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Please Help this Kids' Video
Islam Who, What and How.
Fun, simple, easy, TRUTHFUL.
For age 8 and up.
Watch now. And share.
Urgently needed.

Today I have 2 requests. One is about the kids' video I wrote about last week. The second is about a "diving deeper" survey. Then at the end, some information on email providers, plus (fun!!) kitten photos.

First, the kids' video. Islam explained in 9 minutes - fun, easy, simple. For ages 8 and up. Islam - Who, What and How.

My request. Please watch it, if you haven't already. And if you like it, please you share it.

Here it is, on the website:
On Youtube:

Justin Trudeau - Walking with the Devil

Why is this important? The goal is to get the video into schools throughout the West. Schools, the mainstream media, and the political mainstream - we know we can't expect their support in getting the truth out about Islam. Instead, there's almost certain to be opposition to the video, including screams and name-calling.

So I'm calling on you to do what you can.

The video had has a boost from Bill Warner. He loves it, posted it on his Facebook page: "Simple enough for a child." He also tweeted about it, rating it A+. I heard about the rating from an ACT for America chapter head who watched the video because of Bill's tweet, and went on to share with her contacts.

Here are a few comments from viewers:

Awesome video!

Great video. . . have forwarded far and wide!

Great movie - will send it to others. Thank you!

Brilliant video. Passed on to my 2400 FB friends, many from other continents. Today I will post to my 600 plus database who are interested in our message. I will forward to certain other people who have a wide net.

People say, about videos which get large views, "It went viral." In my experience, it usually takes help for a video to go viral. So again, please watch. And if you like it, share as widely as you can.

Also, if you want to do more, come join Live Freedom, a membership site:

Live Freedom

Here's another reason for watching the video: we don't know what will work. A few years ago, Bill Warner gave a talk. Someone videotaped it: Why We Are Afraid: A 1400 Year Secret. No one expected what happened. It went viral. I watched the video when it had perhaps 300 views. When I next looked, it had over 100,000 views. On July 15, 2017, it had 3,939,986 views!

One thing about that video: it answered an enormous need. Bill documents, in one presentation, the historic record of Islam's battle - which stand in stark contrast to the incredibly few Crusader battles. All of a sudden people had a tool to answer anyone who said Islamic violence was no bigger than Crusader violence. And all of a sudden people had a way of seeing the extent of Islamic battles, along with the tally of the millions murdered in the conquests. 270 million.

Does Islam - Who, What and How answer a deep urgent need? My answer is yes. We urgently need to be able to reach the next generation. We utterly need a way to reach children quickly and easily with the truth about Islam. They are the adults of the future. We can't have them grow up as brainwashed as so many of the Millennials of today. In Great Britain, in the referendum re staying in the European Union, the younger the person, the more likely they were to be blind to the dangers inherent in staying within the European Union. In Canada, the current Prime Minister - who just gave over 10 million dollars to a convicted terrorist who murdered one unarmed man and blinded another - was elected because of his popularity among the under-thirties.

Islam - Who, What and How - fun, easy, simple, and just 9 minutes long. It answers the need to reach children before they are brainwashed.

Again, here's the video on the website:
On Youtube:

The second request. I need your help with a "deep diving" survey. Since 2012 I've been giving a lot of time and energy to writing about Islam and political correctness.

My core question to you is: When it comes to freedom issues (freedom of speech, Islam, political correctness, etc), what is your #1 problem or frustration? (Please be as specific or detailed as possible.)

Here’s the survey:

By the way, the results from the previous survey can be found in last week's sendout:

One more thing: a brand new excellent resource is almost ready. One of the first viewers of the kids' video responded with: Great video - but what about sources, what about proof?

My scholar friend, Ken Roberts, has been kind enough to do the necessary research. He's hunted up sources for everything said in the video. Reams of sources. Even more sources are being added.

Right now, at the bottom, a few kitten photos.

And then, all the best to all who care and dare,


PS. Important information. Not all email providers are equal. Some do quite a bit of subject censoring.

For instance, sometimes I can't get through to people using one internet provider or another. This doesn't happen only with the sendouts. I've had emails blocked when writing to a long-time friend. Sympatico sometimes just deletes what I send - does not put it into the junk folders, and does not send it back - so I don't even know I've been blocked.

Then, I've recently twice been blocked, for almost a day, from writing to anyone using one specific internet provider. It could have been a technical glitch - that happens. But it has now happened twice. The first time I was forwarding a post from BareNakedIslam. My guess is that that had something to with it. The email provider: bigpond.

What to do? The first step is awareness.

Here are the internet providers I have found most problematic:


I've never had a problem with:
(set up specifically to give people control over their inbox)

Generally good:

Also generally good:

In case you're thinking: if I have my own domain, and get my emails that way, everything will be fine, the answer is: not necessarily. It will be the webhost's standards that determine if emails get to you. I've had emails blocked that I was sending to counter-jihad people who have their own domain.

What's going on? There are filters. They're supposed to filter against words like FREE and against sexual topics. They also may filter against words like Islam and Koran. In fact, on the spam checker I use, I can see that the word, Koran (used mainly by counter-jihad people), is more likely to get my email labeled spam than the word, Quran.

What to do? Your choice.

Note: even if you choose to use, say, gmail, you are vulnerable to gmail's suddenly changing its filtering (censoring) policy.

PPS. Kitten photos of an ordinary kitten - no 7 toes - no special coloring. But special in his own way. What's the kitten's name? Still not sure. It can't be Squeak, as he doesn't squeak any more. He looks elf-like to me - big big pointy ears and large elf-shaped eyes. So maybe Elf. We'll see what sticks.

Kitten looking at the world
Kitten upside down, looking at the world
Kitten upside down, eyes closed
Kitten, wide awake, looking at the world

For lots more, including about kitten rescue,
come explore


posted July 16, 2017

Please Help this Kids' Video GO VIRAL.
Islam Who, What and How.
Fun, simple, easy, TRUTHFUL.
For age 8 and up.
Watch now. And share.
Urgently needed.



Please Help this Kids' Video
Islam Who, What and How.
Fun, simple, easy, TRUTHFUL.
For age 8 and up.
Watch now. And share.
Urgently needed.

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