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I'm wondering: will there be a day that air movement as we know it dies? Second, I've been given information about the Crusades I didn't know - and no, it's not that the Crusades were a response to Islamic aggression.

But first of all, here's something on crazy seeing and not seeing. There's mainstream insistence that we have wonderful screening programs to keep out Islamic terrorists.

Yet the other day when I went to a municipal courthouse to drop off some papers, I couldn't do this easily and quickly. I had to go through the same amount of screening as at an airport. There were security guards with guns - more than at an airport, in fact. How long has this screening been in place, I asked. 5 weeks.

A couple of days later I was at a small community event - with police presence. It's a yearly summer tradition: supper, talent show, fireworks. Families, little kids, teenagers, older people. Since when have there been police, I asked. This was the second year. Why have police? Everyone knows the answer. There's a danger everyone knows about. But no one was mentioning it.

I mentioned the new security measures to a friend who was insisting we had good screening to keep out terrorists. So why the increased security, I answered. You have a point, he said. Right, see no evil, but increase security.

Something else: what's the cost of all this security? There are thousands of small towns across Canada - thousands of community events. There's a courthouse in each city. And there are lots of other Western countries. What is this costing taxpayers? How high will the cost go?

And then, since it's important to be unprejudiced, of course any hiring will not discriminate against people from any group. But what if, as the saying goes, one is open to hiring foxes to guard the henhouse - in this case, if one is open to hiring people who adhere to an ideology that advocates the destruction of our civilization, to keep us and our civilization safe?

And now, the two questions. First, will there be a day, despite security measures, that air movement as we know it dies? In other words, will there be a day with many Islamic jihad attacks against airplanes. My guess is that all Western counter-terrorism agencies have asked themselves this.

In France, in the recent murder of an old priest, one of the 2 Islamics shouting Allahu Ackbar had worked as an airport baggage handler.

I keep coming across similar information. Someone who went off to join ISIS had worked at an airport. Another ISIS recruit had been in the army of the European country he came from. Yet another had been working at airport security.

News flash:
A veteran police officer with one of the nation's most prominent transit systems, DC Metro Transit, has been arrested for allegedly trying to supply communication devices to ISIS, officials said.

Some of these people - like the priest's murderer - were even on terrorist watch lists, while working at airports.

And what about Islamic pilots? All along there has been speculation that the downing of Malaysian airline flight 370 in March 2014 was a jihad suicide-massacre. I recently came across an expert claiming that there is now evidence that the plane was piloted into the water.

And in case you should think that these are all lone wolf attacks, here's another news flash:

Elite Cell Directs ISIS’s EU Attacks
According to documents obtained by the Times, the unit s part internal police force, part external operations branch. Its sole job is to export terrorists abroad and to recruit others to carry out attacks in their home countries. When Harry Sarfo tried to join the Islamic State terror group in Syria, members of its secret service allegedly told him they needed Europeans like him to stay home and work from there.

It's definitely not just lone wolves. A headline reads:
IS plans to hit US air bases in Mideast, warn Israelis who hacked into IS web group

Is it enough that some Islamics are against terrorism? The imam at a mosque near the murder of the old priest has refused to bury one of the terrorists. He did not want to sully Islam by doing this.

But other Islamic terrorist attacks have happened since.

Is it enough for people in the West to do their best to forge connections with Islamics? The murdered priest and the imam who refused to bury the terrorist were part of the same interfaith group. The church had even given church land for the building of a mosque.

My sense (from the evidence): as long as the content of the Quran is unchanged (and no one is allowed to modify the content, on pain of death), there will continue to be fuel for Islamic terrorism.

If you have any doubt, or are having a hard time convincing someone else about this, get your copy of The Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam:

And now, as always all the best to all who care and dare,


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posted Aug 3, 2016



See No Evil,
See No Danger.
But Increase Security.
Airports. Municipal Courts.
General Celebrations.
But Leave Gaps.

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