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I'm writing to you because I have news about Tim Burton, and a big question: how do we stop the show trials that are happening throughout the West? At present, by and large, the reverse is happening - an increase in the numbers of show trials.

So today,
- a brief look at show trials,
- news about, and a great interview with, Tim Burton,
- the 2 basic kinds of show trials,
- and the question, how do we stop the show trials?

At the end, an interview on al Walaa wal Baraa (Islamic apartheid).


In the wake of the 2 UK jihad attacks that left over 20 dead in Manchester and 7 dead in London, there have been 25 arrests in London over the past weekend. It sounds good until you hear that the arrests are for hate crime offenses:

Each of these arrests is likely to lead to a show trial - a term that echoes back to Stalin's show trials of dissidents, which showed the public the deadly danger of stepping out of line.

In Canada, for instance, nine years ago Ezra Levant called the leader of an anti-Semitic group, an anti-Semite. This led to charges, a trial, a conviction. The Supreme Court has just refused to hear Ezra's appeal. The consequence: he has to pay $80,000 to the former leader of the anti-Semitic group, plus he has to foot massive legal fees. Quite a lesson to all of us to be very very careful.

We need different outcomes that teach different lessons.

In the meantime, there are more officers on the streets of London. Why? To deal with anything that could make Islamics feel unsafe. The Islamic mayor of London is committed to eradicating what is designated as hate crime. As for surveillance of the 400 Islamics in London who are on the terror watch list, he says he has to prioritize and use resources in a sensible savvy way. As for jihad terrorism, he's on record saying that terror attacks are part of urban life:

And now, news about the show trial of Tim Burton, a British man with a sense of humor.


Tim has been convicted, has served his prison time, and is set to appeal the conviction.

Why appeal? If Tim Burton's conviction is allowed to stand, it sets a dangerous precedent against freedom of speech.

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What was the alleged offense? "Religiously aggravated harassment."

Why? He put in a job application for the position of case worker at Tell Mama, an organization well-funded to hunt out instances of Islamophobia, even though Tell Mama has been convicted of faking such instances and hugely magnifying the numbers. At the bottom of his job application - the major part of the alleged crime - Tim noted that likely Tell Mama would not actually be interested in hiring him, as those who knew him considered him honest and trustworthy, and as such he would probably not fit in with a bunch of mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists like the people at Tell Mama.

Tim was charged, and at the end of March, was found guilty. The judge, Alec Gordon, immediately stated that Tim should expect prison time. It could have meant up to 2 years in a British prison - prisons frequently run by Islamic gangs.

On April 28, Tim was sentenced. Twelve weeks. The prison turned out to be a safe one.

And who is Tim Burton, who has run afoul of the authorities?

I interviewed him a few days before his sentencing date. The interview was kept private until now, to make it more likely Tim would be safe in prison.

interview - Tim Burton
Youtube: https://youtu.be/9qbRUPtbvxg

In case you don't have the time to watch the video, Tim is someone who cares, and acts on his convictions - sometimes with a cheeky sense of humor.

He's been concerned about Islam since the 9/11. First he just wanted to know what it was, in Islam, that might motivate people to commit such a massive horror. The more he learned, the more it became clear that 9/11 was not due to the perversion of a religion of peace, but that Islamic terrorism came from Islamic religious texts.

About five years ago, Tim began to be active - an online radio show, then a LibertyGB radio show plus increasing speaking and writing.

Now he's a member of the executive board of LibertyGB, which dares look at the truth of Islam, unlike all the major political parties.

In 2013, he was charged with religiously aggravated harassment, for a statement very similar to the one that led to the current charge. The case was thrown out.

Not this time.

The case has drained his resources. 12,000 pounds.

Release date from prison: June 6 (prison time shortened for good behavior). Time to celebrate - including by releasing the interview.

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And now, back to exploring the show trials. There are two seemingly different kinds.

SHOW TRIAL, TYPE ONE: the show trial of politically incorrect dissidents like Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, Ezra Levant and lesser figures like Tim Burton.

More lesser figures:

Kevin Crehan. Basically he porked a mosque. He threw a bacon sandwich at a mosque door in Bristol and displayed a banner that said No More Mosques. The sentence: one year in prison - where he was soon found dead in his cell. Murder? Heart attack?

Then, Thomas Ashton, 21, Andrew Warner, 31, Travis Crabtree, 25, and Steven White, 28. They dumped a carrier bag containing the severed head of a pig in the car park of Blackpool Central Mosque as part of a prank. The judge, Judge Knowles, jailed Ashton for 10 months, Warner for 7 months, Crabtree for 14 months, and White for 8 months:

SHOW TRIAL, TYPE TWO: the trial of non-Westerners, particularly Islamic non-Westerners, showing that these people are privileged in Western courts.

For instance, in 2013 a convicted rapist was set free in Australia by Judge Redlich because the rapist, an Islamic, was deemed not to know that raping a woman was rape - or, to put it more formally, the rapist had "an unclear concept of what constitutes consent in sexual relationships" in Australia:

Another instance. The brutal rape of a 10-year old boy in Austria. The boy was left with severe internal injuries and of course massive psychological trauma. The rapist: an Iraqi Islamic migrant. Initially he was convicted. But in 2016 the rapist had his conviction overturned. On what grounds? According to the Austrian Supreme Court judges, the court had not proven that the rapist KNEW the child had said no. In other words, what the child said did not matter. And that rape was against the law did not matter. And that sexual behavior with a child was against the law did not matter. All that mattered was the foreigner's perhaps not understanding something. It wasn't up to the foreigner to know and adhere to local rules.

The list of such occurrences goes on and one. A Somali Islamic rapist in the UK had his deportation order overturned after serving a ten year sentence for rape. The consequence: he raped 2 more vulnerable women.

An Islamic teacher, also in the UK, was spared jail for sexually assaulting an 11 year old girl. On what grounds? His wife could not speak English.

A common saying: ignorance of the law is no excuse. But the above instances clearly show that real or feigned ignorance of the law may well be an accepted excuse, if you're a non-Westerner, perhaps especially an Islamic non-Westerner.

Of course both types of show trials - not holding non-Westerners to Western standards, and holding Westerners to non-Western standards - are simply 2 sides of the same coin: anti-Western, anti freedom of speech, anti human rights, anti Western laws.


I have 2 thoughts. We need a mass movement across the West raising an outcry against both sorts of show trials.

One tactic: making very public any judge who violates Western laws when it comes to non-Westerners, and any judge who punishes Westerners harshly for, in effect, violating non-Western standards (for instance, Sharia anti-blasphemy laws disguised as "anti-hate speech" laws). For instance, the judge in Kevin Crehan's case, Martin Picton, expressed his determination, early in the case, to impose a prison sentence. It would be great to have Picton's name, face and the sentence he imposed well known throughout the West.

Another tactic: pulling together, as a bloc politically, doing political activism for parties that uphold freedom of speech and equal justice for all.

PULLING TOGETHER could include developing an international group.

Such a group could included the option, for those who can afford it, for a monthly contribution, so there would be funds available for Westerners charged with what tends to be, basically, Sharia non-compliance.

I'm thinking about the West. There are also the millions upon millions of people in countries where Sharia is the law.

Right now, my concern is with the West. If there is no West left, there is no stronghold of freedom rights.

The 2 strategies go with an actual huge undertaking throughout the West: the reaching out via blogs, talks, videos, non-mainstream news outlets in order to inform ever more people with the truth about Islam, and about the dangers to the West coming from Islam and from pro-Communist and globalist forces, etc. In fact, these truth-tellers can be seen as providing the groundwork - laying the foundation - upon which much else is being built.

And then there's the actual strategy I tend to live by: doing what I see I can do. Last year I was asked to help with a fundraiser for Tommy Robinson who was in utter despair, sure he was all alone and would be back in prison no matter what. Within a week, the fundraiser raised more than twice what was needed for a first-rate QC. When Tommy had his court date, the verdict was, in less than an hour: case dismissed, with costs. Tommy's life turned around. He's now a reporter for Rebel Media.

We never know what will make a crucial difference.

Soon, more on Tim Burton's appeal - yet one more step to stop the show trials.

All the best,


PS. Last time I wrote on al Walaa wal Baraa - an essential doctrine in Islam - basically Islamic apartheid, against the Golden Rule. There have been great comments (to be posted) and an interview.

Interview, with Louie B Free of BrainFood:
interview - Louis B. Free - al Walaa wal Baraa Also at: http://elsasblog.com/interviews.html

You're welcome to post any of this on Facebook, Twitter, etc:

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posted June 11, 2017



How to Stop the Show Trials?
Help Tim Burton Appeal.
Act for Freedom of Speech.
Act Against Dangerous Political Correctness.
Save Western Freedoms.

Elsa's Blog

How to Stop the Show Trials?
Help Tim Burton Appeal.
Act for Freedom of Speech.
Act Against Dangerous Political Correctness.
Save Western Freedoms.

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