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Why might you donate?

First, because you can afford to. If you're struggling financially, please take care of yourself and those around you.

Second, because you consider you're getting lots of good stuff, in fact because you consider that you're getting more than whatever you might give. In other words, please donate because you think it's a great deal - like when you go shopping, and are happy to buy something that's a super deal.

What are you getting?

Recently, there's been a surprise success - a kids' video. I made it because I didn't know of anything that simply and easily and TRUTHFULLY explained Islam to kids. Islam - Who, What, and How - for age 8 and up, does it in 9 minutes. The goal is to get it to all kids in the West. On Facebook, the post about the video has had over 90,000 views, and the video itself has had over 34,000 views. So far, it's been translated into 5 languages. It's also had over 1000 shares on Facebook - in other words, over 1000 people have found it worth sharing.

kids' video - Islam Who What How

What else are you getting?

Ideas and explorations
, for instance.

- Like the idea that freedom of religion can never be the top priority, or we have no grounds for human rights - it's a war between different people going, "My god says so."

- Then there's the idea that both Communism and Islam have the same 3 fatal flaws: HOW the goal is to be attained; HOW the goal is to be maintained; and WHAT the goal is.

- Then there's seeing brain-wrecking as vital to political correctness and to the inroads of Islam. Think or Sink is the name of my book on the subject.

interviews with counter jihadis
Lots more good thinking at ElsasBlog, ElsasEmporium, WestInDanger, LiveFreedom.

I've also done interviews with counter-jihad people from around the world:
- what got them aware?
- what has their development been?
- what do they see happening?
interviews with counter jihadis

And then there's music:

freedom music

I'm also very much an activist - currently involved with Stopping the Show Trials which are taking place throughout the West. Right now I'm doing an interview series to highlight what is happening. For instance, in 2016 in the UK, 10 people were jailed for for bacon related "crimes," but zero were jailed for female genital mutilation:
help step the show trials

I've helped raise funds for others, especially Tommy Robinson.

The list goes on and on. I've written a Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam, and the Big BUT System, a guide to understanding how people manage to refuse to understand about Islam. I've written Think of Sink - We Think or the West Sinks.

Quick and Easy Guide to See No Bad Islam
Think or Sink

And another thing: comedy. Here are the Nicies:

The Nicies

And then, I'm a connector - very important as the other side has incredibly strong connections. I have the sense of being part of a growing community. Vital for us.

There's yet another very important reason for giving. I'm one person. I have only so much time, energy, money. When I run out, I run out. It would be very helpful to be able to hire someone to help. It would also be great if I needed to use less of my time to earn money.

I love what I'm doing, taking part in the global work to protect freedom of speech and other human rights from the forces against these rights - notably Islam and the "near enemy," the politically correct. I'm so glad to be able to do what I'm doing.

Doing what I can for human rights - writing, doing videos, reaching out - this brings to mind the pleasure I felt when I started teaching. I found it hard to believe I was being paid to do something that I liked doing so much.

This time, though, there has been no pay. And I have been working at this seriously since 2012.

So if you can afford it, and if you think what I'm doing is worth it, please donate.

One final question: does my work reach people?

Week by week, more people get my weekly sendout.

And each week I hear from people who appreciate what I'm doing.

Elsa, you are simply brilliant! 💐,🐦🐥🌷🐞🐝 

Great work!

Thank you Elsa! You are a blessing!

Love the word, Islamoimbecelic. lol 

Brilliant Elsa!

Did I tell you yet today that you're brilliant?!  YOU'RE TOTALLY BRILLIANT! This is a clinching argument. 

Very enlighening!
Thanks for sharing.

EXCELLENT. Wonderful work.

This is AWESOME!!
My heart was beating faster as I got into it - at the prospect of what this could achieve. 

With best wishes to you, and thank you for all your work  (-:

God Bless you Elsa for all your hard work
You are in my prayers

POWERFUL! BRILLIANT! "Stop the Show Trials" - Yes! I love this approach!

keep up the most excellent work.

Thank you. 
Your mails are like vitamin.
Most stimulating.

Please take constant care.  Keep the good vids (and written usurpations) coming!  The world - and most especially our two countries - needs to be b*tch-slapped to attention, and you seem to be one of the best and most skillful at it, so far.  Thank you for both your courage and abilities in doing so.  I will strive to learn from your methods, so I can apply your tactics to getting folks to stand up and become self-aware, for the principles of freedom and liberty.

Again, if you can afford it, and if you think what I'm doing is worth it, please donate so I can do even more.

- ideas, interviews, etc -


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Why donate?
1. You can afford to.
2. You have gotten lots of good stuff:
ideas, interviews, kids' video, activism,
fund-raising, music, comedy, plus.

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