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OPEN LETTER to all members
Re the massacre of 50 Islamics at 2 mosques,
and the 34,816 Islamic jihad attacks between
9/11 and April 4, 2019 .

Note: email addresses to New Zealand
members of parliament are provided below,
in case you would also like to write.

Dear Member of Parliament,

I am writing to you because it seems likely that you are lacking vital information on Islam.

First, of course you reacted, as I did, with natural horror to the massacre of 50 Islamics at the 2 mosques.

However, in New Zealand, mourning those murdered was mixed, first, with largely uncritical positive regard for Islam, and also with virtually no acknowledgement of other horrific massacres worldwide - such as the massacre of 200 Christians by Islamics in Nigeria in the 4 days before the massacre, or the murder of 3 non-Islamics on public transport in Utrecht, Holland, by an Islamic terrorist just the day after, or the 34,815 murderous Islamic jihad terror attacks between 9/11 and April 4, 2019 (the day I checked).

But that is not why I am writing you.

I am writing to offer a very quick and easy introduction to Islamic ideology - a 9-minute video for children, intended to be shown to children worldwide, as part of any education on Islam. This will introduce you to the 3 essential doctrines of Islam, including al Walaa wal Baraa.

Here is a link:
Islam - Who, What, and How
On LiveFreedom.net:
kids' video - Islam - Who What How

The content of the video has been verified by Dr Bill Warner, probably the world’s foremost authority on Islam. Scholarly sources have been provided for everything in the video.

I will also include another link, to further vital information on Islam, notably Islamic history:

Finally, as the Islamic call to prayer was broadcast widely in New Zealand, it makes sense that people are informed regarding its content. According to Tomas Samuel, a a former imam, the prayer call states that everyone should submit to Islam, and proclaims power over the area of the prayer.

Why should everyone submit to Islam?

As you likely did notice, an imam from one of the mosques blamed the Jews for the New Zealand massacre. As you probably are not aware, 9% of the Quran is anti-Semitic - a higher percentage of anti-Semitism than is found in Hitler’s Mein Kampf (7%). (Source: Dr Bill Warner.)

Why is the New Zealand government encouraging submission to a religion in which 9% of the core text is anti-Semitic? Further, the Quran contains numerous calls for Islamics to murder those it terms infidels: for instance, Slay the idolaters wherever you find them (9:5).

To massacre is manifestly wrong, whether it is of 50 Islamic people in New Zealand, or via 34,816 Islamic jihad terror attacks of non-Islamic people worldwide.

I hold that it would be far better to speak out against massacres, than to ignore 34,816 massacres and concentrate on only one. I also hold that it is important to look closely at all ideologies, religious and non-religious.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Elsa Schieder, PhD

For lots more, come explore

posted April 4, 2019

OPEN LETTER to all members
Re the massacre of 50 Islamics at 2 mosques,
and the 34,816 Islamic jihad attacks
against non-Islamics.

By the way, in case you are interested in writing to the New Zealand members of parliament, here are the email addresses.


Prime Minister:
Jacinda.Ardern@parliament.govt.nz, j.ardern@ministers.govt.nz

Deputy Prime Minister:

Members of Parliament (batch 1 - 44):
Todd.Muller@parliament.govt.nz, David.Carter@parliament.govt.nz, Eugenie.Sage@parliament.govt.nz, Simon.Bridges@parliament.govt.nz, Paul.Eagle@parliament.govt.nz, Ron.Mark@parliament.govt.nz, JulieAnne.Genter@parliament.govt.nz, Maureen.Pugh@parliament.govt.nz, Liz.Craig@parliament.govt.nz, Alastair.Scott@parliament.govt.nz, greg.oconnor@parliament.govt.nz, Jan.Logie@parliament.govt.nz, Ruth.Dyson@parliament.govt.nz, Marama.Davidson@parliament.govt.nz, Scott.Simpson@parliament.govt.nz, Harete.Hipango@parliament.govt.nz, Stuart.Nash@parliament.govt.nz, Joanne.Hayes@parliament.govt.nz, Jennifer.Marcroft@parliament.govt.nz, Shane.Reti@parliament.govt.nz, Stuart.Smith@parliament.govt.nz, Trevor.Mallard@parliament.govt.nz, Deborah.Russell@parliament.govt.nz, David.Seymour@parliament.govt.nz, Nuk.Korako@parliament.govt.nz, Jacqui.Dean@parliament.govt.nz, Aupito.william.sio@parliament.govt.nz, Mark.Patterson@parliament.govt.nz, Denise.Lee@parliament.govt.nz, James.Shaw@parliament.govt.nz, Judith.Collins@parliament.govt.nz, Paula.Bennett@parliament.govt.nz, Iain.Lees-Galloway@parliament.govt.nz, Jamie.Strange@parliament.govt.nz, David.Parker@parliament.govt.nz, Clare.Curran@parliament.govt.nz, Paul.Goldsmith@parliament.govt.nz, Nikki.Kaye@parliament.govt.nz, Melissa.Lee@parliament.govt.nz, Todd.McClay@parliament.govt.nz, Philip.Twyford@parliament.govt.nz, Brett.Hudson@parliament.govt.nz, Jian.Yang@parliament.govt.nz, Jami-Lee.Ross@parliament.govt.nz

Members of Parliament (batch 2 - 43):
Hamish.Walker@parliament.govt.nz, Tim.Macindoe@parliament.govt.nz, gareth.hughes@parliament.govt.nz, Parmjeet.Parmar@parliament.govt.nz, Nicola.Willis@parliament.govt.nz, Tracey.Martin@parliament.govt.nz, Golriz.Ghahraman@parliament.govt.nz, Willie.Jackson@parliament.govt.nz, Mark.Mitchell@parliament.govt.nz, Angie.Warren-Clark@parliament.govt.nz, Christopher.Finlayson@parliament.govt.nz, Meka.Whaitiri@parliament.govt.nz, Jo.Luxton@parliament.govt.nz, Willow-Jean.Prime@parliament.govt.nz, Jan.Tinetti@parliament.govt.nz, Kelvin.Davis@parliament.govt.nz, Peeni.Henare@parliament.govt.nz, Ian.Mckelvie@parliament.govt.nz, Jenny.Salesa@parliament.govt.nz, Chloe.Swarbrick@parliament.govt.nz, Fletcher.Tabuteau@parliament.govt.nz, Sarah.Dowie@parliament.govt.nz, Christopher.Bishop@parliament.govt.nz, Darroch.Ball@parliament.govt.nz, Dan.Bidois@parliament.govt.nz, Andrew.Falloon@parliament.govt.nz, Virginia.Andersen@parliament.govt.nz, Gerry.Brownlee@parliament.govt.nz, Barbara.Kuriger@parliament.govt.nz, David.Clark@parliament.govt.nz, Chris.Hipkins@parliament.govt.nz, erica.stanford@parliament.govt.nz, Lawrence.Yule@parliament.govt.nz, simon.oconnor@parliament.govt.nz, Nanaia.Mahuta@parliament.govt.nz, Nick.Smith@parliament.govt.nz, Kiri.Allan@parliament.govt.nz, Matt.King@parliament.govt.nz, Nathan.Guy@parliament.govt.nz, Amy.Adams@parliament.govt.nz, matthew.doocey@parliament.govt.nz, Rino.Tirikatene@parliament.govt.nz, Maria.Lubeck@parliament.govt.nz

Members of Parliament (batch 3 - 19):
Maggie.Barry@parliament.govt.nz, David.Bennett@parliament.govt.nz, Kieran.McAnulty@parliament.govt.nz, Tamati.Coffey@parliament.govt.nz, Carmel.Sepuloni@parliament.govt.nz, kris.faafoi@parliament.govt.nz, Andrew.Little@parliament.govt.nz, Simeon.Brown@parliament.govt.nz, Priyanca.Radhakrishnan@parliament.govt.nz, Clayton.Mitchell@parliament.govt.nz, Shane.Jones@parliament.govt.nz, Alfred.Ngaro@parliament.govt.nz, Tim.vandeMolen@parliament.govt.nz, Michael.Woodhouse@parliament.govt.nz, Raymond.Huo@parliament.govt.nz, Andrew.Bayly@parliament.govt.nz, ksb@parliament.govt.nz, damien.oconnor@parliament.govt.nz, anahila.kanongata?a-suisuiki@parliament.govt.nz

Members of Parliament (batch 4 - 41)
nathan.guy@national.org.nz, andrew.falloon@national.org.nz, nick.smith@national.org.nz, marja.lubeck@parliament.govt.nz, denise.lee@national.org.nz, todd.mcclay@national.org.nz, david.bennett@national.org.nz, david.carter@national.org.nz, poto.williams@parliament.govt.nz, duncan.webb@parliament.govt.nz, chris.bishop@parliament.govt.nz, simon.bridges@national.org.nz, matt.doocey@parliament.govt.nz, hamish.walker@national.org.nz, tim.macindoemp@parliament.govt.nz, harete.hipango@national.org.nz, louise.upston@national.org.nz, chris.penkmp@parliament.govt.nz, phil.twyford@parliament.govt.nz, anne.tolley@national.org.nz, damien.oconnor@parliament.govt.nz, bakshi.mp@parliament.govt.nz, lawrence.yule@national.org.nz, michael.woodhouse@national.org.nz, gerry.brownlee@national.org.nz, nikki.kaye@national.org.nz, paula.bennettmp@parliament.govt.nz, megan.woods@parliament.govt.nz, nicky.wagner@national.org.nz, sua.william.sio@parliament.govt.nz, agnes.loheni@parliament.govt.nz, simeon.brown@national.org.nz, kiritapu.allan@parliament.govt.nz, jonathan.coleman@national.org.nz, louisa.wall@parliament.govt.nz, tim.vandemolen@national.org.nz, melissa.lee@national.org.nz, michael.wood@parliament.govt.nz, jonathan.young@national.org.nz, amy.adams@national.org.nz, jenny.marcroft@parliament.govt.nz

NOTE: the first 3 batches are from a government site, the last batch from an outside source.

NOTE ALSO: The emails have been put in batches of under 50, as emailers often do not send to more than 50 addresses at a time.



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