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Paris to Medicine Hat.
Elsa interviews JURGEN VOLLRATH
re his Firebrand Speech,
almost ONE MILLION reach.
The big thing:

Click to go right to THE VIDEO. Elsa interviews Jurgen Vollrath

On Saturday, December 29, Jurgen Vollrath, wearing a Yellow Vest, stood in the back of a pickup truck in a parking lot in Medicine Hat. He gave a firebrand speech that lasted for less than 3 minutes. It was posted on Facebook and went viral. In a few days, it had a reach of over half a million, and over 300,000 views. Then it soared to a reach of 700,000, 800,000, 900,000, and over half a million views. It's still going strong.

So I interviewed Jurgen. What was this speech? Who is Jurgen Vollrath? And what is he aiming for? More than that, what is core to the Yellow Vest movement?

Jurgen answers loud and clear. It's nothing less than POWER BACK TO THE CITIZENS. Citizens informed. Citizens making the decisions. A referendum on any big issue. Not governments pushing their agenda against the will of the people. And not governments sneaking in legislation without consultation, often with general media silence on major decisions citizens might not agree with.

The ABSOLUTE NUMBER ONE THING CRUCIAL TO THE YELLOW VEST MOVEMENT: CITIZENS FED UP with the elite acting against them, with their elected governments acting undemocratically, CITIZENS DEMANDING POWER BACK TO THE CITIZENS.

This is the major impetus for the spread of the movement throughout the West - from cities throughout France, all the way to Medicine Hat, a smallish city in Canada.

As for Jurgen, he is flooded with messages from people asking: how can I start a Yellow Vest Movement where I am?

Many of us have long been concerned about the threat posed by Islam to the West. One thing the Yellow Vest Movement makes clear: IT'S NOT JUST ISLAM, and also IT'S NOT JUST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Populist movements are sweeping across the West - people demanding listening.

The Yellow Vest Movement is part of that, especially in countries where the populist movements do not yet have power. More strong voices are needed. Jurgen's voice is one of those.

One can see governments acting against the movement - like Macron wanting to ban protests. Of course he does. The protests are against his anti-citizen and anti-West actions, like signing the Pact on Migration without consultation, though it is another huge threat to Western culture and values, and to Western economies.

It's not just France, of course. In country after country in the West, the governments have been acting without consulting citizens, without the approval of citizens - for instance in signing the Pact on Refugees, which would flood the West even more with non-Western people, holding values in large part against Western values.

In Canada, due to general mainstream media silence, most citizens are unaware!

The Yellow West Movement is from people with awareness doing what they can to say WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH, POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE.

Small wonder Jurgen's passionate three-minute speech, from the back of a pickup truck in Medicine Hat, went viral.

Will the people be able to take back power?

If we wake up in large enough numbers, yes.

Clearly lots of people are waking up!

Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, here is the interview with Jurgen. At the end is his viral firebrand speech:

And if you want just the three-minute speech that went viral, here it is:

As always, all the best to all who care and dare - like Jurgen, on the back of his pickup truck!


PS. Next time. More on: how do we reach people re Islam. Thank you to all who sent me their favorite strategies. I will be passing them on next time.

PPS. Last thing. A bit more on wellness. Last time I mentioned SOULERA, which contains over 200 adaptogens, all wild crafted, from beyond the wilds of Siberia. I have a friend who is a bit of a "canary in the coal mine" - she has lots of food sensitivities, for instance. She's started taking Soulera. And she loves it. She feels better all around. I asked for specifics, but she doesn't have any - just a sense of general greater well-being. By the way, Soulera has also been shown to lessen stress levels, improve blood pressure, and a lot of other good stuff. And no risk of negative side effects. If you're interested, you can take a look here:

And now, once again, all the best to all of us!


For lots more, come explore

posted January 8, 2019

YELLOW VESTS, Medicine Hat, Paris, plus.
Elsa interviews JURGEN VOLLRATH
re Firebrand Speech
with OVER ONE MILLION reach.
The big thing:



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