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VISHEN LAKIANI is the founder of Mindvalley, a huge personal growth company which sends out to 1,000,000 people. He's just made a big announcement.


Vishen Lakiani has just announed, Jan 21, 2017:
starting today, Mindvalley will be integrating more content on responsible stewardship of our shared planet into our content schedule.

He noted that the White House website had removed all references to climate change, and also to LGBT issues and civil rights.

I agree with Vishen: it's vital to care about the social, not just personal development. However, I'm very aware that, when it comes to climage change (plus a host of other things) non-facts have been drilled into people as facts.

So I wrote to him. My goal: to get Vishen to be willing to look at non-mainstream information on climate change - for instance, information showing that CO2 is not the cause of global warming.


Hi Vishen,

You write:
starting today, Mindvalley will be integrating more content on responsible stewardship of our shared planet into our content schedule.

And I say, great.

I also wonder: is there any way I can reach you, get you to listen to ideas that are outside what you're used to listening to with your heart. As you know, a very popular way of "listening" is to hear words while being closed to them, while batting away what is being said.

In fact, this email to you has started itself in my mind a bunch of times. The underlying question: can I get him to listen to me for, say, 5 minutes.

He's mentioned how there have been these many strange seeming coincidences in his life. Could there be some way he could, seemingly coincidentally, hear words from me he might listen to.

Anyway, I don't know if these are words that will get to you, or that you'll listen to.

But these are the words that are here now.

Maybe I'll start with, why should you bother listening to me? I've been concerned with human rights and the welfare of the planet since childhood. I've taught Women's Studies and Diversity Studies. I could go on. But enough for now.

You write of Trump, of wishing him the best, and hoping he will be an effective leader.

You also note the huge changes to the White House website, its taking down pages on civil rights, climate change, and LGBT rights.

Re LGBT rights, Trump has been an outspoken supporter. For instance, I don't know if you know of Milo Yiannopoulos, a very openly gay man, and a huge Trump supporter. I've hunted up a few links:

How Donald Trump Made It Cool To Be Gay Again

Milo Yiannopoulos Loves Donald Trump

Milo talks Donald Trump, Hillary and Gay Conservatism with OANN

Climate change. What I have to say is something quite different. I had opinions very like yours a few years ago. Then a friend I respect got me to listen to Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace and the only one of the founders with a science background. Patrick Moore's talk got me to question much that I had accepted as undeniable facts: like, that increases in the level of CO2 were causing global warming.

For a couple of years I left it at that. But I knew I owed it to myself to be sure of where I stood on things. So finally I did some exploring. One of the biggest learning experienced came from watching FrackNation. It demolished the horrific claims made about fracking in Gasland, claims I had believed. It wasn't the new facts that were the main part of the learning experience. The biggest thing: needing to face the reality that such flagrant blatant lies had gone almost totally unchallenged in the mainstream. I had to ask myself: Who benefitted from having the lies believed?

I won't chronicle my whole journey. But here's something I put together - a bunch of resources:

What do I hope for from writing to you? You send to one million people.

You can stay on your course, continuing with your position on climate change.

But what if you're off base? Wrongly informed? What if you've been taken in by non-facts masquerading as facts?

I am all for
responsible stewardship of our shared planet.

The first thing that requires is truth - an ongoing search and respect for truth. Or we're doing anything but responsible stewardship. Instead we're encouraging people to be stuck in untruths - which someone wants us to believe.

I hope to hear back from you.

All the best to all who care and dare,


Elsa Schieder, PhD


posted Jan 21, 2017



Vishen, please listen
re climate change.
There is climate change information.
But there are far more myths
and lies masquerading as truth.
Please listen for 5 min.

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