Obama, Western politicians, and Islamic infiltration. Is this the Stockholm syndrome, battered wife syndrome, or do they have a yeast infection?

Obama, Western politicians, and Islamic infiltration.
Is this the Stockholm syndrome,
battered wife syndrome,
or do they have a yeast infection?


Obama - from infiltration and subversion to yeast infection?

Does Obama Have a Yeast Infection?

Why am I asking this question? Because most other explanations for his response to Islamization - and the response of so many Western politicians - do not make sense to me.

I'll start with, what do I mean by yeast infection? 

Recently 2 friends have been talking to me about their yeast infections. In brief, their appetites had been taken over by the yeast. They would crave, for instance, different sugary things. The cravings were intense, often uncontrollable. It felt to them as if the cravings were theirs. But they weren't. The yeast had taken over, and wanted to be fed, so it could grow and grow some more. 

There were further symptoms. Weight gain. Tiredness. Loss of energy. Swollen joints.

One friend was recently diagnosed by another friend - someone who also had a yeast infection. (Her doctor and nutritionist had not been helpful.) In one month - through a starve-the-buggers diet - she has lost 14 pounds, regained much of her energy, and the crazy cravings are gone. 

Back to Obama and many other politicians in the West. 

Something is clearly visible through the behavior of these politicians. Not only do they do not recognize the Islamic threat, they may have advisors, as well as lobbyists and consultants, linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is linked to Islamic terrorism and plans for a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Just as people with a yeast infection attempt to "appease" the yeast by feeding it, Obama and other politicians seem to be attempting to appease internalized Islamization by giving in to demands. For instance, in the States, over the past decade, words that displease Islamists have been purged from the FBI counter-terrorism lexicon and National Security Strategy: words like violent extremism, enemy, Islam, Muslim, jihad,and even al-Qaeda.

Yet of course, as with a literal yeast infection, the demands do not go away, only get more intense as the yeast infection grows.

I wrote at the start that MOST other explanations for Obama's behavior do not make sense to me. Some do. Kenneth Roberts and Stephen Coughlin mention the Stockholm syndrome, also known as the battered wife syndrome. In this, the victim comes to agree with the victimizer's demands, and comes to agree to behave in a way that does not upset the victimizer. Otherwise, the consequences are, they believe, their fault.

Seeing the behavior of most Western politicians as the consequence of the Stockholm syndrome, induced by (often unconscious) fear of Islam - that also make sense. In fact, on a psychological level, this explanation seems to be the most accurate.

I think I came to my speculation about yeast infection as it brings to mind a vivid image - the image of someone who has been taken over. There's the person. Yet everywhere, increasingly, throughout the body, is rampant infection.

What is the yeast, in this case?

The Stockholm syndrome is a severe form of a psychological phenomenon known as dissociation. It is the mind's survival mechanism, the way trauma victims convince themselves that "this isn't happening." (Kenneth Roberts)

In other words, this "yeast" blocks information from going from the eyes and ears to wherever it would normally go (somewhere else in the brain). One does not see or hear what is happening. Instead one sees and hears the perceptions of the victimizer. The "yeast" substitutes its perceptions for what would otherwise be perceived.

I've said that some explanations for Obama's behavior don't work for me.
These are explanations that go into what I call Star Wars territory, where once-good individuals have been taken over by the Dark Side and become evil (except for the tiniest kernel deep within). I could be wrong, but I don't see most politicians in the West - Obama, the Clintons, and thousands of others - consciously aiding and abetting a force that aims to destroy the West, consciously being in favor of a worldwide caliphate that aims to destroy democracy, eliminate freedom of speech, eliminate freedom of religion, etc.

The yeast infection explanation makes more sense to me. On a psychological level, the Stockholm syndrome, or battered wife syndrome.

Comments are welcome.

The next question: what does one do? The answer is coming next time.


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February 24, 2013

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PS. I've watched some interesting videos and read some interesting articles lately, that helped spark these ideas about yeast infection.

A video on Soviet Subversion-by-Infiltration, from defector Yuri Bezmenov.
Subversion by Infiltration

An article on Yuri Bezmenov.
Yuri Bezmenov: His Story - interview

An article by Kenneth Roberts on the Stockholm syndrome within Islam.
Mohammed's Greatest Discovery

The icing on the cake. A video from Stephen Coughlin, on the OIC, an extremely powerful Islamic organization most people have not heard of.
The Visible-Invisible OIC - or Rapidly Creeping Sharia

Another sign, for me, that something is massively wrong in America, is the lack of support and protection given the man who shot Bin Laden. This contrasts starkly with the protection given by the Seals to women and children they encountered in their missions.
No Celebration of a Hero - the Man Who Shot Bin Laden


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Obama, Western politicians, and Islamic infiltration.
Is this the Stockholm syndrome, battered wife syndrome,
or do they have a yeast infection?


In my opinion, Obama is the infection, no need to add yeast.

Jack Ellison, Feb 24, 2013


My opinion is that many of them have gone over to the Dark Side in that they know what's going on but don't care because they're too self-serving (Hilary Clinton). Others (Obama, for example) want it to happen.

Elizabeth, Feb 24, 2013


This is a brilliant analogy.

Ruthie Wheat, Feb 24, 2013


I must say I never associated any political behavior to yeast infection. However you have done a good job by explaining it.

I said 5 years ago that as far as I know, Obama was being groomed to take over the Presidency of the United States by hook or crook.

The person or persons behind him, started implementing all this after his arrival in Chicago. They saw a young, charismatic and a good debater and he was chosen to lead.

Imagine, Chicago the city of corruption and backstabbing, how can an unknown person with NO real family connections get high up the ladder so fast?

He was helped to become a Senator and from there to the top...

The real question is who is behind all this?

You mentioned something about the Brotherhood and you can bet your dollar that he encouraged the Brotherhood to take over in Egypt. We shall see how the Brotherhood will take over the whole of the Middle East within 5 years.

Obama is not a real white American. He is interested in seeing Islam as a strong force in the world.

Let us face it, until the age of 12 he was taught to be a Muslim in Indonesia. The fact that later he joined his mother to go to Church is hogwash.

I would like to ask him the following question: Where and when did he convert into Christianity???? No Muslim is allowed to convert to other religions. However if he really did, then let us find out when, where and HOW...?

Sorry to be so blunt, but that is how I feel.

Rahamim Akerib, Feb 24, 2013


Elsa, I do believe that Obama and the Clintons have intent, that we would call evil, and they must believe is virtuous. I don't see how you can miss that, after showing us Yuri Bezmenov's video. You realize that the Soviets trained the Muslim and Arab leadership in their methods. Their methodology is very similar to the "Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America." Obama can use the Muslim uprising as a tool, towards his Alinsky style ends - Stage 4 - normalization.

That is definitely the Dark Side, by design. Doesn't this make sense?

Educated Kafir, Feb 24, 2013


Elsa, this analogy is brilliant! No, it's too real to be an analogy. However, while you are onto perhaps the most dangerous side of Obama, I see your metaphor as even more applicable to his reckless spending and denigration of business success.

The real him? He is yeast personified in all dimensions. However, when a man of his intelligence becomes so infected, we are witnessing pure evil. Forgiveness is no longer an option... as in "Forgive him Lord for he knows not..."

Gordon Miller, Feb 24, 2013


Elsa, it goes much deeper than having an infection. Obama knows very well what he is doing and what he is doing is letting proponents of Islam into White House - and all for a good reason. He likes Islam, and he knows that we know.

He has nothing to lose now. He is there for his last term and is trying to do as much islamization as possible. How can the president of the USA hire people of Islamic faith into the government ...after 911, after all.

He does not understand that being a Muslim requires adherence to the Sharia law... and democracy and Sharia law are totally incompatible, they cancel each other, they clash on every level at each point.

The USA is in bad shape right now, ideologically, politically as well as economically. What they need, is good, rational Americans being in power. How can someone born in an Islamic country run a country based on democratic principles?

GG, Feb 24, 1993


Yes, what you write does seem to address the problem. When I read a book by Bruce Bawer, called "Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom," I was also struck by the similarity to how a battered wife will apologize for "provoking" her attacker, the violent husband who does not take personal responsibility for his anger.

Dorrie, Feb 24, 2013


I can't believe that you are serious.

I don't think that the yeast analogy is good, because there at least the victim knows he is suffering, though he may not realize that it is his "cure" that is making him suffer.
Appeasing encourages the aggressor (the yeast), but I don't think that Obama is just an appeaser.

I think he is an enemy of America.
He is the product of Bolshevik and Islamist influences.
Bolsheviks are the spiritual grand-fathers of American "Liberals".
An American liberal is a "Bolshevik light". A cheap version of software without some features but still sharing the basic anti-American sentiment.
Bolshevik-light's are used by the real Bolsheviks, just like the "moderate" Muslims are used by the radical Muslims.

In the Liberal vision, social justice and peace everywhere in the world is prevented by the American power.
Therefore for the Liberals just like for the Islamists, America is the "Great Satan" which needs to be destroyed, or at least cut down to size. Obama is doing everything to weaken America.
He does not experience himself as suffering.
He is succeeding very well. He has strengthened the Islamist governments everywhere: in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, and Iran. He has also weakened America from inside including censuring all official information about Islam.

Vivarto, Feb 24, 2013


Hi Elsa,

Thanks for the work you're doing to educate many people to the seriousness of Islam among us.

In response to your thoughts about Obama and his dealings with radical Islam I'd like to throw in my two cents worth. I'm assuming that you're not a believer in the truth of the Bible since I think I remember reading or hearing you say somewhere that you don't practice any particular religion.

However, if I may I'd like to direct your attention to 2 Thessalonians 2 where the apostle Paul talks about the coming of the lawless one (the Anti-christ) but particularly to verse 11 which says, "And for this reason (their unwillingness to accept the truth of who Jesus Christ was) God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

The only answer I can give is that there are many, many people, Obama included, who are under a very strong delusion. One evidence of that is tolerance for evil. Isaiah 5:20 ~ "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;..." 2 Timothy 3:1, 13 "But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come... Evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived."

I know that using the Bible as a reference for someone who doesn't hold it to be true is sometimes a futile practice and can end discussion from the start but I would encourage you to reconsider its validity. From beginning to end it points to one person through prophecy and then in actuality, Jesus. The days that we're living in are lining up quite amazingly to what the Bible prophesies. God does not want anyone to perish and the only way to avoid that is through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ who died to take away the sins of all who will believe.

I don't know you personally but I think that if I ever met you in person, you would be someone that I would like and want to get to know better. Anyhow, with that, here's another video for you to consider...

Dr. Voddie Baucham - Why I Choose To Believe The Bible (full) - YouTube


Amy Robinson, Feb 24, 2013


Does the man have a yeast infection or does he not have a yeast infection? Truth to tell, I don't rightly care. Because at some point, we're accountable. He had choices, made choices.

I remember some of the choices. In the last election, if I have the number right, more than 41,000 of the dead voted. He could have gotten the names off the lists. He chose not to, cause he knew most of the votes would be for him. Also in the election, you didn't have to show a photo ID. He didn't want that. Everyone knew why.

He doesn't care about fair. He doesn't care about honest. He cares about winning, and that's all.

There was someone a long time ago who was called Honest Abe. Well, if there's one thing I know, this one will never be called honest anything.

I don't think he cares one whit about that, though.

Not my kind of person.

Carmen, Feb 24, 2013


The yeast infection analogy is interesting and helpful. Personally, I think that it's as simple as the Saudis getting him into Harvard Law and paying for his law school education and owning him ever since:


He has never stopped being a Muslim culturally. His Christian faith is a sham, 100% That was just to get elected to the Senate and wherever else he could. He's an Islamo-socialist.

Dave L, Feb 25, 2013





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