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Protests. Rioting. Looting.
What can I do?
And more about Covid-19.

I have 3 things for you today. Like everyone, I have noticed the violent protests, rioting and looting. I also have more thoughts on Covid-19. And I have a suggestion.

My underlying question. What can I do? What can we do?

Protests. Rioting. Looting.

A retired black police officer killed trying to stop black looters.

Whites kneeling in front of blacks.

Rage and rampages.

Frequent white shame, guilt and fear.

I know I'm supposed to think it has something to do with the death of a black hero at the hands of the archetypal racist white cop. Or I'm supposed to argue that it doesn't.

I have another thought.

My background is Austrian. I was born well after the Holocaust, but internalized a sense of inferiority due to those horrors.

A Jewish therapist was important in my letting much of it go.

We all need to have pride in our background, she said.

And what you did not do, you are not responsible for.

I knew this, had to learn to feel it.

I see that many whites need to face the complexity of our past.

To feel pride in the incredible achievements.

To let go of fear of showing this pride.

To let go of internalized guilt and shame at what we did not do.

Svetlana Stalin – the daughter of mass murdering Stalin – came to the West. She was not shamed because of her father’s monstrous deeds.

To explore the complexity, and to see what actions we could take that are more than the actions of a hamster spinning around and round in a cage, saying what we're pushed to say, here is a free 5 Day Mini-Course:
June 22-26 - 30 min a day
full flourishing

By the way, almost all of us know that the rioting and looting have nothing to do with systemic racism or a desire for justice. They have to do with mass misinformation and manipulation. And with the people who have put in motion this demonstration of destructiveness.

But many other people are doing a fabulous job showing what is going on.

I have a background in Psychology. A question for me: what might be effective to change the dynamic of 2 stories locked against each other?

If this interests you, here again is the mini-course I've set up:
June 22-26 - 30 min a day

And now, Covid-19. Last week I sent out 9 questions about Covid-19, starting with Question #1 - which is on an amazingly effective remedy.

In case you didn't take a look, here are those question, plus 3 more posts:

One post looks at the New York governor who was given 1,000,000 doses of the medication, and blocked doctors from prescribing it except for people in hospital - though the medication is most effective when given early.

A question: why were no riots about that!

Another post looks at an incredible omission in the response of the personal development to Covid. Over and over, one hears about moving from fear to empowerment. But there is universal silence about the reason for the fear: that the best-known remedy is being withheld.

The last post explores: what's been happening with the remedy?

By the way, if you speak French, here is Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur, who is helping organize legal action so that the government will never again be able to block doctors from prescribing the medication they believe is best for their patients:

And now, as always, all the best to all of us who CARE and THINK and, whenever possible, ORGANIZE against what is going on,


PS. I'm ending with 2 more videos.

The first video gives major evidence that there were years of planning and training behind the Minneapolis riots. The source for the evidence: people who went undercover.

The second video gives evidence of the extent of the widespread mind-boggling delusion. I keep needing this kind of confirmation. I find it unbelievable.

Over in Australia, 40,000 people came out to protest the killing, in Minneapolis, of an American black man (a 6-time or perhaps even 7-time repeat offender) by a white police officer (with 10 charges against him of using excess force, etc).

However, not a single Australian protested the killing, also in Minneapolis, of Justine Damond, an unarmed white Australian woman with no criminal record, by a black Somali Muslim police officer (who had previous complaints against him). Most of the protesters had not even heard of her.

And of course no one is protesting the killing of a retired black police officer by a black looter.

Once again, the truth is stranger than fiction.

posted June 11, 2020

Protests. Rioting. Looting.
What can I do?
And more about Covid-19.

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