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World Truth Summit

What can we do to reach people?
3 sets of suggestions.
Essential for us:
connection, caring, community.

What can we do, given what's happening around us? I've gone to a few experts, and I'll be giving their answers.

In general, the answer is different for different people. Joe Rogan's podcast, I have heard, is the largest in the world. Rogan has used his popularity on behalf of getting the truth out: he has invited, onto his show, major players who are doing all they can to get vital truths heard. He had 3-hour interviews. Fantastic.

As for me, one thing I've decided to do: to create a group to connect people who want to be better "CITIZEN WARRIORS" - to do more for human rights and freedoms, for human safety. So many people are brimming over with facts, frustrated by how closed many people are to these facts, no matter how much the facts are backed by common sense as well as hundreds of research papers.

What can we do? So incredibly much needs to be done!

Today, a bit more on the group. Then, suggestions from experts. I'll end with a song that touched me, More of Us - and with a poem I wrote, You Walk By, inspired by that song.

The group is a place where we can meet with each other, and find our own way. What further small steps does it feel right for us to take? A few of us met this Sunday. A fabulous sense of connection.

There will be a webinar (no cost) next Sunday, January 16th: 6 PM UK time, 1 pm EST, 10 am PST.

If you've already registered, great. If not, send an email to elsa [which is at] truthsummit [dot] info. Put INTERESTED in the subject line. You'll be sent a link.

Now, what can we do? I decided to find the suggestions of major players who have explored deeply the way millions upon millions of people have minds closed to facts. Here are 3 sets of suggestions.

1. Be free from the mass psychosis. Be an example to others.
2. Tell the truth as much as you can.
3. Use humor and ridicule.
4. Create parallel structures - organizations, etc - physically within yet morally outside the totalitarian society.
5. Most important is that there is action by as many people as possible.
from: The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World? on the Academy of Ideas

1. The voice of the leader keeps the hypnotism going, so we need to speak out to disrupt the mass formation.
2. People have the feeling that something is wrong, so we need to connect in the real world, v'd and non-v'd, in small groups.
3. Don't try to convince people to go back to the old normal - that was the situation that made the hypnotism possible, because of the huge lacks within the old normal - the alienation, the free-floating anxiety, the disconnection. The old normal was unbearable.
4. Show people there are other options to escape the old normal than being in a trance. Show the new normal - a world of connection and community.
5. Definitely keep speaking out, sticking very much to the principles of non-violent strategies, even in how we speak - or we will get all the violence directed at us - because the masses are intolerant of dissident voices - so it's important not to give excuses for their rage to be directed at us.
from: Mattias Desmet on Tommy's Podcast

1. We've got to get people to realize that what we've got is a situation of global totalitarianism. We need to show this.
2. Making people realize there’s a bigger threat than the virus may break the hypnosis around the virus.
3. But then you’re just substituting a bigger boogeyman, an even bigger terror, for the current one, and somebody else will be sure to come and manipulate that.
4. So instead of substituting one boogeyman for another, we need to speak out strongly for what we want as the new normal: social cohesion and community.
from: Mattias Desmet's ideas, presented by Dr Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan podcast:

1. I don't know if the people making the suggestions have spent a lot of time "in the trenches," trying to reach people.
2. I'm very very glad to hear these suggestions. They add to my thoughts, based on experience. We definitely need teamwork. Otherwise, each of us is a single explorer, without the benefit of the findings of others.
3. Enough for today.
4. Next time, some of what I've come up with, connecting it with these suggestions.

Do you have any favorite strategies? Any successful interventions? What's most important to you, at a time like this? I'd love to hear from you. As I've written, we need teamwork.

And now, something different, something light and yet deep. A song that touched me. I heard it when it had been online for only 2 days: 84,000 views. Now, a few days later, it's at 187,000 views. More of Us than Them.

The morning after I heard this song, I woke up with the words, You Walk By, going through my mind. The words were sparked by the song and by my asking myself: how do we reach those who walk on by?


You walk by
I'm left outside
You see
I'm left outside

You walk by
You go inside
Eat inside
Shop inside
Go to work inside
Go to school inside
Get medical care inside

I'm left outside

even left to die

It's the road to . . .

You keep your work
I'm fired
You know you know
I'm fired
You know, you know
It's wrong
Yet you go along
Leave me outside

It's the road
to genocide

I'm locked at home
You know, you know
Yet you go outside
Leave me locked inside

You know you know
Show love not hate
Don't discriminate
Be fair
Be just

But it's just


to walk on by
to lock your heart
block your heart

You walk by
You know
You know
inside your heart
it's not right
it's wrong

It's the road
to genocide

Is it . . .
You do'’t dare to care
Or you are too numb to care

You walk on by

You go along

with doing harm

with walking on the road
to genocide

Do you keep walking by?

January 7, 2201

The poem will be online, on a webpage of its own, next week.

And now, as always, all the best to all of us,


PS. Again, if you would like to be a better citizen warrior, and often get frustrated, you may enjoy the webinar on Sunday, January 16th. To register, send an email to elsa [which is at] truthsummit [dot] info. Put INTERESTED in the subject line. You'll be sent a link.

Posted: January 11, 2201

What can we do
to break the mass psychosis?
For instance, present the alternative,
a new normal:
connection, caring, community.

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