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Outlook affects outcome.
Belief affects outcome.
Attitude affects outcome.
Reality exists. Acknowledge it.
But the Future Does Not Exist Yet.
See the Possibilitity: West Victorious.

West victorious

Recently I heard, once again: most likely it's too late to save the West without violence. I hear so many variants of this: Too many people are apathetic. Too many people refuse to see what's going on. It's all too little too late. It's too late.

My reply: Outlook affectes outcome. Belief affects outcome. Attitude affect outcome.

I am all for recognizing reality - or we don’t see the infiltration, the indoctrination, the apathy, the wilful bindness. We just plain don’t see.

But what outcome do I desire? What outcome would I love to have? Also, what outcome "feels" right?

That’s the outcome I tend to see. Maybe it's not the most likely one. It IS a possibility.

So with Islam, I want it gone without much violence. And that’s what I see.

What difference does that make? Or anyway, what difference can that make?

My experience is that it means I am way more likely to see ways of helping bring that into reality.

An experience from undergraduate days. I wanted to take a specific course in the French department (no equivalent in the English department) and get credit for the course in the English department, to count toward my English major. This was not standard, in fact hadn’t been done. I went to the Chair of the English Department. He authorized this.

I wasn’t the only student who wanted this. But I was the only one who tried to do it. And - amazing to me - after I succeeded and I told the other 2 or 3 students who would have liked to have what I got, that it should be easy, after all now they could cite me as a precedent - no one else went to the Chair and asked him!

How can we block the indoctrination of kids about Islam, I asked myself. One day I thought of making a simple fun TRUTHFUL video for kids. And I did.

kids' video - Islam Who What How

Larger scale stuff: there are lots of findings re optimists. According to studies, they do things like, for instance, recover twice as quickly from heart bypass surgery.

In other words, outlook affects outcome.

If you see no future re dealing with Islam, except with much violence, you are almost certainly "steering the boat" in that direction. Of course, if you do see us winning, that is also part of how you are "steering the boat" - meaning you are open to seeing ways we can win the battles and acting upon those.

At least a billion people have heard Churchill’s famous speech about (poor paraphrase) we will fight on the beaches, we will fight in the streets, we will not give up, and we will win.

Each of us "steers the boat" somewhat, some of us the tiniest degree, some of us more.

I believe it's in Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning that I read that one could see when, in Auschwitz, people had given up and would soon die. He did not give up.

My sense is, on our side, many people are steering the boat onto rocks ("It’s too late," etc) when there are, at the very least, passages between the rocks. A passage between the rocks (as I see it): the kids’ videos. Another passage: the Declaration of Peaceful Intent. Another: music, like Walking With the Devil (music, so very powerful, something I’ve found hardest to get through, the most blocked).

I don’t, by the way, in any way, shape, or form, believe in "believe and it will happen." Ugh!!! I’m very much for paying close attention (including to our beliefs as well as to what’s going on outside us), seeing as well as we can, being open to possibilities, and doing as well as we can.

By the way, as you may note, I’m trying to reach you, get you to think about what I’m saying. This may have an affect on you, or not. If I thought it was useless, my sense is I'd be much less ready to try, and keep trying.

My belief is that I can reach many people, and that this may help "steer the boat."

As always, all the best to all who care and dare,


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posted Aug 27, 2018

Outlook affects outcome.
Belief affects outcome.
Attitude affects outcome.
Reality exists. Acknowledge it.
But the Future Does Not Exist Yet.
See the Possibilitity: West Victorious.



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