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I'm writing to you today because I've had lots of comments on "Islamo-hegemony," a term I suggested last week. I also have thoughts about using "energy," as well as about eureka moments - moments when everything may change. And finally, there's an interview you may want to listen to - freewheeling conversation with Louie b. Free on BrainFood from the Heartland.

First, Islamo-hegemony. Last time I suggested, that if anyone dared to mention that bogeyman, Islamophobia, we turn the tables on them, ask them why they're being Islamo-hegemonic. In case you missed the sendout: http://elsasblog.com/170225-catatonia-induced-reduced-erased.html

A couple of people hated the term, a couple of people loved it. Plus lots of other comments: http://elsasblog.com/170225-catatonia-induced-reduced-erased.html#comments

I'm usually allergic to terms that can be called "highfaluting." I remember, in my student days, being dragged to a Communist meeting - Maoist Leninist Trotskyist, if I remember right. Every other form of Communism, I was told, was WRONG. What I remember most: rows of people sitting on wooden benches LISTENING, as if to some higher being, to stuff that was putting me to sleep, no matter how much I tried to be interested. I still don't understand the appeal of Communism. But by now I've heard about Alinsky's Rules for Radicals so often that I know they're dangerous and we'd better watch out.

I bring this up as I would, naturally, not have anything to do with the term, Islamo-hegemony. But it has a wonderful Marxist flavor. And it's being aimed at Marxists, Islamists, and the whole politically correct establishment. So I'm in favor of it.

Anyway, decide for yourself if you like it or not. Most important, use it (or one of the alternate terms) to ward off charges of Islamophobia. As I said last time, offense is the best defense. The PC, the Marxists, the Islamists, etc have been allowed to be on the offensive for far too long.

That brings me to "energy stuff." Again, if it interests you, or even if you're just curious, press reply and add ENERGY STUFF to the subject line. What's been happening? It's another tool against Islamo-catatonia and against attempted Islamo-hegemony. Energy may seem "weird" to those who have never tried it. But it can be quite effective - just as many people have found prayer powerful.

To learn a bit more - including about 2 different energy things:
And then, to try out the energy exercises:

And now, eureka moments. My life has turned in unexpected directions, over and over, through my responding to stuff that's caught my attention.

For instance, I had no interest in being a poet or songwriter. And then, a couple of decades ago, I began to wake up with "word and music" pieces forming in my head. I could have pushed them aside. Instead I listened.

I could also have ignored my sense that something wrong was going on, when millions of Islamics marched against a little cartoon while, in the same year, zero Islamics marched against the murder of more than 10,000 Islamics by other Islamics in just one city, Baghdad. Instead, I explored. I've kept finding more and more.

There have been masses and masses of eurekas along the way. I didn't ever imagine the existence of a religion like Islam. And I had no idea about the devastating weaknesses in the West - like the anti-thinking bias, the fear of and submission to just about every group presenting as victim, and the rampant infiltration documented by people like Stephen Coughlin and Diana West. I still get stunned as ever more findings emerge. Truth is way more outrageously implausible than just about any fiction.

Why have so many people not had this kind of eureka moment? Why do so many people, even now, hold onto blatant untruths? My guess: crazy inner rigidities. My sense is that the more we're free on the inside, the more eureka moments we'll experience.

What about you? Can you remember eureka moments when things shifted, doors opened (not always to beautiful views)?

And finally, the interview with Louie b. Free (Feb 27, 2017) - Rebels Against No Thinking. An hour of wide-ranging conversation - on thinking, Islam, good liberals, anything:
on BrainFood from the Heartland - The Louie b. Free Radio Show
http://louiefreeshow.com - weekdays 8 am -12 am EST
interview - Louis B. Free - Rebels Against No Thinking

And with that, all the best to all of us who care and dare,


PPS. You're welcome to post any of this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please include the link: http://elsasblog.com/170302-hegemony-energy-eureka.html


posted March 5, 2017



vs Islamophobia.
One more tool.
Then Unblocking Energy
vs Islamo-Catatonia.
Finally, Eureka Moments -
like about Islamo-Catatonia.

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