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Freedom of Religion and PRIORITIES.
Top Priority: Liberty until Harm,
Liberty to Flourish,
NOT Freedom of Religion.
Or we have no basis for morality at all.

Lately I've been having one EUREKA after another. I think you will very much appreciate this one. If you make freedom of religion the top priority, you throw morality out the window. All someone needs to do is claim: my god says so. And that's it.

For instance:
My god says: love everyone. My god says: kill your daughter so the winds will blow. My god says: hate everyone who isn't one of us. My god says: kill the Jews. My god says: no killing, not even of insects. My god says: mutilate a female's genitals. My god says: cows are sacred.

Freedom of religion cannot be, due to its inherent amorality, even immorality, the top priority.

If freedom of religion is the top priority, there is no basis for making one moral code more legal than the other. We enter an entirely amoral universe.

And that is happening. For instance, some Islamic leaders in the West are claiming that it's good to cut a female human's genitals, to mutilate them. Why? According to them, their god is in favor of this, and therefore they can do this because of freedom of religion.

What do I say?

In fact, what makes sense?

right and wrong, priorities 2 videos (2 min and 10 min) - on Elsa's Emporium:
on Youtube:
https://youtu.be/r-LTPkvXnQU (2 min),
and https://youtu.be/SaFcG-rwUYU (10 min).

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What makes sense about freedom of religion? Everyone should know the answer. It should be the automatic response because, once you know the answer, you see that it's so utterly obvious.

LIBERTY UNTIL HARM. In other words, your liberty ends where my nose begins. In more general terms, liberty ends, freedom ends, when it calls for or creates harm to another.

Liberty until harm - the phrase is from John Stuart Mills, a 19th century philosopher. When I came across the concept, a long time ago, it made such sense to me.

No throwing gays off buildings. It harms them. No killing people who leave a religion. It harms them. No cutting a woman's genitals. Once again, harm.

In other words, freedom of religion is ONE right among MANY. And it can't be the top priority, when we consider what is needed for humans to flourish. What is needed is clearly not a society in which anything goes, as long as you can find some god or other in favor of this.

So how does one tell right from wrong? Is there a way of knowing? And how does one establish what's most important? Last time I sent out a video about 3 helpful words: harm, flourishing, and priorities.

Here's the video, once again:
(10 min)

What's ethical? Liberty until harm. Liberty to flourish. And priorities based on those 2 Principles.

Here's another answer to the question: what makes sense, rather than an utterly amoral world in which freedom of religion is the top priority?

(5 min)

Thomas Aquinas, a Christian theologian, had another term for reality-based ethics: natural law. (Thank you to Link Byfield, for getting me to realize the connection between reality-based ethics and natural law.)

In other words, what is moral is inherent, rather than arbitrary.

A question. Why don't we all know this? Why don't we all automatically swat down the argument that we cannot be for or against something because of freedom of religion? We've all heard that no one should draw the Islamic prophet, because that offends Islamics, and they have the right to be offended because of their freedom of religion. But non-Islamics are harmed: freedom of expression is curtailed. Further, non-Islamics are threatened with physical violence - utterly unacceptable.

So, why don't we automatically, the way people may swat down flies with a fly-swatter, splat the argument about freedom of religion into oblivion with LIBERTY UNTIL HARM, AND ONLY UNTIL HARM?

I can think of at least 3 answers. First, there is fear. Many people fear, often without being aware of it, doing or saying or even thinking anything that could get Islamic and Left wrath directed at them. I did a video on this recently:

FEAR IS THE KEY. Fear, Islam, and the Suicide of the West
(9 min)

Second, there's the deadly anti-thinking movement in the West (in all probability linked to the fear). Instead of kids being taught to think, they're brainwashed (brain-numbed, brain-wrecked) with, for instance: it's wrong to be judgmental, who are we to judge, everything is relative. In other words, those who live in places with human rights, as defined in the West, are indoctrinated against seeing that these rights have value. Instead, they're indoctrinated against knowing why their values have intrinsic worth.

The third answer comes from the question: who benefits from this anti-thinking bias? Islam certainly benefits. Also, many of those with a non-Western ideology benefit. Anyone out to destroy the West benefits.

More below. But that's it for my main idea.

All the best to all who care and dare,


PS. Below:
- a request from Roy White, re textbook validation;
- a eureka from Dorene Weisberg, on using the term, Islamic Supremacists;
- hidden facts about atrocities to Germans, from Heidi Mund;
- praise for What's Right? What's Wrong? 3 Helpful Words

The request from Roy White. Needed: more people to do textbook validation. Kids are getting a "narrative" about history and Islam that is often far from facts. I keep hearing people wonder about what they can do. Here's something important for people concerned about the textbooks given to children: training for textbook validation. For instance, in one textbook there were over 1,000 factual errors. Last year, there were 2 online groups of 50 people being trained for textbook validation. In the upcoming year, there will be 4 online groups. Here's information on how to become part of the team:

Lt Col (ret) Roy White, Executive Director
Truth in Textbooks
706 E. Blanco  
Boerne TX 78006


A eureka moment from Dorene Weisberg - on a word she'd like us to use, just as the Left uses the term, White Supremacists:

Here's a EUREKA one from me. You can share it. Make it VIRAL. Whatever.

Building on the (supposed) biggest challenge of Western society today - i.e. Neo-Nazi "White Supremacists" - let's start calling out the Islamic Supremacists.

That would make it easier to have a discussion with so-called moderates - ask them if they're for it or against it.

Islamic Supremacists believe Sharia should replace manmade laws. So we can also call them Sharia Supremacists.

Language manipulation is a tool of the left. We can use this one back at them.


Heidi Mund came upon hidden facts about atrocities to Germans. Heidi is the brave German woman who burst on the international counter-jihad scene when she unfurled a German flag in the church where an imam was calling out: http://elsasblog.com/good-trust.html

Recently, she and her husband, Mathias, found a bit of German history they were unaware of - the rape and murder of Germans, and their mass burial, after the end of World War II. Here are her words, plus a video:

Mathias and I (Heidi Mund) have been in Ost Preußen, East Prussia in August 2017 for four days. This part of Germany was given by the Allies America, UK, France and Russia to the Russians, two other parts of our country to Poland UNTIL we would get a PEACE CONTRACT with those two countries . . . . But we Germans have never got a peace contract TILL TODAY and we did not get our whole country back! We also do not have a constitution after 70 (!) years. 

Yes it was very bad, what our forefathers did. They let Hitler arise and they believed him. By the way Hitler had also some friends politicians from countries you would never believe. My people were guilty and they had to pay for it. BUT what I have found out is, that at the end of the War other nations murdered MY people, raped them, took away our land.

Just a question: If someone would have taken away from the Americans Florida or California, would you all not want to have it back? Would you not fight for your country?

I did not see Kaliningrad or a Russian territory there, I SAW GERMANY, MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY WITH MORE THAN 700 YEARS OF GERMAN HISTORY and I cried. It hurt me deep inside of my heart. Everywhere Mathias and I found castles, houses, rivers, bridges, churches, monuments from our German history on this part of German land in very bad conditions. I only could weep. I had a very hard time there.

I did not know so much about our history and TODAY I only can say the history I was taught is NOT the real German history. One part was faked.

Did you know, that (nobody knows the exact number) officially around 3 million German people died, during the time they had to flee out of these east parts of Germany? They were mostly old people, women, children and probably most of them not Nazis! They were refugees. Did you know, that this was the plan of the 4 nations: USA, UK, France and Russia? Did you know, that it was not planned AFTER the war, but before?

I believe it is time, after 70 years to speak out the truth, the whole truth as much as we know it. I always thought, that only the Nazis wanted to have whole Germany back. But this is not true. It is our right as Germans to get OUR land back. I also want my whole country back! And we want to have our own constitution, we want to be sovereign again. We are normal people like everyone else too. We want to be free again!!!!

Close to the most eastern point of Germany in Schlossberg we found one of the mass graves of German soldiers and civilian population and four big tombstones on either side inscribed on the front and on the back with their names. Someone had raised a big cross. Beside lies a big rock (maybe another grave stone) with the words from Hebrews 13:8 in big letters upon it:

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever." in German of course.

Russians murdered my people and buried them there. There must be more mass graves, but it is not known yet, where they might be. 

The blood of Jesus Christ covers all the guilt, but the truth must be spoken out! Yes the Germans were guilty, but what about the others? Will someone speak about their guilt too??? Only God knows everything, what is still hidden.

We want to have OUR whole country back!


Finally, praise for What's Right? What's Wrong - 3 Helpful Words:

Excellent points!! Muslims and multiculturalists may be offended. However those who are not allowed to discuss all important subjects because it offends someone are actually HARMED. Likewise it is true that we cannot flourish if we are not allowed to explore, discuss.

Another very important point about TRUTH. Indeed it is fear of Islamic terrorism, not genuine caring about Muslim sensitivities.



I will end with unearthing hidden truths. I've been learning so many truths: about the Crusades (a response to Islamic conquests), about the horror of Islam in Spain (vs the myth of a multicultural paradise), about the reality of huge Communist and Islamic infiltration in the West (vs what most Westerners have been taught to believe, about evil Commie hunters and nasty Islamophobes). And a few days ago, I had the EUREKA I started with, about freedom of religion - that this can never be the NOT top priority.

I shake my head. Bill Warner created the term, Political Islam, showing that Islam is 85% political - in other words not religious - and therefore that 85% is not covered by "freedom of religion." But nothing whatsoever should be covered by freedom of religion, not if the religion violates something more important - like freedom of speech and freedom from physical harm.

For lots more, come explore

posted Sept 7, 201

Freedom of Religion and PRIORITIES.
Top Priority: Liberty until Harm,
Liberty to Flourish,
NOT Freedom of Religion.
Or we have no basis for morality at all.



Freedom of Religion and PRIORITIES.
Top Priority: Liberty until Harm,
Liberty to Flourish,
NOT Freedom of Religion.
Or we have no basis for morality at all.


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