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I happened to be up, working, the night of the UK referendum. Remain or Leave. The first time I checked, 3.4% of the votes had been counted. The last time, over 97%, and I could be sure of the verdict: Leave the EU.

It was the wee hours of the morning in the UK. Late at night in North America.

When I woke up, there was an email from a UK friend. At 5 in the morning, UK time, she had broken out a belittle of champers!

I got the final score - very close to what it was at 97.4%. Over 1,000,000 more people had voted to Leave than Remain:

By now there are long shadows over the news about the referendum. A huge petition calling for a second referendum. Allegations of massive fraud in that petition, including that 5000 people voted from Vatican City (where fewer than 1000 live). Talk of a London referendum to separate London from England. And Labour legislator David Lammy has claimed, according to an article I came across, that the national vote was non-binding.

But in case you're still interested in the blow-by-blow from that historic night, when Britons voted to leave the EU, here it is - including the one time during the night, at around 20%, when Remain briefly pulled ahead.

uk referendum results
uk referendum results
uk referendum results
uk referendum results
uk referendum results
uk referendum results
uk referendum results
uk referendum results
uk referendum results
And the final tally:

uk referendum results
But it's not going to be quick or easy.

There is, for just one thing, the petition for a second referendum:

uk referendum results
As always, all the best to those on the side of human rights and freedoms, on the side of human flourishing - which includes the right to autonomy and strong borders,


June 28, 2016

PS. Now online, Education Not Indoctrination. The video of the talk I gave a couple of weeks ago:

PPS. Reminder: The Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam. I'd like to see the Guide go as far and wide as the book it helps people understand, the Quran.

Is that overly ambitious?

We're always looking for ways to reach people. And I keep hearing how hard it is to do this. The Guide does it for us. Easy, friendly, clear. It can get tiring, repeating ourselves. The Guide does a lot of the heavy lifting for us.


For lots more, come explore

posted June 28, 2016



UK Referendum News.
Leave vs Remain. Remain vs leave.
3.4 per cent counted.
10.7 per cent counted.
21.2. 36.7.
And on, up to 100 per cent.
Leave ahead by over

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