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The 40 million starved to death by Mao
= Obama in the Middle East.
The 6 million starved to death in the Ukraine by Lenin
= people denied food stamps.
Gulag Archipelago (millions murdered by Stalin)
= no better than United States.

delusion syndrome

It started when a friendly helpful young man at a hostel told me there was good food available at Mao's Kitchen, a restaurant up the road. He told me because I asked him where there was good food at good prices.

He mentioned 2 places. We chatted about the first. Then he mentioned a second: Mao's Kitchen.

Mao's Kitchen - I had noticed that place. Mao. Millions starved to death - somewhere between 40 and 60 million. Another 20-40 million murdered in other ways. Millions more "reeducated." Horrific repression. Death in Tiananmenm Square. Overall death toll: somewhere between 60 and 100 million, according to estimates I've read online.

What next, I asked. Hitler's Kitchen? Stalin's Kitchen?

That's when the Delusion Syndrome surfaced. Mao, Communism - no worse than any other political system, I was told.

No, I went. Different political systems differ hugely. And I brought up Obama, thinking: This is almost certainly a Trump hater, so skip Trump. But according to this smiling young man, Obama was no better than Mao: all those people Obama got killed in the Middle East.

I mentioned to the smiling young man that, if he was open to fact, he should listen to Stefan Molyneux, for facts about, for instance, that mass murderer, Castro - 100,000 murdered. Marx, Mao. Etc. Molyneux - someone who cared about facts and more facts.

As for Communism, I continued it was inherently fatally flawed, because it had no barriers against totalitarian, because over and over it had mass-murdering dictatorships. Listen to Stefan Molyneux, I repeated to the smiling young man, to Molyneux's The Truth About series - the truth about Castro, Marx, and on.

Where was I from, I was asked.


That explained things, according to the smile-faced young man.

Canada? I thought Canada was known for being ultra-left, with Open Borders Trudeau. But I didn't mention that.

Perhaps unwisely, I mentioned the Delusion Syndrome, where someone is cut off from facts, from information. I asked him if he was open to facts.

He soon ended the conversation: I had asked about good inexpensive local food, and here I was saying he was wrong about everything.

Not everything. As long as we stayed within the world of fact (like facts about inexpensive good local food), all was fine. But outside that, yes, he was wrong.

Somehow it was not right to see him as wrong, and especially to tell him he was wrong, even if he was.

Anyway, the conversation was over, for him.

And I'm left thinking about the Delusion Syndrome.

The big thing: though immune to facts about political systems, this person votes, or anyway has the right to vote, as do millions like him.

And within the narrow window of where he deals with facts, he is not delusional. He knows the best places for good inexpensive food. And he is working - the night shift at a hostel. And he is friendly.

Outside that, a barrier to taking in info.

A question: How much is from “just” indoctrination/brainwashing? And how much (if anything) might be connected to some kind of "brain interference"?

Comments welcome.

On my side, when I saw the friendly-looking young man again, I asked him if I could write down the name of Stefan Molyneux for him. He said, yes. So I wrote it. Will he watch? I don't know. It's up to him.

He has many nice caring aspects. I was up 2 hours before coffee was slated to be available. He made it extra early for me.

I come to my ongoing question: how best to reach people? Once again I suggested a favorite link. I'm pretty sure, by the way, that my being rather confrontational is not the best way!

Comments welcome.

As always, all the best to all who care and dare to look at facts, and to think,


PS. By the way, the Trump Derangement Syndrome is part of the Delusion Syndrome - being cut off, in some ways, from taking in information, from facts, from reality.

For lots more, come explore

posted January 24, 2019

The 40 million starved to death by Mao
= Obama in the Middle East.
The 6 million starved to death in the Ukraine by Lenin
= people denied food stamps.
Gulag Archipelago (millions murdered by Stalin)
= no better than United States.



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