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Here's a term I just learned from neuroscience: window of tolerance. People who have been deeply injured inside, through a massive trauma or through an ongoing damaging situation, have a very narrow window of tolerance. Almost everything sets them off into hyperarousal (over-response) or hypoarousal (under-response). (There's an infographic at the bottom, from NICABM.)

I find the concept of the narrowed window of tolerance very interesting, right now, in exploring the politically correct, and especially the Raging Left. Almost no window of tolerance. Instead so much hyperarousal (rage, agitation, name-calling - total dysregulation). And massive hypoarousal: freezing, numbness - like when there are jihad murders, the only concern is the poor Muslims who will be hurt by this.

(The concept is also applicable in terms of any other raging group. But right now the Raging Left has caught my attention.)

The question: how to increase the window of tolerance?

What is suggested, over and over, is to help someone feel safe, and to connect them to feeling whatever they are feeling in their body. That suggests that the Raging Left, known for demanding safe spaces while destroying safety, likely themselves feel unsafe. If so, likely an underlying cause is awareness, on some level, of being unsafe from those around them, if they stop conforming - just as Islamics who are considering leaving Islam, tend to feel unsafe from other Islamics (often for very good reason - like due to death threats).

Is there some fairly reliable way we can increase the window of tolerance? What might make a Raging Lefter feel safe?

Or, even if the window of tolerance stays tiny, is there some way something can get through? Could, perhaps, the right quick tweet jam the rigid programming? Or could the very unthreatening kids' video on Islam get through?

No answers, right now. On with the exploration.

Exploring - a natural activity for me - exactly what got me aware of Islam (content, history, dangers). Is there some way Raging Lefters can be re-raged and, instead, curious?

There's also another area to explore: what causes the Raging Lefters? It doesn't seem to be some one-time trauma, as is often the cause with war or accident survivors with PTSD. It seems more to be that the environment is damaging - brain numbing, etc - in an ongoing way.

And now, until next time, all the best to all who care and dare to explore, rather than to rage,


PS. Here's the infographic, courtesy of NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine):

window of tolerance - NICABM

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A Tiny Window of Tolerance,
Hallmark of Trauma.
Everywhere in the Raging Left,
the Politically Correct.
Hyperarousal. Hypoarousal.
How to increase the window?

For lots more, come explore


posted Nov 3, 2017



A Tiny Window of Tolerance,
Hallmark of Trauma.
Everywhere in the Raging Left,
the Politically Correct.
Hyperarousal. Hypoarousal.
How to increase the window?

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