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M-103 - a motion against Islamophobia - passed in the Canadian parliament, though a majority of Canadians (71% is the figure I've heard) are against it. The vote: 201 in favor, 91 against. It isn't what the government expected when the motion was put forward - they thought it would slip through uncontested. It also isn't what anyone wants, who has any awareness of Islam: we want zero in favor. Now, at best it will be a costly fight to undo the mess the motion has gotten going. Of course, perhaps the majority party's passing the motion will help wipe it off the map in the next election.

There are fights on so many fronts. There's been yet another major jihad attack, in London this time. And a jihad disaster was just averted in Brussels. And Trump has judges blocking very reasonable executive orders; the mainstream media is virulently against him; and on and on.

We don't win them all.

But if there's only one thing I'd like you to remember from this sendout, that isn't it.

What is the one thing I'd like you to remember? Over and over, THE NON-DOMINANT (women, slaves, non-whites, non-heterosexuals, people with physical disabilities, etc) DID NOT TAKE RIGHTS, BUT WERE GIVEN THEM (in good measure). Yes, there was often a huge amount of activism on behalf of and by people in the groups (i.e., by women for women). But it is not slaves who ended slavery in the United States. It is non-slaves, the vast majority of them white, who fought to end slavery. And with many of the non-dominant - those with physical disabilities, say - they are not numerous or powerful enough to take; they must be given fairness, justice.

Think of Gandhi. The British could have had him killed, over and over. They could have let him starve on one of his hunger strikes. They did not. Many British people - millions upon millions - agreed with his demand to end colonialism in India, to return India to Indian control.

Let those raging against the dominant (including many people who are part of dominant groups) take that into account. Gratitude would be in order. Not just rage and denigration.

Instead, ignoring this reality is a major way that large parts of many human rights movements have GONE WRONG. (Yes, there are other major reasons - human psychological factors, infiltration, etc.)

Israel, by the way, has a Grove of the Righteous, where non-Jews who worked to save Jews during World War II are acknowledged. So important.

And now, here's how I got to this insight.

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I'd give a talk on French immersion. I had to think about it. French immersion. That's - seemingly anyway - outside my usual concerns: Islam, political correctness, infiltration, good thinking.

Now I want to thank the person who invited me to speak, Kim McConnell from Canadians for Language Fairness. I've learned how French immersion, seemingly benign, is yet another facet of the tsunami of rights movements GONE WRONG.

For more information and to get updates, write to: clf1@bellnet.ca

What is French immersion, by the way? Here in Canada, it means educating non-French-speaking children in French, in all or most subjects. It sounds so nice - children learning a second language alongside everything else. How could that be even partly negative?

A few facts. The province of Quebec has become basically unilingually French - English road signs, for example, are prohibited. And French schools (mandatory for all children except those with a parent educated in Quebec in English) teach barely any English.

Yet French immersion education is gaining ground among English-speakers throughout Canada. Often the demand for French immersion classes outstrips the supply. So it's many of the supposedly dominant who are going with the demands for bilingualism made by the supposedly oppressed.

But so what, you may say. It's great to speak more than one language.

Here are some facts about French immersion. Parents are warned to expect their children to come home, at least for the first year, crabby and exhausted. So much for having school be a fun experience. Then, most students, even those who stick it out, don't end up fluent in French. There's more. Here's the full talk:
French immersion problems

If you just want to understand more about why we have a tsunami of rights movements gone wrong:
human rights movements gone wrong

As I was putting the talk together, the insight I started with hit me: the non-dominant often did not take rights, but were given them. And often, as is much more widely recognized, as with BlackThugsMatter, many of the non-dominant (or the supposedly non-dominant) are unjust, unfair, uncaring, out of touch with reality. So in Quebec, where the French speaking are the majority (the dominant), the government has prohibited all French-language Quebeckers (unless a parent has been educated in English in Quebec) from going to English schools. In other words, it has taken rights from these people. Why? Clearly, the French language is valued more than people.

That brings me back to French immersion - yet another head of the multi-headed monster we're facing.

We often start by becoming concerned with one problem or another - Islamification, BlackThugsMatter, language fairness.

It's great when our awareness broadens. It helps us see the broader picture, the outraged denigration of all things labeled dominant - whites, the West, English, men. The movements for human rights, one after another, have been taken off course, away from equality, until now we have what I can only call mass madness. The current president of South Africa has suggested taking the land from white farmers - without any compensation. And here is mass madness at Yale, supposedly one of the top American universities: https://youtu.be/xK4MBzp5YwM

I started with: we don't win them all. Yet we go on, not least because there is no other way. If we don't go on, we lose.

I've just finished a book, Terrorist Hunter, about an utterly extraordinary woman who has done so incredibly much to hunt down terrorists, using all her tremendous abilities (including her ability to go undercover into Islamic gatherings) in a world where many government forces do not appreciate her skills. It's a fabulous insider book. I wonder where the woman is now - the book ends in 2003, when she made the decision to go public with her experience of American government failure to use the 100% proven information she provided. I know she did not imagine what was ahead - Obama, for instance.

I mention her at least partly because of the need to go on. She persevered despite her information being taken, over and over, by the FBI and not used. I don't want to say more.

By the way, if anyone knows who she is or even is in contact with her, please pass her my admiration and thank you for all she has done.

There aren't only losses, of course. 91 MPs voted against M-103. Geert Wilders, though he did not win in the Dutch election, did gain seats, while the party in power lost seats. and its main support was decimated. In Australia, there's a movement to declassify Islam as a religion.

ALL AUSTRALIANS, here is more information and a petition:

As I've said before, We've Just Begun:
We've Just Begun - video

All the best,


PS. Another interview, this one with Jurgen Vollrath on Against the Grain:
interview  Jurgen Vollrath - on Think or Sink - Education Not Indoctrination
And re interviews. If you'd like to interview me, press reply and add INTERVIEW to the subject line.

PPS. From a reader: Calling something Islamophobia is verbal terrorism.

PPPS. Re Islamo-hegemony. Early on the negative and positive responses were neck and neck, but now the positive responses have pulled far ahead - including this one:
Elsa... I am so glad I am receiving your sends... the hegemony concept is working with friends.
Absolutely wonderful that someone is USING the word, and that it's proving useful!!!
A reminder: use it or lose it!!

PPPPS. Finally, VERY VERY RELEVANT - Trevor Loudon is a celebrated author, filmmaker and political commentator from New Zealand. He has been researching the radical left for more than 30 years and is the foremost expert on left-wing organizers of mass protests. He will be discussing the radical left-wing philosophy of mass protests, the unique relationship between communism and political Islam, as well as Motion M-103 in the Canadian parliament.
Date - Ottawa: Wed, March 29, 6-8:30 pm
More info: info@actforcanada.ca

You're welcome to post any of this on Facebook, Twitter, etc:

For lots more, come explore

posted March 26, 2017



Over and over, human rights movements
As with French immersion.
Plus we don't win them all.
But we go on.
Now starting from politically correct insanity.

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