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"An unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates
"Unexamined words are not worth uttering." - Elsa

For instance, many people say, All religions are basically the same.

That means, with just the slightest examination, that the Aztec religion, which features massive amounts of human sacrifice, is basically the same as the Jain religion, in which compassion and non-violence are central.

Socrates and I would definitely agree:
Unexamined words are not worth uttering.
In fact, check out his Socratic method, in which he keeps examining what people are saying, showing the logical conclusions of their words (which makes the people less than happy).

So I made a poster, which starts with Socrates' words, which ends with a question. Feel free to share:
Socrates, Elsa - unexamined life, unexamined words
All the best to all who care to THINK and dare to THINK - to use logic and come to logical conclusions.


PS. Here, in just 5 minutes, is the story of a hero, someone I'd never heard of. He volunteered to get into Auschwitz, to find out if the reports coming out were true. And that's only a small part of his heroism:
By the way, he did get into Auschwitz and got the info out. It was so horrific people did not believe. And the Holocaust continued.
Another by the way: so many people hold that Germans must have known about the Holocaust. These are UNEXAMINED WORDS. If people could not believe the eyewitness account of someone who had volunteered to get into Auschwitz to provide exactly that, how could people far away, with no eyewitness accounts and "news" reports of work camps, believe anything so utterly horrific?

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An unexamined life is not worth living.
Unexamined words are not worth uttering.

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posted Nov 8, 2017



An unexamined life is not worth living.
Unexamined words are not worth uttering.

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