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I'm writing to you today because I've been thinking more about catatonia. Last time I wrote about Islamo-catatonia - unresponsiveness to negative information about Islam. Since then I've also thought about Commie-catatonia.

Last time I also wrote a bit about "energy." I'll be saying a bit more.

I'll end with another new word, Islamo-hegemony - a very useful term to throw at anyone who dares to trot out that overused good-liberal term, Islamophobia.

Some questions come to mind about Islamo-catatonia and Commie-catatonia. How powerful are these forces? Then, how are they induced, reduced and erased? What's the role of fear? What's the role of deliberate mis-information? Fear would link to "energy" blockages - people being too afraid, often unconsciously, to take in information. Deliberate mis-information would make it much harder for people to recognize facts, as they've been conditioned to discount the facts with falsehoods. So the prevalent falsehood - "all religions are equal" - is used by many people to discount everything unpleasant about Islam.

As for, how powerful re these forces? They've been incredibly powerful. University forums on, for instance, "aspects of Communism" draw large audiences. Is the focus on the fatal flaws of Communism? Quite the contrary. As for Islamo-catatonia - freedom of speech about Islam is under attack throughout the West, despite the evidence of Islam's dangerous anti-freedom ideology.

But I don't want to go on about Islamo-catatonia and Commie-catatonia. While these are new words, the realities they name are all too familiar.

Is there anything new I might have to say?

Last week, I was reluctant to write to you about "energy." It sounds silly (to me), even though I find it fascinating and have felt its power.

In the end, I mentioned that, on Sunday, February 26, 11:00 am EST, there will be an energy exercise aimed at undoing blockages against seeing Islam.

There will be:
- a bit on my history with "energy,"
- an explanation of the energy exercise,
- and the energy exercise.

By the way, here are 2 other things that might interest you, if you're interested in, or just curious about, "energy."

On Monday (Feb 27), an online series is starting on "tapping" - meaning, tapping on acupressure points to release stuck feelings: tapping
And here's a daily energy routine, to help our energy flow:
energy routine

Finally, another good word: Islamo-hegemony (term and definitions courtesy of Robert Frankling).

Just what is Islamo-hegemony, for those of you - like me - without a Marxist background? Dominance.

Other terms for Islamo-hegemony could be: Islamo-preeminent, Islamo-supreme, Islamo-ascendant, Islamo-supreme, Islamo-paramount. But Islamo-hegemonic sounds extra authoritative.

When might the term come in handy? Any time someone dares to bring up Islamophobia.

A good response: Why are you for Islamo-hegemony? In other words, why are you favoring the dominance of Islam????

You could also ask:
'Why do you advocate Islamo-hegemony?'
Or 'Why are you promoting Islamo-hegemony?'
Or 'Why do you endorse Islamo-hegemony?'
Or 'Why do you encourage Islamo-hegemony?'
Or even, 'Why are you initiating Islamo-hegemony?'

Whatever you might choose to ask, this strategy is known as: offense is the best defense. No trying to defend our position. Instead, let them try to show that they are not Islamo-hegemonic.

In case the person seems bewildered and asks you what you mean, you can note that concern with Islamophobia while not giving equal weight to anti-Semitism as well as the denigration and persecution of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc, is a clear example of Islamo-hegemonism.

But you don't need to go that far. You could just say, 'Come on, you know what I mean. You're so clearly being Islamo-hegemonic!'

In general, the goal is to stop the Islamo-hegemonists, by showing what they're doing through naming it.

In Canada, the Liberal party (currently the dominant political party) seemingly believed they could get through, without any objection, M-103, a motion supposedly just against Islamophobia. There was an unexpected outcry - attention from across Canada. People - including members of the opposition, Conservatives - noticed (even though they did not have the word) that this was Islamo-hegemonic. The motion gave preeminence to concern for Islam, over concern for any other religion. Plus, as was also noticed, it was a step in the direction of restrictions on freedom of speech critical of Islam.

I've just listened to Nigel Farage who led the Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union) movement for over 2 decades. He was speaking at CPAC - and jubilant. He sees 2016 as the year things turned around. First, on June 23, Britain voted to leave the EU. Then, November 8, the United States elected Trump. And now people like Geert Wilders and Marine Le are high in the polls. Plus Brexit is increasingly popular in Great Britain.

If Nigel Farage is right, the Canadian Liberals will soon learn that they're far behind the times - a welcome change for those of us on the side of human rights and freedoms.

By the way, if you should wish to send a an email to the Canadian MPs or senators, letting them know you are against Islamo-hegemony, here is the link for easy sending:

And with that, all the best to all of us who care deeply, and dare to do what we can,


PS. Even more words for Islamo-hegemony: Islamo-ascendency, Islamo-sovereignty, Islamo-control, Islamo-preeminence, Islamo-primacy, Islamo-superintendency, Islamo-domination, Islamo-paramountcy, Islamo-High-Command, Islamo-supremacy, Islamo-predominance, Islamo-prerogative, Islamo-prepotence, Islamo-upper hand, Islamo-prevalence, Islamo-whip hand, Islamo-magisterial, Islamo-conduction, Islamo-precedence.

PPS. You're welcome to post any of this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please include the link: http://elsasblog.com/170225-catatonia-induced-reduced-erased.html



Dear Elsa,

Being past my three score years and ten, I have experienced and observed, initially without full recognition, the process of manipulation which is known as Political Correctness but more correctly as "critical theory". I have seen the same techniques applied to various projects - all with the aim of destroying free society, family and nation whether to replace it with Islam, European Union, sexual liberation or whatever. They all aim to destroy the common sense aspects of our Christian inheritance and to make people feel stupid and uncertain.

One technique which had a very long run was to accuse opponents and doubters of "Standing in the way of progress" and the main trick ( which I have seen used in politics, industry, church and numerous other settings) is to say "All progress means change. This is change THEREFORE it is progress". Very few people spot that the " therefore" is a complete non sequitur.

That technique has been somewhat eclipsed today by the manufacture of the " crimes" racism, discrimination and prejudice. This can cover all sorts of situations and make people afraid to speak out. It places the natural desire which many people have to live and work amongst people of their own kind on a par with throwing people into gas chambers.

It is over thirty years now since a lady turned up on our doorstep in a very distressed state. A family friend and devout practising Christian, she worked for the local council's social work department and had to attend a day's RAT ( Racial Awareness Training). The Instructor had told them that racism was only found amongst white people, especially the English. She objected to this as her Church sent parish workers to help a sister Church in a part of Africa where there was genocidal conflict between different tribes. She was told that was " quite different". When she did not agree, the instructor said that only showed how profoundly racist she really was. The rest of the class was invited to persuade her of the error of her ways.

Anyone working for any branch of the public service will have gone through similar training.

Edward Spalton, Great Britain
Chairman of the cross-party Campaign for an Independent Britain,


I like your idea of turning tables around from "Islamophobia" to "Islamohegemony".
I think this will be very effective, if we can say the damn word. I had to look up the pronunciation.You may want to share it with your readers.


Veet Vivarto, Israel


Glad you like the idea of turning the tables.

Then, re pronunciation, thanks for sending. And here's another suggestion:

If you're not sure about how to pronounce hegemonic, here some help:
Hegemonic. Starts with "hedge" (like a hedge around a garden), then continues with "demonic" (just skip the "d") - hedge-emonic.
As for hegemony, it also starts with "hedge" (as in hedge your bets, or hedge funds). Next, "e" - the same sound as at the start of "every." As for the end, it ends with "money." So, hedge-e-money.


I like the term Islamo-hegemony.

And thanks for reminding us that "Offense is the best defense."

Since Islam has the jihad doctrine against all Kafirs and their religions, I thought all Kafir religions ought to have a "counter-jihad" doctrine.

All non-Islamic religions need to get to work to develop their counter-jihad doctrines.

Truth Teller, US


I love the word Islamo-hegemony which is exactly right. I'll be passing this on.

Cliffhild (female warrior on the cliff), UK


Elsa... I am so glad I am receiving your sends... the hegemony concept is working with friends.

K.P., Canada


Whichever words are used to describe our cunning Islamic propagandists, should flow from the tongue.

Words that grab the urban vernacular.


So, Islamo-domination....




Islamic domino-effect.....


Gordon Cooper, Australia


Good suggestion.

In other words, use a word that's easy, like Islamophobia follows from homophobia.

Hmmm. So Islamo-domination would be better than Islamo-hegemony.

I, by the way, am allergic to the term, Alinsky's Rules for Radicals - I never liked Marxist stuff.

But so many love it. So all over I hear: "Alinksy's Rules for Radicals."

Anyway, we will see what word takes off.


The most simple words are always the most effective: Islamo-Control.

Sassy, Canada


"Islamo-hegemony”… Awesome term!

Gordon Miller, Canada


Thank you Elsa. I love your idea of removing ‘blockages’ – those things that blind us to the nature of the problem we face with respect to Islam and its end-game. And ‘Islamo-hegemony’. Unlike ‘Islamophobia’ that term is 100% accurate but can only be understood when the ‘blockages’ are removed.

Richard Bailey, UK


Islamo-hegemony is a good term. Demonstrates the reason behind our Islamophobia. Islam means to be supreme and the top and only dog in the world.



Interesting Elsa - great to have a word for what is beiing done as then it's easier to call people out on it. I like Islamo-domination as it requires less explanation (at the early stages of its use). But I guess sometimes a word catches on more if it sounds clever and cool!

Jan Ferguson, UK


Hi Elsa.Thanks for another basket of insights. I was always an Islamo-hegemophobiac and will continue to convert others. We need to make our club bigger if we want to stand a fighting chance. They are big, powerful and know every trick in the book and then some - but we, unlike them, have an open mind, whereas they are confined to Mohammed's verses and hadiths. As such we will win in the end.

Paddy O'Connor, Edmonton, Canada


The tide is turning, big time, is my sense. The Liberalss, for instance,had no idea there'd be such an outcry re M-103.

Here's an interview that's inspiring - Nigel Farage from the UK:


posted Feb 25, 2017



Induced, Reduced, Erased.
Islamo-Catatonia and
Fear, Terror,
Energy Blockages,
Fact Blockages.
Plus, Attempts at
Islamo-Hegemony exposed.

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