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Today I'm writing because of an amazing experience I just had with my mother. What does that have to do, you may be wondering, with political correctness, Islam, saving the West?

It has to do with a question I've heard often: what happened with the civil rights movements re race, women, sexual orientation? Weren't they supposed to be about equality? But now we have Black Thugs Matter. And we have a major spokesperson of a supposed feminist group upholding Sharia. Over and over, we're faced with rage and name-calling and even violence if we hold that True Facts Matter - whether it's about climate or human rights.

Back to my mother. What happened with her? She was with me for a couple of days. In those 2 days she went from ongoing complaining about her dizziness, to responding to her dizziness with, "My doctor says I'm a living miracle."

Before I get to the details, an aside: my mother has major memory problems but can make new memories (including false ones), when there is ongoing repetition.

Now, the big thing with my mother: I helped her change her story, a bit at a time, from poor suffering her, to amazing 90-year-old who has good hearing and good eyesight, who walks without help, and has loads of people in her family who lived to a very old age including one who lived to 101. Yes, she gets dizzy but it's nothing when you consider all the ways, as her doctor told her, that she's a living miracle.

By the way, while my mother has had many many visits to various doctors, no doctor has told her she's a living miracle. I manufactured that particular doctor and his positive pronouncement. As for my mother, she manufacured the relative who lived to be 101.

Now, the rights movements. One thing I'm pretty sure of: they had their stories changed, bit by bit, aided and abetted by deliberate outside interventions - just as my mother had her story changed, with my deliberate intervention.

One thing I'm not sure of: how do we best intervene in their current narratives? That's what interests me most.

I see the toppling of statues of flawed whites in the States.

I agree it's vital to acknowledge flaws. And I remember applauding the toppling of statues of Stalin. Wonderful.

At what point does one stop? When, also, is something to be kept as having historical significance?

I wouldn't mind the toppling of statues, actually - but so much else is wrong. The demand for safe spaces so that students don't need to hear information they may find disturbing. The lack of attention to black on white violence. The rage at information regarding what's happening with the climate. The rage and vilification of people on the side of freedom of speech and other human rights.

How to intervene?

Could it be through pointing out the flaws of those they do not denounce? - like the African slave traders who sold slaves to the white slave traders. Could there be some way for them to hear about any of their own flaws - like their not listening, their raging without listening, their making the world dangerous for anyone they don't agree with?

I was able to intervene, slowly, in my mother's story, because I could get her to hear stuff.

How does one get the stories of the Raging Left rewritten?

Somehow something needs to get through.

And that brings me to something else - "windows of tolerance."

That's a term I just picked up from neuroscience.

All the best to all who care and dare,


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Changing the Narrative
of my Memory-Challenged Mother,
and of the Ready to Rage Left.
Not a Civil Rights Movement.
No Civility, No Safety.
How to intervene?

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posted Nov 3, 2017



Changing the Narrative
of my Memory-Challenged Mother,
and of the Ready to Rage Left.
Not a Civil Rights Movement.
No Civility, No Safety.
How to intervene?

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