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Martial Arts Tactics
for Dealing with the PC and Islam.
One: Don't Get Locked in Struggle,
Trip Up your Opponent.
Two: Hit from your Center,
at their Center.

Today: thoughts on martial arts tactics, and how they may relate to dealing with the politically correct and Islam. Tactic one: don't get locked in struggle, when there are better ways to get your opponent to fail. For instance, in judo one learns to trip the opponent who is attacking. They fall flat on their face. You are left standing. Tactic two: hit from your center, at their center. For instance, when the power comes from the core of your body, a tap from your elbow in the solar plexus of your opponent can send the person flying for 8 feet.

Okay, how does all this relate to anything outside weird martial arts practices?

Here are a couple of instances. The recent kids' video, Islam - Who, What and How. And the recent videos on freedom of religion.

Everyone has heard of the importance of freedom of religion. One can argue. One can get locked in struggle.

Or one can go:

Oh yes, of course, I completely agree, freedom of religion is very important. And now, here is an absolutely crucial question: where does it fit among priorities? Clearly it's not permissible to kill people so one has slaves in the afterlife, as the pharaohs did. In other words, freedom of religion is clearly a lower priority than freedom from being murdered in the name of religion. So please, let me know where you place freedom of religion among other priorities.

Using this tactic, there's no questioning the importance of freedom of religion; no debate over whether or not Islam is a religion; no debate even over how much Islam is a religion and how much it's a political doctrine.

Is Islam a religion? How much of Islam qualifies as religious? These are important questions. They get many people to see things that had never dawned on them: for instance, that Islam might not qualify as a religion at all; and that, even if part of it does qualify as a religion, much of Islam (over 60%) is not religious but political.

But one can also sidestep those questions. Just as one sticks one's foot out in judo, one can throw in a simple question, and splat, freedom of religion is knocked off its pedestal.

Here are 2 videos which do just that. They're on freedom of religion and PRIORITIES. One is just 2 minutes long, the second just 10 minutes long:

And now, Islam in schools in the West. One way of dealing with the way Islam is being taught in schools in the West is direct engagement: exposing what is taught in the textbooks and classrooms, exposing the visits to mosques (while there are no visits to churches, synagogues, temples), exposing the Islamic prayers non-Islamic students are taught. There can also be direct struggle: attempts to intervene in and alter what is happening - to go through the textbooks, for instance.

All this excellent.

The kids' video, Islam - Who, What and How, takes another approach. It simply presents the truth about Islam in a fun, simple, easy way for kids age 8 and up. It's short - just 9 minutes. And it's jam-packed with truths about Islam:

I'd never done a video for kids, but it struck me that there was nothing that I knew of that taught kids accurately and easily about Islam. I didn't feel like arguing with what is being taught. It's easier sometimes to just tell the truth.

So the kids' video is, once more, like a leg stuck out in judo, which trips up the opponent who is charging full tilt - or in this case exposes the blatant bias in textbooks and teachers who leave out almost everything shown in the video.

By the way, just a couple of days ago, a friend sent me another video, one from Simon Harris, about the way in which schoolchildren are being indoctrinated in Britain with an absurdly rosy picture of Islam. Why send this to me? Toward the end, it includes a clip from the kids' video, presented as a refreshing alternative:

At the start, I mentioned a second martial arts tactic: a quick blow from one's center that sends an opponent flying. A vivid example is Brigitte Gabriel's answer to a Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly:

Why care about tactics? Islam and the PC are not easy to counter.

Am I saying these are the only or anyway the best tactics? No. I'm saying: the more strategies we have, the better. Direct engagement, for instance, can be pivotal.

I like being as effective as possible. Of course I don't know until I try something, if it will work. But in every sport, the top athletes are people who have kept learning and practicing. One thing I've heard from older hockey players (meaning over 40): they play ever so much better than at 20. More injuries, too - but until about 50, barring an injury that stops them from playing, what they keep learning may more than compensate for any slowing down due to age.

Like these ever-learning athletes, I'm very interested in more and better techniques and strategies.

All the best to all of us who keep trying,


PS. A couple of terms. We all know the term, Islamophobic, used to stop people from listening to us. Jim Horn counters that the accurate word is IslamAware. As for those who use the term, these people are either deliberate deceivers or IslamoImbeciles. In other words, they're IslamoImbecilic.

For lots more, come explore

posted September 20, 2017

Martial Arts Tactics
for Dealing with the PC and Islam.
One: Don't Engage in Struggle,
Trip Up your Opponent.
Two: Hit from your Center,
at their Center.



Martial Arts Tactics
for Dealing with the PC and Islam.
One: Don't Engage in Struggle,
Trip Up your Opponent.
Two: Hit from your Center,
at their Center.

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