Getting Through, Getting Heard. How to break through political correctness and get heard with the truth about Islam and Islamic beliefs.

Getting Through, Getting Heard.
How to break through political correctness
and get heard with the truth about Islam and Islamic beliefs.
12 Suggestions.

How do I reach you?
That question touched a nerve!

I sent out the question, "How do I reach you?" Especially, how do we reach people - like about Islam and the dangers of political correctness - when the other has a very different viewpoint?

The response has been amazing. I've never had this kind of response. Long emails. Short emails. Loads and loads of emails. So much thought and effort.

I had obviously hit a nerve.

People care very much to reach others, in this case especially about Islam, when the others are quite closed to hearing anything negative about Islamic beliefs.

People have put lots of thought into figuring out how to get through.

I soon knew I didn't want to keep the answers to myself. So I asked people for permission to post and posted the first set of responses.

But more answers kept coming in. So below are more responses on ways of getting through to people, caring people often, but strongly politically correct.

A big thank you to everyone who wrote. It's a huge thing, trying to get others to listen.


December 4, 2012

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PS. I'm just coming to the close of my first online interview series -
Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths -
Understanding Islam, Understanding the West
I think "how do we reach others" will be a focus of another series.


How to reach people? EDUCATION! Urge people to read books on Islam by authors like Robert Spencer and Bostom. The "Religion Of Peace" myth must be debunked. Recommend web sites that explain Islam and reveal its evil intent. You can't explain it all on your own.

Keep up the good fight and God Bless.

Blake, November 17, 2012


How do we reach people?

Circumstances will reach them in no uncertain terms. And then they'll flip.

in the meantime, hold the line!

Gavin Boby, England, November 14, 2012


On reaching the politically correct and individually insecure, I have found that they tend to hang in a little longer when I refer to "political Islam" rather than just "Islam". As everyone I know has good Muslim friends, most of them seem unable to distinguish between "Islam" and [moderate/religious only] "Muslim". And Jihad, they believe is on the other side of the planet.

Gordon Miller, Canada, November 14, 2012


The best compilation I have seen on the question of how do we get heard is Bill Warner's essay called "Can We Talk". Within it, the single best ploy in my opinion, and the one that I have used most, is when presented with revisionist interpretations to reply with, "I know a Muslim named Muhammad (or Muhammad Rasulullah if I want to get really specific) and he says .... . Do you or your source know Islam better than Muhammad did?"

Jim, December 2, 2012


Bill Warner's ebook is available FREE to everyone who registers for the interview series on on Islam, Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths.

Elsa, Dec 3, 2012


You are reaching people. Thank you for your efforts. People sometimes can only be reached one at a time, and everyone has their own way to "talk" and "listen".

I share your concern. Many people do not like to hear the truth... but the truth does not care.

I am a 40+ year old professional engineer from Nova Scotia Canada. Normally a pretty serious guy. Last summer I put a tattoo on my head because I was tired of people living in ignorance while islam takes our freedom. Now I have an opportunity to warn people wherever I go because people can not help but comment on the tattoo, giving me the opportunity to tell them it is there to warn everyone to never surrender their freedom, especially to Islam.

I have also received death threats from Islamic fascists.

Dan Power, Nova Scotia, Canada, November 14, 2012

Never Surrender Freedom to Islam


I am listening and care.... I receive about 200 emails a day relating to jihadists/Islamists and to a lesser degree American politics. It is impossible to read them all but I try and forward and/ or comment on the more critical ones and send them to selected experts including some of your seminar participants.

I retired early from my profession in order to be more effective in this regard and try to attend at least a 2-3 day intelligence seminar a year.

I have given up on the "official Jews" who mistake a 'wishbone for a backbone'.

My son Ezra is on daily on Sun News media ['the Source']. All four columnists/hosts are staunch supporters of Israel and the Jewish community. This trans Canadian news outlet is unique in its support of Israel.

Here is one video of Ezra on SunNews:

Canada - Still Land of the Free?

You can also see him in many Youtube videos:

Ezra Levant on Youtube

And this is an excellent article on what is happening in Canada in regard to freedom of speech:

Political Correctness Gone Mad in Canada

Healer, Canada, November 15, 2012

Also, click here for riveting articles and videos relating to Ezra Levant's trial for publishing what the world knows as "the Danish cartoons." In one piece, Ezra rebuts that "you're entitled to your opinion." He was faced with a lawsuit that ended up costing him $100,000, and 2 years of his life. The process was draconian. In other words, he was definitely not entitled to his opinion.

Ezra Levant - freedom of speech


How do we reach people? Here is my general comment: those who want to be active in the anti-jihadist movement should attend speeches that praise Islam and politely ask pointed questions. These people are not used to opposition. They are used to preaching to the choir.

In our area, there is a so-called moderate Muslim, a woman born in Saudi Arabia who speaks to small groups. Her viewpoints are no different than those of radical Muslims, just put in more palatable terms. She has delivered addresses open to the public in our library. I did not know until they were over, but learning of her speaking made me ask myself what we could do.

There are, by the way, a number of other possibilities for us. Someone on our side could also deliver an address at a public venue.

The newspaper covered the talks, so Letters to the Editor could be called for. For example, she spoke glowingly of the Arab Spring as if it was not obvious at this point (her speech on the subject was just two months ago) that secular tyrants have been replaced with far worse religious tyrants.

Gloria Stewart, United States, November 18, 2012


What to do? The OIC - the Organization of Islamic Cooperation - is now attacking even those who focus on human rights issues. All the anti sharia groups and individuals need to put together a collective response to these resolutions. The link is from the OIC Foreign Ministers meeting that closed yesterday - November 17, 2012.

Chris Knowles, UK, November 18, 2012


I've tried very hard to convince some of my leftist friends that Islam is a danger to our society, but they hide their heads in the sand. Either they don't want to hear about it or they say they are old and who cares. Well I'm not young but I care. However I find that all of us are preaching to the converted a great deal of the time. Some of us are giving up saying that it's already too late, especially in Europe.

Frankly, I think this will all end in the most awful violence. People will eventually feel so threatened that they'll react violently and then there will be blood on the streets.

Ruth, United States, November 18, 2012


With regards to reaching people when it comes to the threat of Islam, Eric Allen Bell made a good point that for many you just need to sum it all up in one sentence. To paraphrase Eric, it was something like: 'Allah is God, Muhammad is his prophet, and if you don't like it you're going to get hurt.'

This works for many but I'm guessing for the people that you normally come across in your day to day environment that may not.

Here's a way I encapsulate Islam that I like which may work for some of your colleagues. It was something I read on a few years ago and it was an epiphanal moment that has stayed with me ever since. It goes something like this:

Q: Do you believe that human beings have an innate sense of right and wrong? - whether that sense of right and wrong having come about through evolution or perhaps is something God given.

(Everybody, excluding those that deny the existence of morality, I believe would believe we have this innate sense.)

Fact: Are you aware that this innate sense of right and wrong has been moved to one side and replaced with a system of forbidden and permitted in Islam?

(If the listener really sits and thinks about this for a while, then it really does become unsettling as the idea comes in conflict with this inherent characteristic that we possess.)

This concept is backed up in the Qur'an using this verse"

Jihad (holy fighting in Allah's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.

Although the above verse relates to fighting a war, in this case it is however used as the basis to permit all manner of acts which go against our sense of what's right.

Some Muslims will claim that they are to follow their conscience by coming up with other verses but that is not right as the default position for any Muslim on any subject is 'Allah knows best'. If Allah says having sex slaves is ok for Muslims then Allah knows best.

Take care.

Sean, Canada, November 15, 2012


This is about reaching those people who don't think Islam is a threat. We need to ask them to consider the facts. If they do NOT consider the facts which argue against that view, they are supportive if the islamic ideology.

The Muslim Brotherhood has stated its goals. They are: to impose the Shariah worldwide and eliminate all other religions and secular systems, until "only the religion of Allah remains."

Those who don't think they are serious about that, just don't know the facts, or they are supporting the goals of the Brotherhood.

Reaching all those who consider the situation hopeless may not be possible, as you can only lead the horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink. We can only hope to change the minds of those who are still seeking answers and the truth.

I suspect we can reach the most people who fit that description, by internet media and by providing presentations to groups, churches, and associations where open discussion is possible. When the facts no longer matter, we have lost.

"Islamophobia", by the way, is a term made up to weaken opposition to Islam in a society.

Roger Gangitano, November 14, 2012


How do we reach people? I am 72, an ex New Zealand Fire Service, married with 3 children. I have studied Islam a bit over the last year or so. Have read the Koran twice and spent 5 weeks in Turkey and Bosnia, Sebrenicia,
Sarajevo. I have just finished Sharia Politics, by Hefner.

Anyway, communication to me is probably about 80% listening and observing.

The object to me is to win a friend not an argument. Hackneyed I know.

Sow a seed. Someone else waters, etc.

Always look for ways to say, "I agree."

I was talking with a dental assistant once who happened to have Muslim friends. She got her back up as we say in NZ. (Perhaps like one of your cats?) By the end of the conversation I had pointed out the many ways in which we agreed and she ended up by saying that there indeed were some things in the Koran she did not agree with.

Have humour: do not take self too seriously.

Always ask gentle questions.

I asked someone, "if you were not Muslim what would you be?" She struggled with the entire concept of being a "don't know, agnostic". She was intrigued with the idea of religion or world view being divorced from law or politics.

Nobody likes to be told something. Tthey like to discover for themselves.

Try to avoid provocative words such as "you must, don’t you know,you should."
(A soft answer turns aside much wrath.)

Always, if possible, protect the feelings of the other.

Never disparage or belittle.

I was asked once what I thought love was. My definition is "to desire the highest good for the object of one's affection." Of course there is 1st Corinthians 13 but mine is a little shorter and can even relate to your cats.

As a personal aside from the trip my wife, Vera, and I made to Bosnia. When we dropped into the Sarajevo fire station and were invited to lunch, we learned that 6 of the fire fighters had been shot by sniper fire over the course of the war. Most of the fire fighters were Muslim, I believe, as Sarajevo had a majority of Muslim folk. My wife speaks Serbian and as we sat around the table she said she felt awkward eating with people who had been attacked by people of her father's ethnic group. They were at great pains to assure her that she should in no way feel responsible. One fire fighter gave me the shirt off his back as a souvenir (literally). We were warmly invited to park our motorhome in the station yard when we returned.

So much is possible.

I hope you do not mind receiving an "email hug", whatever that might be, from Vera and myself.

I have recommended your site and others to many of my friends.

Peter Mills, New Zealand, December 2, 2012


In regards to reaching Christians about intolerance towards homosexuals, I believe that Christian teaching does not support such. The Old Testament is not Christianity by itself. It is the History of the Hebrews and is primarily Descriptive (as opposed to Prescriptive) in regards to violence and intolerance, etc. Christianity is based on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and the Old Testament must be read in the context of these teachings.

Christianity teaches "Free Will", which means that it is God's will that each individual have the choice to accept God and his teachings or reject God and his teachings and therefore it is a violation of God's will that a man attempt to impose "acceptance" on another man. (This was the basis for the Founder's statement that all men are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.)

Jesus said:
- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
- Judge not unless ye be judged
- Ye who is without sin caste the first stone
- Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you
- Love God and love thy neighbor as thyself.

Therefore, even if I believed that homosexuality is a sin, it is not my place to judge what is sin or not sin for another person, only for myself. I may tell that person that I believe it is a sin, but it is their choice, not mine. It is also not my place to be intolerant towards that person either, because it would be inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Just my 2 cents.

Kurt Vangsness, November 19, 2012


I think that the fundamental error is "trying to get others to listen." I think that what effective communicator must do is to listen most attentively to others. Listen so carefully and ask interested questions that they themselves start seeing things.

I am speaking from the experience of teaching kids mathematics. Kids come up with strangest mathematical inventions. Of course I could just say, "That is wrong, and this how you should do it," and then show them the right way. However, but listening carefully to them, and asking question, they themselves discover why their method does not work, and eventually (with a few leading questions) discover something that works.

Islam is a barbaric Bronze Age system. But saying this to the Muslims will not help.

The most important thing we can do, if we really want to talk with them and help them see the light (I personally don't, I'd rather shame the hell out of them, but that's not very compassionate) ...

Anyway, should someone be so compassionate and care enough to do that, then listening to them, we would discover what really matters, what they really want, and what they are really afraid of.

I can say what I learned for sure from my conversations with Muslims. What they are most afraid of is "losing their women". Yes, that's right, this is the most important part of Islam. Wherever Islam succeeds, the first thing you see is that women are increasingly oppressed. Then come Jews, competing Islamic sects and Hindus, Christians. But women are always first.

Controlling "their" women is what gives them the sense of being "real men". "Their women" talking freely to another man, is as hard on them as marital unfaithfulness is for most other men. Islam is primarily about oppressing, controlling women. Big politics is for the few politicians, but the relationship between men and women is for everyone.

If Israeli women wore burkas Arabs would accept Israel. But Israeli women walking around in shorts, making money and being equal to men, is a death threat to Islam. That's why Israel has to be destroyed.

V, United States, November 18, 2012




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Getting Through, Getting Heard.
How to break through political correctness
and get heard with the truth
about Islam and Islamic beliefs.
12 Suggestions.





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