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First question: What is al Walaa wal Baraa? Second question: why isn't every non-Islamic worldwide aware of this key concept of Islam? That brings us to Islamo-catatonia.

After that, an announcement, plus an interview.

Re al Walaa wal Baraa. I'm going to give a simple definition, then present a scholarly one. The second one is complete with quotes from Islamic scholars - the only quotes accepted as authoritative by Islamics. They are cited in case anyone should question the importance or content of al Walaa wal Baraa.

Note: we've all had the word, Islamophobia, drilled into us - without any clear precise definition. We know it's somehow related to saying something negative about Islam. But what? And does it matter if what we're saying is truthful? And how does being against "Islamophobia" relate to criminalizing freedom of speech about Islam? Nothing is clear.

On the other hand, very few non-Islamics know the term, al Walaa wal Baraa - though it's very clear, very defined, absolutely central to Islam, and utterly against something that is a core value of the West: namely accepting, valuing and even celebrating diversity that is not harmful.

Why don't we all know of it? My guess: it doesn't benefit Islam that non-Islamics in general have awareness.

That brings up more questions: how does al Walaa wal Baraa fit within the core concepts of Islam? And how much does the concept really matter? The answers are easy. Islam has only 3 core concepts, with this one being the second. And as one of only three core concepts, it matters a lot. More on the three concepts at the end.

But before I get started, here's an easy new word: Islamo-catatonia, meaning being catatonic about Islam - not responding, not looking, not recognizing things about Islam, especially how Islam is at least potentially dangerous.

- it's the freeze response. When there's danger, humans are wired to respond with: fight, flight or freeze. With Islamo-catatonia, people respond with being catatonic about Islam. In other words they freeze, and freeze out negative knowledge of Islam.

But the fight response is also present, and powerful. It's just deflected away from Islam.

People who are Islamo-catatonic FIGHT THOSE WHO ARE NOT ISLAMO-CATATONIC, instead of dealing with Islam. Very useful for Islam.

About their own culture, these people tend to show, in the words of psychologist James Hilman, an anaesthetized heart. More on this at the end.


Al Walaa wal Baraa - an easy version:

Al Walaa wal Baraa is the doctrine of adherence and dis-association. It's the best-supported doctrine within the Quran (and, for those who look further, in the Hadiths and the Sira).

Exactly what is this?

It is the doctrine of Islamic apartheid. Muslims are to have their separate socializing, free from the contamination of kafirs (a very negative word for non-Islamics) who tend to weaken their faith and make them adopt the lifestyle of disbelievers. In other words, Muslims are to have a separate, parallel society.

If it were only separation, it would be one thing. But it is not enough for Islamics just to hate kafirs, they must - according to this core aspect of Islam - show disdain, and humiliate kafirs. This is established in the Quran, Hadiths, Sira, and the Tafsirs (Islamic 'canonical commentaries').

It is important to note that al Walaa wal Baraa is an essential doctrine - literally "essential of the faith" (usul ud-deen). This means that Muslims who do not believe and practice it cannot go to paradise. They are called hypocrites (murtad) in the Quran.

This doctrine is the opposite of the Golden Rule.

Al Walaa wal Baraa is also the reverse of the modern Western concepts of tolerance, and of celebration of diversity.

So Islam is inherently intolerant of any ideology other than its own. Islam celebrates uniformity and compliance.

Here is an explanation for children who play "I'm the king of the castle, you're the dirty rascal." The king of the castle: that is Islamics. The dirty rascals: that's everyone else. A difference between the game and Islam is that, in Islam, it's not fun and games, with sometimes one child and sometimes another being the king. Islamics are always to be on top. Everyone else is always to be hated, ridiculed, humiliated, etc.


Al Walaa wal Baraa - a scholarly version

The memorandum below was sent by Robert Frankling to all Canadian members of parliament and senators before the discussion and vote on a motion, M-103, scheduled for February 16, 2017. M-103 was recognized by many Canadians as an important step toward the Islamic goal of criminalizing criticism of Islam. The motion condemns Islamophobia without defining it - even without looking at Islam, and why someone might well respond with fear.

by Robert Frankling

It is ironic for Parliamentarians to even consider banning Islamophobia, which is undefined, theoretical, nebulous, and unofficial.

Yet Parliamentarians are patently disregarding that Islam contains a doctrine that is intolerant and discriminatory. This doctrine, furthermore, is 'ESSENTIAL 'within Islam. That is, it is, unlike "Islamophobia," CLEARLY DEFINED, LEGALLY BINDING, PRECISE and OFFICIAL. 

  • ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’ – (Allegiance and Disassociation) is an Islamic doctrine that is very similar to apartheid.
  • ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’ is an 'essential doctrine' (usul ud-deen). ‘Essential’ means that all Muslims must believe and practice al Walaa wal Baraa as a condition of being admitted to paradise. 
  • ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’ is a highly developed, well-supported and canonical part of Islam approved by the consensus of Islamic jurists.
  • ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’ is legally binding and obligatory upon all Muslims.
  • ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’ is precisely defined by Islamic jurists and is not a nebulous idea
  • ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’ is an official Islamic doctrine and considered the second most important doctrine in Islam.

Definition of ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’ from Islamic sources:

  • from The Islamic Concept of al-Walaa' wal-Baraa' by Khalid El-Gharib: "to show enmity to those who show enmity to Allaah and His Messenger.” (i.e. Muslims are to visibly demonstrate their enmity towards the kufaar - non-Muslims)

  • from a lecture given by Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal (H.A.): "The implication of al-Baraa is that one HATES for the sake of Allah (SWT)…Al-Baraa means to recognize who your enemies are and to HATE them and EXTERMINATE them in their Endeavour to get rid of your Deen, al-Islam…Al-Baraa is to HATE the people who propagate Baatil (falsehood)—the Muslim should HATE them and (at least desire to) KILL them when the time comes."  (i.e. the hatred of Muslims toward the kufaar is for the purpose of ethnic cleansing)

Examples of Baraa from Historic Islamic Leaders:

  • from Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624): "The honour of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs. One who respects the kafirs dishonours the Muslims... The real purpose of levying jiziya on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honour and might of Islam." (letter No. 163)

  • from Book of Emaan, by ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328): "... true believers show animosity and hatred towards disbelievers and never support them.”
    (The Book of Faith ("Kitab al Iman") - ISBN: 9781615842872)

  • from Abd-Allaah al-Ashqar, "Belief in Allah," by Umar Sulayman: "The Muslim should regard the Kuffaar as enemies and hate them because of their kufr, just as he hates their kufr (disbelief) itself."
    http://www.kalamullah.com/belief-in-allah.html (English, 2002)

  • from Al Walaa wal Baraa According to the Aqeedah of the Salaf, by Sheikh Muhammad Saeed al Qatani, authoritative Saudi Sharia lawyer and imam at the Abu Bakr and Al Furqan Mosques in Mecca: "The doctrine of al Wala wal Baraa is the real image for the actual practice of this faith."


The 3 Key Concepts of Islam

by Robert Frankling

There are three essential doctrines of Islam ('usul-ud-deen' - 'essential of the faith').

They come in pairs:
1) Singleness of God & Final Prophet;
2) Al Walaa wal Baraa;
3) Jihad & Hegira.

The first essential doctrine is the premise of Islam.

The second is the 'emotion' of Islam. This has been dealt with above.

The third is the 'method' of Islam.

The third doctrine is how to implement the 'emotion' of Islam, through battling the kafirs (non-Islamics - lowest of the low). The 'method' of Islam proceeds by a 'swing' of advance & retreat. It is fighting & emigration, or fighting & withdrawal to fight another day.

Hegira is the insertion period, followed by jihad against the 'near enemy'. We are seeing the hegira in Europe, Australia and North America at this moment.

We are also seeing the 'near enemy' jihad in Europe, Australia and North America, but it is only the beginning of this war.

Jihad takes four forms: 1) military fighting (the sword) 2) fighting with the tongue 3) fighting with the pen 4) fighting with money (financing military or other jihads).

Muslims must obligatorily participate in jihad, since it is an 'usul-ud-deen',' an 'essential of the faith' that is 'essential for salvation' and admission to the Islamic paradise. A Muslim who does not participate in the 4 forms of jihad will die a 'hypocrite' and go to hell.


Note: no Islamic has put forward a motion, in any Western country, that would mandate making known these 3 concepts to all non-Islamics. The second and third concept certainly don't make it into school texts aimed at non-Islamics. Instead, throughout the West, there's attention to stopping so-called Islamophobia and criminalizing freedom of speech about Islam.

It may be more than high time for non-Islamics to put more effort into popularizing knowledge of Islam.


I started with a term, Islamo-catatonia. Psychologist James Hillman says something that may relate: "The question of evil refers primarily to the anaesthetized heart, the heart that has no reaction to what it faces, thereby turning the variegated sensuous face of the world into monotony, sameness, oneness" (from the book, The Thought of the Heart and the Soul of the World).

With Islamo-catatonia, what might be the "anaesthetized heart, the heart that has no reaction to what it faces"? First, of course there is the non-response to Islam. Also, and even more relevant, instead of loving the West, despite its many flaws, there is anger, coldness, hatred, numbness.

Trump comes to mind, as someone who celebrates the West - particularly his own country, the United States - instead of being cold and unfeeling about it, seeing only negatives.

And the very people who go on about the importance of being non-judgmental - such as the politically correct - harshly judge, and rage against, both Trump and their home culture.

And with that, all the best to all of us who care deeply, and dare to do what we can,


PS. You're welcome to post any of this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please include the link: http://elsasblog.com/170219-al-walla-wal-baraa-and-islamo-catatonia.html

PPS. If you want to write to Canadian MPs about this - or about anything, here is contact information: http://elsasblog.com/170212-write-to-canadian-mps.html


posted Feb 29, 2017



Al Walaa wal Baraa.
Important New Word.
Along with Islamo-Catatonia.
Wake up from Islamo-Catatonia.
Learn about al Walaa wal Baraa:
vs tolerance, acceptance
and integration.

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