Freedom Groups. The Living Freedom Community. For freedom of thought and speech. Group power. Connecting, informing, supporting, empowering.

Freedom Groups. The Living Freedom Community.
For freedom of thought and speech.
Group power. Connecting, informing, discussing,
learning, supporting, empowering.


Living Freedom Community

I keep hearing the phrase, boots on the ground. In other words, air strikes are not enough. I'm thinking of another kind of boots on the ground. People getting together locally, regularly, to increase their knowledge, their commitment, and their reaching out. Also, such groups would be places where people could come, if they were unsure but curious.

I think of AA, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Tupperware. Very different.

Re counter-jihadis. Many of us speak of our concerns in large part to each other. Many of us have a hard time reaching people who disagree. ( is an excellent resource for people who want some help with this.)

ISIS has been doing a great job, getting our message out about the dangers inherent in Islam. The increasing Islamic terrorist attacks in the West also help get our message out - like the jihad massacre of the people at Charlie Hebdo, which led to millions marching in the streets, carrying signs saying, Je Suis Charlie.

One question: can we speed up the process of getting the message out, and also get more support from like-minded people, through what we might call "FreedomWare" or "Freedom Community" or "Living Freedom" groups - groups promoting freedom, with a current special focus being the threat of Islam.

A bigger question: would you be interested in such a group - either in leading a local group, or in being a member? Please let me know.

The question leads directly to other two questions.

First, would there be places, like local church basements, open to having such groups use their spaces? Many churches welcome AA. Would there be some churches open to groups like FreedomWare?

Second, would people feel safe hosting such a group in their home? AA started in the home of the founder. Tupperware get-togethers were generally held in the home of whoever was hosting the event. The Jehovah's Witnesses go door to door. They're often not welcomed - but I haven't heard, in Canada, of threats of violence against them.

People facing the threat posed by Islam are in an interesting situation. We recognize that there are real dangers, and we're told that, if we mention these dangers, we're hurting the feelings of poor innocent people, the believers in Islam!!!

This leads to another question: would you be more interested in something online - some weekly online get-together time?

I'm asking about what might be called "connector groups" because "the proof's in the pudding." In other words, thinking about something is one thing. But is this something that might work in the real world?

I keep noting the massive popularity of the New Age movement - in contrast to the difficulty so many counter-jihadis face. New Agers definitely don't fear for their safety, they seem immune to fear of ridicule, and they NEVER EVER mention anything negative re Islam. This is a direct quote:

Imagine - money, love, career, relationships, intuition, productivity, fitness, health, meditation... all operating at their HIGHEST possible level.
So you achieve bigger results... in less time.
This is very possible, and very real.
It is my attempt to help humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness and excellence through the power of cutting edge, transformative knowledge. 

If you're a fellow counter-jihadi, at least two huge omissions leap out at you: the lack of social awareness, and the lack of social engagement. One is to help humanity evolve, yet the existence of Islam, let alone taking on the threat it poses, is not recognized.

Here's the New Age movement, through the eyes of a Non-New Ager:
The new Age High Priestess

There is, of course, way more than one route. This week I was particularly touched by Britain First's video - of their first ever march through Luton, a strongly Islamic area of England. Notice the police protection needed for them to be able to march and speak:
Britain First - 2015 - March in Luton

Britain First - 2015 - March in Luton with massive police protection

But, to get back to Freedom Groups. What's your thought?


June 28, 2015


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Freedom Groups. The Living Freedom Community.
For freedom of thought and speech.
Group power. Connecting, informing,
discussing, learning, supporting, empowering.

Click here, to go from this account of PEGIDA
in Canadian media -
a mainstream media account
rife with media bias, distortions, omissions,
to the home page.



I would be interested in a group where we could discuss (a) what's in the news, (b) what's not in the news, (c) all the emails I received, and (d) what should I do?

I think many people hear the news and get worried sick. What's happening in Canada, USA, Europe, etc.? How can we make a difference?



Yes, starting or joining a counter-jihad, anti-sharia dissident group would be very interesting to me.... "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

I'm in Oregon. 

J.P., US


Re: would you be more interested in something online - some weekly online get-together time?

Now you're talking. Maybe a daytime teleconference call. They need a moderator but once people get used to taking turns talking, and the time and format, you can connect people anywhere. People get familiar with the others and follow up work/emails keep action items moving. Very interactive. Or do combination lecture and discussion. Usually no longer than 60 min. More like 30.


Reply from Elsa:

Love your answer!!

And it happens that, in my time as a college prof, I had a knack for having good classroom discussions - meaning, keeping things on topic, but letting it be a good space for lots of input. 

And not too long - agreed. 30 minutes is a better aim than 60.

Reply from F.N.

Perfect, you have the necessary skills.
Don't know if phone conferencing has costs for organizer.

Reply from Elsa

Costs - something to consider - costs in time as well as money. Right now a membership site is planned.


Hi Elsa,

This idea started in Canada. A husband and wife team have established it here in Australia. It has wide appeal as it is not specifically anti-Muslim, but by definition is fighting against all violence, all harassment, all criminality, etc. Therefore they are anti-Islam without shouting it from the rooftops:

It puts boots on the ground through meetings, get-togethers, and activities appropriate to their local environment. (This may include opposing construction of a mosque because it will destroy the safe community that already exists in the area.)

Here it could gather info on a pre-mosque environment and then repeat that in an after-mosque environment and subsequently set up a class action against the local council or governing body and individual councilors for permitting construction of the mosque and destroying the safety of the area. Most councils in Australia are corporations, not a lawful tier of government authorised under the constitution. In theory this should work. Know any lawyers?

Many a Baptist church in America started in the lounge room of the home of the very first preacher of that congregation. Great idea of yours! The innocuous name should sit well with churches and public halls for hire as domestic violence is endemic everywhere. Use that as a platform.

This is their national page on facebook:

Have a ferret around and you will soon see that it is spreading down here.

All the best, who dares wins,

N.R., Australia


While a Christian pastor said, "the biggest problem with Christianity is Christians," the biggest problem with Islam is Islam. The pastor's point is, if all Christians lived like Jesus, the world would be a better place. If all Muslims lived like Mohammed and followed the Qu'ran, all non-Muslims would be fighting for their lives, because the marching orders for Muslims are to convert or kill all non-Muslims. Even those born into Islam who just want to get along with their non-Muslim neighbors are not permitted by the Qu'ran to do so. As you know, there is no Golden Rule in Islam. Muslims are to be pitied as much as feared.

P.L., US


Perhaps the most important step in defeating jihad is to establish that jihad is commanded on all faithful by Islam. Jihad is as inseparable from Islam as the Hajj, or Halal food, in fact even more so, because the only person who is guaranteed entry to paradise is one who dies while fighting jihad. (Just eating Halal and doing Hajj i.e. going to Mecca does not offer such guarantee.)

We need to defeat the biggest lie that our political and "intellectual" leaders, media and even churches and synagogues propagate, that Islam is a peaceful "great word religion" while "Islamism", or "political Islam", or "radical Islam", or "fundamentalist Islam", or "extremist Islam" etc. is the enemy.

This is the fundamental lie that needs to be destroyed.

The two people who have the best materials here are Bill Warner and Robert Spencer.

Bill Warner has the best education on the foundation, while Robert is best at pointing out the relationship between current events and the Islamic commandments, both in the Quran and as examples from Muhammad's life.

We need to find the way to bring their materials to everyone.

I think especially important is to bring Bill Warner's introductory course(s) to the general public.

Once the general public understands this, Islam is finished.

His audio series are sufficient. I had several of my friends turned around by them.

K.L., Israel


Regarding your points about getting together, I was introduced today to the term 'deliberative democracy' and this sums up exactly what you are searching for. Basically, it is not just majority rule, but everyone coming together using reason to form rational solutions to our problems.

R.T., Canada


Hi Elsa,

You are doing a great job!

I'm a humble and insignificant priest in the Christian Church in Australia. But somehow I started receiving your emails and have been reading them with interest.

We have been here before. 
When Islam was trying to come up through Spain into Europe, Emperor Charlemaine realised that he had a serious problem.

He did two things. 
1. He prepared the military. (Out of our hands)
2. He strengthened the churches. He made sure the clergy were well trained and well resourced. He realised that if the Christian faith of the people was weak Islam would more easily fill the spiritual vacuum.

It is easy to forget that the struggle against Islam is not just a social problem. It is a massive spiritual problem.

St. Paul writes in his letter to the church at Ephesus; "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places". (Ephesians 6:12 ESV). The West can't fight this battle without the Christian faith. And the Christian faith can't stand against Islam without the support of our governments because Islam is political as well as 'religious'.

Strengthening the churches means we have our meeting places! But it is not for anti-Islam activities but rather for pro-Christian activities. The result will be the same though. As Charlemaine wisely concluded, strengthening the churches is essential to strengthening the resistance against the encroachments of Islam. Unfortunately Western governments seem as determined as Islam to undermine and destroy the church - so until we can change their thinking the short term future of the West is very uncertain.

The only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history.

Keep up the good work.

K.M., Australia


As you know asking questions is a very important first step to the 'Quest for Truth' and for every answer another question follows to expand insight. Our problem is that apathy is so high that many people live their lives without any interest in learning more information other than what directly impacts on their immediate existence. I posted an easy to read 47 page document on 'Multiculturalism' it is a very important document, if it had gone viral, I would have been under attack including from Muslims. Not one of my readers made comment about the treatise, hence I know no-one read it. Yet when I post a controversial societal subject like 'Gay Marriage', comments came in for and against 'Gay Marriage'. Christians all opposed 'Gay Marriage'.

Seminars do an excellent job of passing forward ideas, encouraging people to think about issues. The problem is that most seminars only reached 'converted people' that are keen to think and learn as advanced thinkers. But the majority of apathetic people out there never make any attempt to go to educational seminars. That majority is our problem, like you said in a speech, "How Do We Get Heard?" True enough some people through job employment attend mandatory seminars, but how many after hours go to other seminars for interest sake. Some will go because it supports their hobby and curiosity, but we can accurately bet a large percentage of people live their lives without ever attending seminars. So once again back to your question... "How do we get heard?"

'Connect Groups' is a good idea, but like most 'Freedom Resistance' groups around the world, the numbers of people will be small, so how do we reach all of the apathetic? Going door to door like Jehovah Witnesses & the Mormons only drives people further away from supporting our goals to stop Islam. Tupperware and other product groups only work in sales at homes because people, mostly women, are interested in buying things and sharing a sociable get together. Nothing is serious in thinking other than having fun, buying and selling.

We are running out of time, Islam is expanding faster than small groups can respond. We need 'People Power' two billion strong rising up against Islam and that is not yet happening.

We have to find better ways, but one of our major roadblocks is financing communication to the public. Everyone out there is fighting for some cause of any kind, wants donations, there just isn't enough money amongst the common people to finance every cause - something suffers. And again it's the least interesting subjects. People are more likely to donate to charities, local causes, and environment and wildlife protection than they are to support the genuine 'Freedom Resistance' fighting for protection and preservation of 'Liberty' against Totalitarian Forces like Islam & Communism.

We have a very serious problem... Apathy is our number one enemy.

Allan Ivarrson., Australia


A friend said that one never gets the majority to become activists. Historically, it's about 10%, according to him.

So the goal with FreedomWare groups isn't to get everyone, but to provide a useful tool for those who could benefit from group support.


Hugh Fitzgerald agrees that Westerners are not interested in learning. What will make them start learning?

"Yet everyone knows that Islam in its purest form, without the softening of nuance that real life can produce, is intolerable for many Muslims. Over the centuries they have not, generally, lived by observing all the rules as the Islamic State does, but have by unstated consent agreed to live in a more relaxed fashion, and that is why, over time, the message of Islam, and the practice of Islam, deviated.

"And just as it's amazing how few non-Muslims have been looking into the texts of Islam, set out for them online, it’s amazing that so many of those non-Muslims have been so incurious, or so disbelieving, or perhaps better, so unwilling to believe the evidence of their senses, and to fail to recognize what should be obvious: adherents of Islam, those who are not "extremists" but simply adherents of mainstream Islam, represent both a civilizational and a physical threat to the well-being of non-Muslims, and this is not a secret. The Shari'a, the Holy Law of Islam, flatly contradicts in letter and spirit Western notions of political legitimacy (based on a social contract theory), and Western solicitude for the rights of individuals, including those recognized in the Declaration of the Rights of Man, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the American Bill of Rights." Hugh Fitzgerald





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