more than enough on my plate.

And then, into my inbox came 2 short videos from Prager U - the 2 short videos I started off mentioning. How could I say no to those - they were less than 5 minutes each. I could watch them over breakfast, especially when the presenter was none other than Patrick Moore, PhD in Environmental Studies, one of the most experienced and trustworthy scientists of our time, and one of the 2 founders of Greenpeace - the one that many Greenpeace people shudder at, but someone I've come to know as a person with deep integrity.

So I watched. A breath of fresh air. And a second breath of fresh air. Together, they provided the impetus to do some research.

I recommend you watch as well:

What They Haven't Told You about Climate Change 
PragerU - 540,972 views (when I watched)

The Truth about CO2
PragerU - 370,188 views (when I watched)


After the 2 5-minute videos, one video led to another - especially when someone criticized the Prager U videos as not giving sources. Or course they didn't!! They were each less than 5 minutes.

So I kept watching. Next was:

Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever Smashes
the Global Warming Hoax


And then I came upon an interview with Donna Laframboise, an investigative reporter who started out neutral, just curious about the whole climate change fuss. She started exploring and repeatedly heard only one side. Her next step: meticulous research that led to an irrefutable conclusion: the most reputable organization on climate change does not do what it claims to do. It does not base its conclusions all on peer-reviewed literature. It does not have major scientists in charge, but has PhD and even MA students in charge of some sections of their report.
Here is it - interview with Donna Laframboise:


One video led to another:

The Faux "97% Consensus" (June 2015)
Bob Carter, professor
- from the 10th ICCC
- shows activism (faculty, students, government) vs science


Global Warming Science (2012)
Bob Carter, professor
- excellent overview of data, using scientific methods


John Christy, climate scientist
- investigated for not giving the orthodox view
- accusations against him - a threat against scientists
- yet his information is based on findings (like on the layers of atmosphere, etc)


Christopher Monckton - Our Last Year of Freedom?
(Sept 2014)
- a warning about handing power away from national governments to UN, EU, etc


Christopher Monckton - Agenda 21's Globalist Death Plan for Humanity
- shows UN wants world government, control (they call it world governance)
- this is a way of circumventing democracy, transferring power from the elected to a non-elected dictatorship
- there is an ever-increasing bureaucracy (expanding power, sending bill to governments, saying it was agreed to)


Mark Steyn - The Fraudulent Hockey Stick
(June 2015)
- from the 10th ICCC
- he's being sued by Dr Mann re the fraudulent hockey stick
- in fact, each is suing the other for millions of dollars


Am I an expert now? If you watch these videos, will you be an expert?

No. But I am informed enough to be not only sure that the Al Gore story is false, but that I can send people to lots of online sources proving that. I'm informed enough to be sure that politically correct (loud and vociferous) activism is getting in the way of information. I'm informed enough to know that the supposedly most reputable source, quoted left and right, is seriously flawed, as it cites non-peer-reviewed literature if it can't find peer-reviewed literature that says what it wants to present as truth (see the Donna Laframboise interview). I'm informed enough to know that the politically correct response (notably, name-calling those who dare to question the dominant narrative about the coming climate change apocalypse) is once again dangerous to truth, to freedom of thought and speech.

I'm expert enough now.

If you feel you'd like to learn more, enjoy the videos.

You may have a further question: Whodunit?? I don't know enough to answer that.

And then, more below.

December 7, 2015
revised, April 21, 2019
a bit more added (article debunking climate alarmism), Jan 2, 2020

This is a continuing story. Recently I watched an interview from the 50 to 1 Project, an interview with Anthony Watts, former weatherman and passionate believer in global warming, now world famous skeptic. What happened? Facts. Facts and more facts. An expression I've come across - "he was blindsided by facts" - though actually it's more like blindfolds came off, from his own research which was absolutely not intended to challenge the popular mainstream view on climate change. Here is that interview:

My biggest learning while learning more about what's happening with the climate: my experience of my inner resistance to taking in information that counters the mainstream view. I was not interested. I was convinced it was non-scientific. I did not want to see it or hear it or know it. It's only unusual circumstances that got me to be willing to view the first videos that challenged my firm unwavering belief in the mainstream view. I was at a video series, which I was glad to attend because it had interesting stuff on Islam (truth about Islam, which I was glad to see) and fresh-from-the-cows milk (which I strongly supported). Part of the mix of videos was one that challenged the mainstream view on global warming. I went into the screening room, walking through inner minefields, with mines detonating left and right. No!! No!! What monsters made this video!!! They don't care about the planet!!!

Now, years later, I'm far on the other side of the minefields.

I can't get back to the inner experience of my brainwashed self. But I recognize the power of the brainwashing.

And I ask myself: how best to reach others who are now where I was a decade ago?

A friend has asked: how can we best recognize our own brainwashing?

In retrospect, it's easy.

But while we're caught in it, what can help? For me, what may be most important is noticing inner minefields and seeing that they may be signs of brainwashing, and therefore, instead of staying away from information, daring to reach for it, take it in.

The image of minefields may not work for other people.

The big thing: there is a block to taking in information.

If someone wants to present information on the earth being flat or the moon being made of green cheese, I may roll my eyes, convinced the person is talking nonsense and that I'm wasting my time. But nothing inside me says: this person is evil, this person doesn't care about the planet. I don't feel anger.

A non-brainwashed response. If the information is wrong (like about the flatness of the earth), surely I have the intelligence to be able to evaluate. And it's good to hear what the other side has to say. Knowledge is power, after all. And if the information should happen to be right, this is vital to know - most of all, perhaps, because it lets me know I didn't have the defenses to protect me from being brainwashed - often by people just as brainwashed as me, caring people, concerned people.

So, if you're reading this, I hope this helps - especially if you're on the mainstream side about what's happening with climate.

My suggestion: spend the time to watch the videos. It's well worth it. It may in fact help save the planet!

By the way, of course not everyone doing the brainwashing is innocently spreading misinformation. But that's another question.

Right now my concern is reaching people like my earlier self, who have been taken in.

September 22, 2019

I'll end with Linda Goudsmit's brilliant debunking of climate change alarmism, her absolutely fabulous The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change II - Debunking the Bunk - hoax 46:

I didn't start with it because, if you haven't looked into climate alarmism, it may be a bit much for you. It may be a little bit traumatic (as for someone I sent Linda's article) to try to take in the extent of the deliberate deception, all in one quick article.

Quite a task, debunking the bunk! Each of us takes our individual journey.

Great to get a roadmap like Linda's - so we can take a fantastic shortcut to knowing what's going on. One outcome: so much less fear that the earth is close to doomsday due to human doings. Another outcome: knowledge that there is likely much to fear from the powerful human forces that have created the climate change hoax.

January 2, 2020

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Climate Change Theories.
Facts about co2
and the Climate Change Fraud, Hoax, Scam.
Note: Climate Change is Not Fake.
But the Politically Correct are Dangerous,
as usual.


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