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If you've been reading the updates for a while, you know that I don't write about just one thing. There are sometimes interviews, often ideas, sometimes music - and lately I've been involved with a crowdfunding drive for Tommy Robinson.

My sense: it's all on the same track, with the same goal in mind - a world where we can flourish, which of course means a world without repressive anti-freedom forces like political correctness and Islam.

The image of the wave rider pulled me when I first saw it: someone heading into a big wave, instead of trying to avoid it. In his case, he seems to be doing it just for fun.

Counter-jiahdis are trying to do more: we're trying to affect the course of things.

That goal of affecting the course of things keeps pulling me to try something a bit different - most recently, the amazingly successful crowdfunding drive! It very likely kept Tommy out of prison. With top rate legal representation, within hours the verdict was, case dismissed, with costs. I don't know how long I'll be on the crowdfunding track. I know I'm not at the end. Within a few days, you'll hear of the next stage - which will be for monthly donations, especially for security.

Now, for another bit of wave-riding: tackling the so-called education system, actually an indoctrination system. I'll be speaking on that topic in Ottawa on June 16 - so if you're anywhere in the area, please come. For everyone else, the speech will be videotaped, so you'll be able to listen a bit later.

Why bother with the education system? Aren't things too urgent?

My answer: it's in the so-called education system where, throughout most of the West, students are taught they may not look, may not judge, may not think. This means, among other things, they may not look at Islam, judge Islam, think about Islam. They're taught, year after year, that the "ignore reality" approach is the only good one - non-judgemental, as if having good judgement were evil. In other words, students are brain wrecked by a toxic indoctrination system. The result: we're all endangered.

In the words of Yuri Bezmenov, defector from the USSR spy system: the purpose of ideological subversion is "to change the perception of reality to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their countrymen."

This is precisely what the so-called education system does, under the guise of teaching students to be nicety-nice and love-dovey.

Next: the poster for the speech. Please also continue to what comes after it - a reader's suggestion re what to do with the politically correct and Islamics.

education, not indoctrination

And now, as always, all the best to all who care and dare,


PS. A reader's suggestion on what to do with bothersome people, like Islamics who want to take over the world. Give them a world. Send them to establish a moon colony - on the dark side of the moon, preferably. Sympathetic politically correct types are encouraged to embark along with the Islamics.

PPS. Finally, once again (especially if you know anyone with illusions about Islam), here is the Quran at a glance:
Several fabulous features:
1. It's in chronological order;
2. It gives a visual impression of how Mohammed's message changed over time;
3. Verses relating to different themes (Allah, Believers, Unbelievers, Jihad) are color-coded and highlighted;
4. All abrogated verses are highlighted with popups of their abrogating verses.

For lots more, come explore

posted May 22, 2016



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