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I'm writing to you today because:
- in two days, THE ELECTION;
- the massive evidence of brainwashing;
- and a question: how do we stop the "show trials" - like of Geert Wilders, now on trial in the Netherlands?

In two days, THE ELECTION. A couple of days ago, into my inbox landed even more damning evidence against Clinton. The headline: THE CLINTONS AND WEINER OUTED AS PEDOPHILES AND THEN SOME.

I sent the link to a friend. She came back with: And still they'll vote for her.

Yes, because they have the the hear no evil, see no evil, believe no evil filter about Clinton rigidly in place - and also the Trump is evil, Trump is evil, Trump is evil filter about Trump. Pro-Clinton people can't see the evidence which does get through, in bits here and there, via the mainstream media.

A quote that has stayed with me:

"It is a fact readily acknowledged, that for humans, an idea is much more powerful than a fact." Yes, especially when we've had the "idea" solidly brainwashed into place, and are having it constantly reinforced.

Figuring out ways to get through, over, around, under those filters, those blocks, those barricades - I see this quest in so many counter-jihad efforts. It's been a major quest throughout my life. Sometimes I've felt like Dr Spock: "But that isn't logical" - in childhood, to be against equality for women; 10 years ago, to go against Western freedom of speech and instead give in to Islamic demands. (My most recent attempt to help people break through the blocks: The Big BUT System.)

Trump is certainly doing all he can to get through to people. He's brilliant at using the media, even while the mainstream media is doing all it can to discredit him.

The most negative thing I've heard about Trump: he's all over the place - his message is not consistent. So I was quite impressed by a video which shows an underlying consistency over 30 years:

There's another thing strong on my mind: how do we stop the "show trials"? Everywhere I turn there are what I would call "show trials" of people who don't toe the politically correct line.

One word for what is happening: lawfare. I'm proposing we add the term, "show trials." The trials show everyone the dangers of stepping across the politically correct line (often pro-Islam, but it can involve anything to do with political correctness).

Under Stalin the fate of dissidents, at these trials, was almost certainly a one-way trip to death, most often through the gulags - the prison camps scattered throughout Russia. The outcome, most often: death by starvation, by cold. Stalin: twenty million deaths - that's the lowest count I've found.

The current "show trials" aim, from what I've seen, to kill the spirit, not so much of those on trial, but the spirit of those who see what happens. For instance, how many people hold back from speaking out, knowing the lawfare and, even more, the death threats against Geert Wilders? Marked for Death is the title of his autobiography. He has lived, for over a decade, with round the clock security. Tommy Robinson, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Ezra Levant, Kirralie Smith - on and on and on, the list of people who have gone through lawfare swallowing their time, energy, money.

That sends a big warning to those who have not been charged. From the moment I began noticing what was happening with Islam, and bringing my growing awareness into my classes, and, even more, posting online, I've been warned by caring friends: be careful. I've been asked: are you sure you want to risk doing this? I've also been asked: aren't you frightened? Of course, sometimes. But step by step I've gone on.

A current step: to ask all of you, how do we stop the "show trials"?

My sense: we need to do this together - a worldwide movement against the "show trials" taking place throughout the West, not only in relation to Islam.

Note: one can trigger one accidentally - as happened at the University of Ottawa, when a professor inadvertently did something that made events not go 100% smoothly for a student with a disability. Several alternatives were offered, but none was deemed acceptable by the student. Instead, a complaint went to the Social Justice Tribunal. Coming up: a costly government-funded procedure expected to take 4-10 days.

In Australia, 3 students were asked, several years ago, to leave a computer room reserved for aboriginal students. One posted on Facebook: "Just got kicked out of the unsigned Indigenous computer room. QUT (the university) is stopping segregation with segregation." Another of the students posted: "I wonder where the white supremacist lab is." The outcome: over 3 years of lawfare. One student faced a $200,000 bill over his post. They have just "won" - but no one can give them back the time, etc, this has taken.

A very recent bit of so-called "hate speech." Deus Vult, used in the Crusades, was found written in 2 places (a desk and a wall) at an American university. Deus Vult - God willing, in Latin - is the Christian equivalent of the Islamic Inshallah (which is, of course, never designated as hate speech).
Deus Vult

What I find most dangerous: that this can be considered grounds for lawfare, for yet another "show trial".

By the way, included in the outcry against anything deemed politically incorrect are profuse apologies by the politically correct authorities, demonstrating how one is to behave, and profuse denigration of those who committed the politically incorrect act by both the authorities and the mainstream media.

Time to stop this. How? Perhaps by organizing counter-charges? Perhaps through worldwide protests? Perhaps by linking the cases? Connecting the dots, ever more, between the cases?

People like Stephen Coughlin and Diana West make brilliant cases for massive infiltration - both Islamic (Catastrophic Failure - Stephen Coughlin) and Communist (American Betrayal Diana West). For a quick introduction to the power of infiltration and subversion, here is Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job:

I wrote to a friend: We've just begun.

He wrote back: You told me that we had just begun. But Islamics began 1400 years ago. Can we compete with them?

I started my response with a quote: If you assume there is no hope, then there is no hope.

I continued with my own response: I know there's hope. It has nothing to do with how long Islam has been around. By the way, over and over, Islam has been beaten back. But we never had the capacity to know what was happening worldwide, to know that not only did Islam need to be dealt with where we are, but that the ideology needed to be made visible and fully confronted (at least in all non-Islamic countries). Now we know, so now we know that is a major task. And major Islamics will know this. As do counter-jihadis.

To be continued.

It doesn't sound like the task is an easy one.

My sense: Trump has done much, is doing much.


As always, all the best to all who care and dare,


Nov 6, 2016

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How to Stop the Show Trials

People power.
The power to say "No!"
Direct pressure on federal and state politicians by people power knocking on the door to their offices in their electorates AND their parliamentary offices, now THAT gets their attention. (We know from first hand experience that it works, in a case relating to electoral fraud by public servants at a state level.) in polite but firm manner expressing a very distinct, "No" and not backing away. Put the pressure on the politician. Not so subtle threats to disenfranchise the politician at the ballot box can be used as a stick to beat them into submission. Without a seat in the parliament they have no income and more importantly, no power.
Pick one case in one country and focus on that case. Pick a weak case with a strong support base for the defendant.
Get it working for you.
Set a global precedent.
Example: In the mid seventies a group of us in Swanbourne attended a suite of courses spanning a full year. Then most of the group went on to be counter terrorist trained to shoot and kill bad guys. A couple of years later one them was a newly fledged uniformed policeman on the beat by foot in the CBD of Perth when they approached a fried chicken joint. Glancing inside they observed it was suffering an armed holdup. The ex soldier sent his offsider to watch the back door and cut off any escape. He then entered and double-tapped the armed offender, killing him rather dead. He was charged with murder. A public hue and cry of extremely vocal locals changed the minds of the politicians and the police commissioner. The charges were dropped.
At around the same time another incident occurred in a fish and chip shop operated by its Greek owner. An armed offender attempted to rob the shop at the point of a knife. The owner dipped a small pot into the boiling fat and sloshed it over the robber, stopping him in his tracks. The owner was charged with assault. Again, a public hue and cry killed the charge and he too got off Scott free. In both cases people power carried the day. We need to generate that kind of response once again to ensure charges are dropped in any kangaroo court that pops up in politically correct situations. In the British Commonwealth, the Judges work under the authority of the Queen. The Queen works for the people - witness how the Queen's attitudes changed upon the death of Dianna and the peoples' emotional outpourings. Judges need to understand their true place in the pecking order and pay more attention to the will of the people and we can educate them accordingly or petition the Queen to have them removed. People power. Work out from there.
Julie and I interviewed that ex soldier four years ago over a cup of coffee and confirmed the events as described. At the time he was a Senior Detective Sergeant and still serving in Perth.

K.L., Australia


I can only echo your take on the world situation, and add that the media, the entire 4th column, is personally committed to Hillary with the resulting news to the public being totally slanted toward Hillary and there are those amongst us who believe that whatever
they see, hear or read must be true or they couldn't report it.

The problems confronting the US also confront most of the world as we know it. The Corporatists, Elitist, NWO, have continued to expand their domains as the opportunity presents itself. They own the sources of our news, the members of our governments, the
Multi-National Corporate Heads, etc.

I agree with Elsa that one of the few options currently available to us is a world movement by which we, the Patriots of our Nations, act in unison with well thought out and pragmatic joint events, such as always nonviolent mass marches, hunger strikes on the steps of government buildings (medically supervised), petitions, informational booths at malls, parks, parades, etc.

If we all act in lock step, we work together to plan and hold actions in the areas we oversee. At first, one leader comes forth from one large area or country, and as members become aboard the regional groups become a part of the whole, from there it continues in a downward trend until it is then districts, then cities and towns.

The closer we could get to the people, the more successful our efforts become. Local branches would have more effect on the education of the local populace as would a foreign unknown source.

Count me in Elsa, I am here in Florida USA and I am willing to begin this venture in unison with all our worldwide brothers and sisters to create a well-oiled plan and vehicle in which its actions are well thought out and seen through to its logical conclusions. Unity and Coordination are the key to its success, and we must be careful and vigilant as to our coordination work via the internet as the night has a thousand eyes (and ears).

Fellow Patriot


Earl H.Williams, USA


I think the struggle against the EU is very important in this. Cutting off the head of the snake.

If you were to make an impassioned case against Islam you would face the BBC, and the liberal elite full on. But after the globalists are weakened to an extent by leaving the EU and whatever Trump gets up to these things will be a lot easier.

The seat of their power is the finance system.

I have only heard of one really good counter against government tyranny in my years of reading. The Chinese Falun Gong movement. I think that the point of mass migration to an extent is to alienate us from one another so that we cannot protest. Some more informal setting than protest where bonding between patriots can happen will aid in fast mobilisation against the authoritarians.

If you look at successful protests they are always from people that have the basis of good social links with each other. Feminist movements made up of women who are stuck in 'book clubs' etc. and Africans Americans in the King era. Gandhi as well.



No doubt, we are in a world-wide cultural & religious battle. And, have been for 1,400 years. The media will NOT mention it. Maybe they don’t understand history . . . or, worse yet, maybe they don’t want to.
No matter who is elected on Tuesday, I think we are going to see a major Constitutional crisis here in the USA.
I am praying for Trump. I think he is our “last-best hope” as the USA swirls toward Islam.


Very interesting observations. Excellent interview with Yuri Bezmenov.



Long read. But worth it.



Good post, Elsa, with you all the way.



Thank you. Brilliant as ever.

D.R., India


Keep up the great work, Elsa



Well said. I could not agree more.

Best wishes,

J.F., England


For all the problems with Islam and this reason only I am praying for victory of Trump. Perhaps as an Indian, I see many people working in USA may suffer a little but have no other alternative. The whole world eastern or western must understand the soul of Islam. It has in it the terrorism.
In India also except BJP no other political party has ever tried to know the dangerous philosophy of Islam to bring the whole world under the umbrella of Islam.
Let us pray to god to save innocents from this calamity.
Yours sincerely,

M.P., India


Excellent points Elsa.

N.T., England



posted Nov 6, 2016



Brainwashing and "Show Trials"
of the Politically Incorrect.
Brainwashing and Trump.
Lawfare: "Show Trials" against
any offenders of
political correctness,
even accidentals ones.
What do we do?

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