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For a bit over a decade, 2 things have been at the forefront of my social concerns: the growing threat from Islam, and the taboo on thinking. My core point: we need to pay attention to both. If people could think well, they would think well about Islam. And if they thought well about Islam, we would not be where we are.

From 2006-2010, I wrote on the taboo on thinking, over and over. I also wrote on the joy of thinking, and the benefits of thinking. Here are links to some of the articles.

The rules of thinking well, by the way, are incredibly simple: get facts and use logic. It was amazing to me how an ideology was taking over which prohibited something so elementary. Now we can talk about old-time areas of silence, like rape and battering. But old-fashioned going after the facts - off limits. Instead, all opinions, cultures and religions were rigidly held, by most of the college students in my classes, to be equal.

My other concern, starting about 2006: Islam. I wrote on that over and over as well.

After 2010, Islam became my main focus - first with an interview series, soon with a blog and ongoing updates.

Lately I've been pulling these 2 major concerns togethher.

The taboo on thinking is essential for people's not thinking well about Islam - for instance, the widespread discounting of information that's easily available. In other words, it's to our benefit to focus on the taboo on thinking, as well as the threat of Islam.

A core question always, for me: what do we do?

One. We need to take back the so-called education system. I've just given a talk on that, and should have the video for you within a week. But speaking isn't enough. My sense: we need a grass-roots organization - for instance, R.A.N.T. Rebels Against No Thinking. For more information, and to register: http://westindanger.com/ed/RANT.html
RANT - Rebels Against No Thinking anything

Guide to Understanding Islam

For good thinking about Islam, a super easy resource on Islam could come in handy. So I've written The Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam:

I sent it to several friends. Here's what I heard back:

This is the missing piece in the puzzle. Even Bill Warner has not produced anything so comprehensive AND BRIEF that a PC doubter can’t refuse to read on the basis of being too busy. And any PC who rejects this is beyond all hope.
          Gordon Miller, Ottawa, Canada

EXCELLENT. Wonderful work.
          Kenneth Roberts, writer for Bill Warner’s Political Islam, Toronto, Canada 

I've been involved in the production of a history of Muhammad's life for kids but this is MUCH better.
          Deb Watson, London, England

This is AWESOME!!
My heart was beating faster as I got into it - at the prospect of what this could achieve. 

          Jan Ferguson, London, England

You can read the beginning of the guide, and also get it here:

Note: it's for purchase. .99 CAD

Three. We could also use a Quick and Easy Guide to the No Thinking Taboo. I'm working on it.
Education, Not INdoctrination

Of course these 3 things aren't all that's needed to counter the threat to the West posed by Islam. This isn't about a miracle cure - but about some more tools.

And now, as always, all the best to all who care and do,


June 20, 2016

PS. A few words on my decision to charge for The Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam. I understand the urge to give everything away: here, please take. But I've recently done fund-raising for Tommy Robinson. The funds raised made all the difference between his almost certainly going to jail, and case dismissed, with costs. Why the difference? Instead of a lawyer assigned by the court, he was able to have top notch legal representation.

For lots more, come explore

posted June 20, 2016



The Good Thinking Taboo.
Needed: Education, Not Indoctrination.
Plus: Guide to Understanding Islam.

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