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Is there a magic key, a secret key?
Against the fear and rage
that's so common.
And what about strategies for failure?

Leonard Cohen starts a famous song with: I've heard there was a secret chord. I believe I may have found something else: a magic key against the evil spell of fear and rage that ensnares millions.

It's easy to be frustrated with these people. It's often tempting to rage back or to dismiss them as hopeless.

And I agree: it's futile to get locked in struggle.

So today, the magic key. And a bit of fun. Humor. I'll start with that.

A friend came to visit. We both know how easy it is to fail. So we made 2 short videos on failing, about one minute each.

How to Fail. 5 Excellent Strategies
We believe some people are our friends. But when we ask them, what do we do, they respond with 5 excellent strategies for failing.

Use Logic. Failure Guaranteed
We are logical and reasonable. Many other people are not.
The outcome is assured: we lose.

By the way, both videos are also mini-podcasts on my new podcast. You can subscribe via Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, and Apple Podcasts. Plus there's a website. (Links below.)

And now, enough of failure. What's the magic key?

First, I'm not sure it works. I woke up a couple of days ago having a EUREKA moment. I had just remembered a key I accidentally stumbled upon about 15 years ago. It broke through the rigid spell that had entranced the students in my college ethics class, several semesters in a row.

The spell: the belief that all opinions - and of course also all cultures and religions - are equal. There is no right and wrong. Who are we to judge.

Ethics - so what. Everything is equal.

A new semester came around. I started the class differently. I asked the students what they thought was right, what they thought was wrong, what they were confused about. Magic! They all had strong beliefs, and so many questions. No one brought up about all opinions being equal. Great course.

How did the key work?

My questions opened a door to the healthy alive parts of the students, the parts that cared about right and wrong, that had questions.

The belief that opinions are all equal came up maybe halfway through the course. By then, it had no power.

How might the key work now?

First, it means no giving facts that are almost certain to be experienced as poisonous darts. Dead pilots. Dead sports stars. Dead children. Spike proteins everywhere. But not here, at this moment.

No getting locked in conflict. If that happens, stop things. "This isn't getting either of us anywhere. What about playing scrabble?"

What are some alternatives to giving facts and using logic?

An obvious connection point is that loads of people have been having a hard time. Lockdowns, businesses closing, things changing all the time. Stress, trauma, depression, frustration.

Maybe, with some people, we could connect with the part of them that is afraid our society may be in major danger. What about the supply chain?

Or maybe we could connect with the part that is confused about what to believe.

Maybe we could look at some of the dangers together, at some of their fears and ours.

Maybe we could talk of our sense of loss - of friendships, family members, travel, holidays, people being together without fear.

I love facts and logic, but have experienced many times how ineffective they are against a spell that makes people allergic to facts and logic.

For lots more, there will be a webinar in early January. If interested, send an email , with INTERESTED to the subject line.

And with that, Happy Holidaying,

Best Wishes for the New Year!!

Much success in so many ways.

And as always, all the best to all of us,


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Posted: December 29, 2021

Is there a magic key, a secret key?
Against the fear and rage
that's so common.
And what about strategies for failure?

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