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Moderate Nazis vs Moderate Muslims.
Nazis during World War II vs Islamics now.
Who's more extreme?
Why don't we know this?

I'm writing because I have thoughts sparked by a reader - let's call him Sam - who wondered about reforming Islam. My quick reply: next there will be a call for a reformed Nazism. This makes more sense, in fact, as Nazism does not claim to be god-inspired and utterly perfect, plus it's less anti-Semitic (7% of Mein Kampf, vs 9% of the Quran).

I wasn't being serious. I know there won't be any call for a reformed Nazism (thank goodness!). I know that Nazism is generally seen in the West as utterly evil, as are Nazis. Yet this view exists while, over and over, we're urged not to have any negative response to Islam or Muslims.

Sam responded by asking me: was there such a being as a moderate Nazi?!?!?!

My answer: until the end of World War II, definitely YES.

How did I get to this answer? On the same day as the exchange with Sam, another email appeared in my inbox. It includes information I didn't have: Even without any serious public opposition the Nazis went to considerable lengths, in the midst of a most tremendous war, to persuade the mass of Germans that Jews were simply being resettled or, at worst, used as forced labour.
Gary Henderson - https://livinginamadhouse

Why would top Nazis care to persuade Germans that Jews were simply being resettled or, at worst, used as forced labour? The answer, to me, seems pretty evident: they expected most Germans (which would include the 7% who were card-carrying Nazis) to be what one might call moderate Nazis. In other words, they expected Germans to be anti-Semitic, to believe things like that the world was controlled by dangerous Jewish Communist bankers. (I have always rolled my eyes at the thought of Communist bankers.) But they did not expect Germans to be in favor of exterminating Jews - or why would they try to hide the existence of the death camps?

(Re anti-Semitism: this was rampant throughout the West. Just one example: in Canada during World War II, the prime minister held, about desperate Jewish refugees with nowhere to go except back to Germany, that "one is too many.")

Here's yet another reason to believe that, until the end of World War II, most Germans, including those who were Nazis, were at most moderate Nazis. Hitler's "final solution" - the murder of all Jews - is not in Mein Kampf (1925). In fact, Hitler only committed to it in 1942, after his meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Until then, the favored plan actually was resettling the Jews. So how could run-of-the-mill Nazis, en masse, have favored something that even Hitler was not yet favoring?

My guess, given the evidence: until the end of World War II, there were more moderate Nazis than there currently are moderate Islamics.

Why go on about this? Because most people in the West believe that all Nazis were what might be called radical or extreme Nazis. At the same time, a huge number of people in the West insist that almost all Muslims are moderate. In both cases, the evidence indicates the opposite.

My question: Why is this? Who is pushing these beliefs?

By the way, anyone who stayed Nazi, or became Nazi, after the end of WW II, is almost certainly a radical or extreme Nazi (what we usually call a Nazi) - because after the end of WW II, the existence of the death camps became known worldwide. They became, in fact, what Nazism is most known for.

More thoughts. I remember interviewing Raheel Raza, definitely a moderate Islamic - she's against Sharia and wants to reform Islam. She talked about how she cried for hours over passages in the Quran. In the end she stayed with Islam. I didn't feel sympathy for her. Imagine a Nazi saying the same thing about Mein Kampf (which does not call for the killing of the Jews, whereas Islamic religious texts do call for the killing of apostates and infidels) - that they cried and cried for hours . . . and yet stayed Nazi.

There's more to this. I remember my caring pro-human-rights pro-Jewish father saying, anguish in his voice, "We did not know. We did not know." The anguish came from his having the knowledge that, though he was speaking the truth, most people did not believe him. He found out about the Holocaust after the end of the war - including that everyone had been murdered in the one Jewish family from his village, including little Ernst, my father's friend and classmate. My father had believed what he was told, that the family was being taken into safe-keeping. "We did not know. We did not know."

He also said, with the same kind of intensity, "They firebombed Dresden. No one there but women and children and old people. And they firebombed it. Hundreds of thousands burned to death." The intensity, anguish really, came from his sense that, again, no one believed this.

I was silent. In fact, I didn't believe him about Dresden. How could the good guys, the anti-Nazis, have firebombed a city with only women and children and old people? I didn't think my father was intentionally lying. I was sure someone had lied to him.

I only came to believe Dresden had been firebombed when I read Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. Kurt Vonnegut - an American prisoner of war who survived the firebombing by being 5 stories below ground level. In other words, for me Vonnegut was a credible source. He would have no reason for lying.

I call myself a truth sleuth. So much truth to unearth - including that, during World War II, Nazis were almost certainly more moderate, on the average, about Jews than a huge number of current Islamics.

This isn't the first time I've written about Nazis, and contrasted the general Western attitude to Nazism and Nazis, to the general Western attitude about Islam and Islamics:

Here's one reason for my explorations:
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don't want to just say what has already been said.

Also, I was brought up in the West, and was caught by the fiction that most Germans knew about the Holocaust. I strongly believe that truth matters.

What's my general position on reforming Islam? My parents left Catholicism because they found too much wrong with it. I likewise hold that, if there's a lot that's bad in something, it's best to get away from it, whether this is Communism, Islam, Nazism.

But instead we have the powers-that-be doing their best to ensure that non-Islamics don't look at Islamic ideology, and instead pity the poor Islamics, whereas it might be natural to wonder about them, since they adhere to the ideology of al Walaa wal Baraa.

And if Islamics are not informed about their own ideology, it makes sense, not to keep them not knowing, but to inform them - as Germans were informed about the horrors of the extermination camps.

Instead, we have show trials of people who tell the truth about Islam, to scare and silence as many non-Islamics as possible. We have one jihad attack after another, and the outcry is, time after time: we must beware of any increase in prejudice against Islamics.

Alice in Wonderland landed in a world of total sanity, compared to the world we inhabit.

I have yet another thought: top Nazis worked to deceive their fellow citizens - whereas Islamic representatives, like from CAIR, do what they can to stop non-Islamics (not fellow Islamics) from recognizing the truth about Islam. A striking difference.

All the best to all who care and dare,


PS. A few ago, I had yet another glimpse of the current insanity at a mild pro-freedom of speech rally. Against us (about 50 people) were several hundred masked chanting haters - Communists and anarchists, mostly - kids, mostly, products of the so-called education system which had clearly failed to instill respect for difference.

At first, police protection was in the form of maybe 20 police officers. They were clearly not going to be enough. Suddenly we were asked to move aside. I turned. It looked like Darth Vader to the rescue: about 50 riot police, shields up.

Here's a video on that rally. Excellent interviews, especially an attempt at an interview with one of the haters:

The whole PC hate-rage-silence-destroy movement brings to mind my college students, who could not understand how anyone could be taken in Nazism. So easy to brainwash people!

PPS. By the way, here are the sites of the person who sent the information on top Nazis doing their best to keep Germans believing Jews were only being rounded up for their safety:

PPPS. Here are 6 words, from Islam, relating to not telling the truth about Islam in order to benefit or advance Islam. I've kept getting them mixed up. So I wanted them all together:
- Taqiyya - saying something that isn't true to benefit Islam;
- Tawriya - intentionally creating a false impression re Islam;
- Kitman - lying by omission - for example, quoting a fragment of verse 5:32 (that if anyone kills "it shall be as if he had killed all mankind") while neglecting to mention that the rest of the verse and the next mandate murder for "corruption" and "mischief;" 
- Muruna - 'blending in' by setting aside some practices of Islam or Sharia in order to advance others;
- Taysir – deceit through facilitation;
- Darura – lying out of necessity.

For lots more, come explore

posted Oct 7, 2017

Moderate Nazis vs Moderate Muslims.
Nazis during World War II vs Islamics now.
Who's more extreme?
Why don't we know this?



Moderate Nazis vs Moderate Muslims.
Nazis during World War II vs Islamics now.
Who's more extreme?
Why don't we know this?

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