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NITSANA Darshan-Leitner,
Bankrupting Terrorism,
One Lawsuit at a Time.
And ELSA, with a Request.

Today, I'm writing because I have 3 things for you. My favorite kind of show trial. A request. And a suggestion.

First, my favorite kind of show trial: one that shows the good guys winning, and the bad guys taking a beating. We need a lot more of those - instead of bacon-related "crimes" that lead to trials ending in conviction and a prison sentence.

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner - Israeli Law Center - Surat HaDinNitsana Darshan-Leitner has headed one trial after another where justice has prevailed. She's known as "the woman who makes terrorists squirm."

Why? She's a lawyer. She and her team use the law with this goal: "Bankrupt terrorism. One lawsuit at a time." They have created Shurat HaDin - the Israel Law Center. So far, the lawsuits brought into court by the Israel Law Center have been awarded over one BILLION dollars. And the Israel Law Center has collected over ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION. All of it has been given to the victims of terrorism.

Nitsana has been rated one of the 50 most influential Israelis.

On top of everything else, Nitsana is a wife and mother of six, including triplets.

When I asked her about her childhood, the one thing that stood out for her was her family's emphasis on justice. Getting justice has very clearly stayed central in her life.

For more, here's the interview (plus the chance to donate to the Israel Law Center):

One last thing about the interview: when was it done? In late 2014 - almost 3 years ago. What happened? Shurat HaDin has gone on fabulously. On my side, for a few months, I ran out of time and energy.

And that brings me to a request. It's taken me a long time to make this request, in a serious way.

The request: please donate to me, to help me with the work I'm doing.
Please donate to Elsa - ideas, kids' video, music, interview and more
Why donate? First, because you can afford to. If you're struggling financially, please take care of yourself and those around you. Second, because you consider you're getting lots of good stuff - in fact because you consider that you're getting more than whatever you might give.

What are you getting? It includes:
- a sendout about once a week;
- lots of ideas and explorations, most of all about Islam and the PC;
- interviews, currently on the show trials;
- a kids' video on Islam that has been a surprise success;
- music and comedy;
- longer writings, including a Guide to Islam, The Big BUT System, and Think or Sink.
I've also been involved in fund-raising, notably for Tommy Robinson.

What do people say? Almost each week, I get praise:

Great work!

Thank you Elsa! You are a blessing!

Love the word, Islamoimbecelic. lol 

Did I tell you yet today that you're brilliant?!  YOU'RE TOTALLY BRILLIANT! This is a clinching argument. 

Very enlightening!
Thanks for sharing.

EXCELLENT. Wonderful work.

This is AWESOME!!
My heart was beating faster as I got into it - at the prospect of what this could achieve. 

With best wishes to you, and thank you for all your work  (-:

POWERFUL! BRILLIANT! "Stop the Show Trials" - Yes! I love this approach!

Thank you. 
Your mails are like vitamin.
Most stimulating.

For more about what you're getting, including a 2-minute video, plus to donate: http://ElsasBlog.com/please-donate.html

Why else might you give?
I'm one person. I have only so much time, energy, money. When I run out, I run out.

You see what gets done. There's so much else I'd love to be able to do. There's a major project I keep starting. There are projects that have not been completed. For instance, I have another interview from 3 years ago. It includes a response to an argument I've heard many times: no matter how bad Islam is, it must continue because over 1.5 billion people are Islamics. I'll be sending out the interview in a couple of weeks.

I love what I'm doing, taking part in the global work to protect freedom of speech and other human rights from the forces against these rights. I'm glad to be able to do what I'm doing.

Donations would be great, so I could do more.

You can click to donate:

Or you can donate here:

And then, a suggestion. Nothing happens until action is taken. So here's the suggestion: if you're not already doing something along these lines, try to do AN ACTION A DAY. In fact, I try to take several actions a day FOR freedom of speech, FOR full living, FOR truth and justice. Many are tiny actions - an answer to an email, a comment to a friend.

I've started a Facebook group for people whom I call activists. In other words, we care to DO something. The group is Live Freedom - a place where you can post about whatever you're doing, thinking about, trying to figure out.

I'd really like this to become a place to connect.

Here's the link to join:

All the best to all who care and dare,


PS. Other ways to connect:
Facebook - WorldTruthSummit:



PPS. Last week I wrote about moderate Nazis, in comparison with moderate Islamics. A reader sent her mother's experience. Her mother's first trip abroad was to the continent in the 1930's, to Germany and Italy. In both countries, there were lots of uniformed young men, charming, polite, and enthusiastic about their countries. None of the people came across as out to kill masses of their fellow citizens. In other words, moderate Nazis, moderate fascists. For the full post: http://elsasblog.com/171007-moderate-nazis-vs-moderate-muslims.html

THE COMMENT: Abolish Dual Citizenship (you're either Canadian/American/etc or something else. If you're something else, be a visitor, then leave).
MY RESPONSE: I AM FINE WITH DUAL (and triple) CITIZENSHIP. It has to do with ideology, for me, not citizenship. Especially in this current world with so much movement, I see the importance of allowing dual citizenship. For instance, there's currently a mass movement back to their native countries of East European citizens who have living in Britain for decades. It would be terrible if they were stuck in the increasingly Islamicized Britain.

PPPPS. GREAT NEWS FROM AUSTRIA, for those against mass immigration and the Islamization of Europe. People's Party Sebastian Kurz, 31, declares victory. There will be a coalition with the Freedom Party, also anti-mass immigration. Another step toward the end of the EU? In fact, will Austria break with the EU ahead of the UK? The news is especially encouraging after the mainstream parties have kept control of the Netherlands and France and even Germany. (Kurz's hair style and biggish ears, by the way - like my Austrian father.)
Austria, Sebastian Kurz, Freedom Party

PPPPPS. And just in, from a friend. Feel free to share
freedom of speech

PPPPPS.Do i have anything else for you? Yes. I'm very interested in NEUROBIOLOGY, especially how our brains respond to trauma, including trauma that happened generations ago but that has been passed down - for instance, from Islamic invasions. My sense is that some of the widespread non-response to mass Islamic immigration almost certainly links with this. One person whose series I follow is Ruth Buczynski. A big focus is effective strategies for treating trauma:

For lots more, come explore

posted Oct 18, 2017

NITSANA Darshan-Leitner,
Bankrupting Terrorism,
One Lawsuit at a Time.
And ELSA, with a Request.



NITSANA Darshan-Leitner,
Bankrupting Terrorism,
One Lawsuit at a Time.
And ELSA, with a Request.

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