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Elsa's Blog Today I have an interview for you - with Daniel Scot, who for 50 years has evangelized to Muslims.
Daniel scot?
Born into a Christian family in Pakistan, from early on he had a gift for mathematics and also a deep more-than-calling to reach out to Muslims. The situation for Christians was not so terrible when he was a child, but by the time he was in late high school, he was beaten by Muslims for being Christian. Still he managed to find good work, and to continue his outreach - until 1987. By then there were blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

Daniel had to flee - going first to the UK, then to Australia, where he was hit by lawfare - the unfounded allegation that he was vilifying Islam. His show trial lasted for over 5 years. The conclusion?

Come to:

You will also find an interview, and much more of Daniel's story - including the ministry he has set up with his wife, Mariat.

So many people see Islam as something that needs to continue because it has over 1.5 billion adherents. Daniel sees that, the more the true nature of Islam becomes visible, the more Islamics are drawn to Christianity. This is happening even in plaes like Iran, where it is dangerous to convert to Christianity. Daniel himself has converted, according to my memory, over 20,000 Islamics.

Again, here is more, including an interview:

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The Winner of the
"We must keep Islam around
because so many people believe in it."

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posted Oct 28, 2017



The Winner of the
"We must keep Islam around
because so many people believe in it."

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